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  1. Demon Dave

    What Strat are you a sucker for?

    this one, black hard tail, rw, cbs headstock
  2. Demon Dave

    Help to ID this '80s MIJ strat

    replaced pickguard, knobs are original, need a new block string and a new nut. Probably you could find bad surprises under the p.g. But for 100 € I would buy it...
  3. Demon Dave

    New Strat with problems

    I really like your new strat, HNGD and congrats
  4. Demon Dave

    It’s mine officially now

    Always love the total black body, she's a beauty
  5. Demon Dave

    ...waiting on the little white mail truck today...

    Hey I love it, congrats man 👍🏻
  6. Demon Dave

    Back to bridge Single coil

    What I'm about to do, is to put back the original 2001 single coil bridge p-up, to have it back in stock condition. Anyway I have another strat, a 1986 contemporary with a single Humbucker in the bridge
  7. Demon Dave

    Back to bridge Single coil

    After a nice 2013 Sg Standard and a great 2019 LP Classic came in, I started to think to pull out on the original Single coil on my 2001 american strat. I bought it from a guy, who replaced the original bridge SC, with a Di Marzio Paf Pro, more than ten years ago, so I never heard it's real...
  8. Demon Dave

    A rescued Pink Paisley (MiJ 1984-87)

    I always wanted one, but it was expensive back in the nineties for me, anyway I’ll be ready if I’ll see one today 👍🏼
  9. Demon Dave

    A rescued Pink Paisley (MiJ 1984-87)

    I really love your paisley, good work congrats
  10. Demon Dave

    Poll on Two Signature Strat Options

    I would go with the H.E.R., I’d like both anyway
  11. Demon Dave

    Jeff Beck's bridge pickup

    Me too, it’s a spell
  12. Demon Dave

    NGD: Inca silver MIJ

    Hey nice couple, congrats :p
  13. Demon Dave

    Input on this AmPro2

    Well done!!!
  14. Demon Dave

    NGD Chris Shiflett Telecaster Deluxe Reissue

    I love the great CBS headstock on a tele body
  15. Demon Dave

    Is the MIA affinity a generational thing?

    I have MIA MIJ MIM Korea and China, i’m having fun with all of them. I’m italian I don’t care about flags
  16. Demon Dave

    Are you Monogamous?

    Oh yes Only 1 Les Paul Only 1 SG Only 1 Tele Only the strats are 2
  17. Demon Dave

    Just got a new Professional ii. Is the push-push switch supposed to raise the knob this much?

    This is how my luthier mounted a push/push knob on my 2001 strat, to split the Di Marzio Paf Pro in the bridge position
  18. Demon Dave

    Update on my health and cancer journey

    I’m not that good with english, but You are the reason why I found interesting this forum, your knowledge about Fender and an Strats, is precious for me, I wish all the best to you, and I’m with all the others here, to wait for good news about your health. Get well my brother. David from Rome
  19. Demon Dave


    Congrats to Larry, great guitar
  20. Demon Dave

    NGD - Player

    Definitely my kind of guitar, congrats
  21. Demon Dave

    Custom Vs. Deluxe

    A de luxe, and a black one
  22. Demon Dave

    2001 American Standard Strat Identification help please

    Congrats I don’t often like red guitars, but this one is a hook, gorgeous