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  1. marksound

    Teasing a Hard Core fan!

    It's spelled "Croes." With 4 Ms and a silent Q. :thumb:
  2. marksound

    inexpensive overdrive for my tube amp..

    Tone City has several flavors of overdrive at affordable prices. Andertons has a few exclusive signature versions to boot. Danish Pete's Durple and Greg Koch's Lil Heat come to mind.
  3. marksound

    Squier pickup magnet question

    Magnet on the bottom of the coil = steel poles. Stick the magnet on there and try it. If you don't like how it sounds flip it around until you find where it's best. Then you can glue it if you want.
  4. marksound


    I did a bunch of gigs in the 80s with a 30W solid state Yamaha amp and a Boss OD-3 that was off most of the time. Pedals are like makeup on a lady, either emphasizing the good or magnifying the ugly.
  5. marksound

    Try to play guitar wearing wrong glasses.

  6. marksound

    maple vs. rosewood Strat fingerboard ?

    There's 6 rosewood and 3 maple. Of all the things that make them sound a bit different the fretboard is the least, I think. Certainly not enough to bother posting a pic over. :thumb:
  7. marksound

    Will this add value to my AV '54?

    So it was professionally photographed. Maybe if you got the negatives ... :thumb:
  8. marksound

    What was your first electric?

    Alamo Fury, but mine was white with a black guard. It's long gone, but I have another one put away for a future resto.
  9. marksound

    Upgrading a hardtail Squier Bullet Stratocaster.

    Years ago I bought one of those new for about $80. I replaced the tuners with Klusons, it's had pickup swaps and color changes, been played in clubs and at private events, and no one ever had any idea it's just a cheap old plywood Squier. :thumb: The nut is a bit narrower than 1-5/8" but I've...
  10. marksound

    GC Used Player Strat Excellent Condition... ;-)

    For those who are cautiously optimistic, there is nothing I can see on that guitar that is remotely Fender, or even made in Mexico.
  11. marksound

    I just broke a tuning machine screw... please help!

    Looks like there's enough screw exposed that you could install the tuner and it wouldn't move around. Try it, and if it works you'll soon forget about it.
  12. marksound

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    Once you let the smoke out there's no getting it back in. :thumb:
  13. marksound

    Fender American Classic (Original Replacement)

    Yeah, I think I'd slow down on the NyQuil. :thumb:
  14. marksound

    The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly.

    When this song came out Conway still lived in OK and his kids went to my school. Early one morning I was sitting in a hallway studying and I heard a door open. I looked up and there was Conway with a stack of newspapers under his arm (for the paper drive--remember those?), pomp and mutton...
  15. marksound

    Does paint color affect your play?

    All of this just shows how much we're influenced by what we see rather than what we hear. :thumb:
  16. marksound

    How do you know which Strat is the right one

    They're all the right one, just not on the same day. :thumb:
  17. marksound

    Seymour Duncan Classic Stack Plus Strat STK-S4 vs Fender Texas Special

    Stacks don't hum. Any other difference is in the ear of the beholder, therefore subjective. Stomp on them pedals and go. :thumb:
  18. marksound

    Is this Strat FAKE? (photos)

    OP's location is Mexico, if that makes any difference. 🤔
  19. marksound

    What are the odds of ruining a rail ceramic pickup by "leveling" the rails?

    I'm not sure I understand. Do you have a DiMarzio pickup, and if so, which one? Or is yours just, as you said, "very similar to this one here"? Enquiring minds and all that ... :thumb:
  20. marksound

    Steel string acoustic that handles like a Strat?

    This wouldn't be hard to build.