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  1. RPKennedy

    Eric Johnson signature Stratocaster. What are your thoughts on it?

    On paper, the specs really interested me. I auditioned dozens of them since they first arrived in, 2005 I think? They were all sticky and stiff. I perceived the stiffness was due to the quartersawn neck and the bridge being decked. Took a chance on one on spring of last year, as the...
  2. RPKennedy

    NAD - incoming

    Speaker does sound great. I got in touch with Mr. Michael Clark, and he said this amp *should* have come with a Celestion Blue 20 years ago, but I have no intention of changing out the Jensen.
  3. RPKennedy

    NAD - incoming

    *Really* liking the sound of the above-pictured 5E3 I recently acquired. It's an instrument unto itself! Discovered a setting I think is just fabulous: Input: Bright 1 Jumper: Normal 1 to Bright 2 Vol Bright: 3.5 Vol Normal: 1 - 2.5 Fat and thick and clean when I back off the guitar volume a...
  4. RPKennedy

    NAD - incoming

    I do, in fact, own a Fryette Power Station, as I live in an apartment and found that "other" attenuators didn't do it for me. The Fryette PS-2A is money well spent.
  5. RPKennedy

    Pickguard and Pickup color

    The answer is always, mint green pickguard :thumb:
  6. RPKennedy

    Mixed start to a week of gigs...

    It's great that, despite all of the technical difficulties on your end, the crowd danced and clamored for more. That's the part I'm focusing on :)
  7. RPKennedy

    NAD - incoming

    I bought a 5E3 today. Have wanted one for a while, and specifically sought out the Beaufort from Clark Amplification. I have my Victoria Ivy League for sale. Found this one on Production date March 2002 o_O Not sure if that's the preferred speaker, at least from opinions I've read...
  8. RPKennedy

    Random hail storm

    We had a random, freak hail storm last Friday late afternoon. My car is dimpled big-time and the windshield is seriously cracked. I live on a lake, and it was cool to see the hail hit the lake water. Looked like it was boiling.
  9. RPKennedy

    Band name decision

    Butthole Surfers is taken, so scratch that.
  10. RPKennedy

    Next song you'd like to learn?

    "Righteous," by Eric Johnson. It's going to take some serious work and dedication.
  11. RPKennedy

    Mike McCready

    I'm a big Pearl Jam fan, and can't imagine anyone would criticize his playing. I think he's a great player and love his sometimes Hendrix-influenced playing. His '59 Strat is a fascinating instrument as well. I may be a little biased, as I was in a Pearl Jam tribute band several years back. I...
  12. RPKennedy

    The Definitive Sunburst Appreciation Thread of... Sunburst Stringed Instruments

    I don't own this one, and I really prefer a mint green pickguard, but I really like the grain. I do own this one. It's a 2020 Eric Johnson model.
  13. RPKennedy

    The Coolest Car You’ve Ever Owned?

    Owned: 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S Driven: Formula Ford 2000
  14. RPKennedy

    Bands you thought were "ok"

    This may shock some, but I'm beginning to appreciate the Rolling Stones more.
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  16. RPKennedy

    Lyrics That Move You

    From Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers song, "You Wreck Me" ... I'll be the boy ... in the corduroy pants ... ...You be the girl ... at the High School dance ... Classic 😆
  17. RPKennedy

    Polishing frets?

    Nice! What do you use for polishing compound?
  18. RPKennedy

    Would you rather have a vintage Strat or a Ferrari?

    Lotus, Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious
  19. RPKennedy

    The Amp You REALLY Need... Fryette Power Station

    Another happy Fryette PS-2 owner here. Great piece of gear.
  20. RPKennedy

    I wanna be sedated

    A good friend of mine was waiting in line at his local Walgreen's for a prescription, and this song was playing over the ceiling sound system. He posted the incident on Facebook, commenting ... "so wrong, yet so right"
  21. RPKennedy

    Quiet 5e3 amp?

    I vote no. Because I had one as a stand alone unit, and I had the one built into the Tone King Imperial II amp. It did not do it for me in either case. I spent the money and got a Fryette Power Station PS-2. Could not be happier with that piece of gear.