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    NGD AVRI '57

    That Strat is gorgeous. Enjoy.
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    That's a gorgeous stratocaster. Enjoy.
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    Do you spend more time admiring than playing?

    I must admit that I get my best quality playing time is on Sundays. During the week is tough for me.
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    My latest/greatest NGD

    Nice looking Stratocaster. Enjoy.
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    Love that SG. HNGD.
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    NGD Sienna Sunburst Am Std

    Beautiful Stratocaster. Enjoy.
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    NAD… kinda

    That's too cool. :)
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    New Amp Day!

    Cool looking guitar. Enjoy.
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    Who is your all time fav strat player

    Mine is easily Jimi Hendrix. He was special.
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    New Player Strat

    Nice looking Strat. Enjoy.
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    NGD - Robert Cray Stratocaster

    That's a beautiful Strat. Enjoy! :)
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    Favorite Pickup?

    I am really getting into the Tim Shaw Esquire pickup. That is sweet. To me that is sound that I have been looking for. :thumb:
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    That's a super pretty Stratocaster. I like that 3-tone sunburst. Enjoy and have some fun too. :)
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    New Acoustic Guitar Day!!!

    Man, that is one of the prettiest guitars I have ever seen. Enjoy.
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    Looking for a new used amp

    Marshall AVT valvestate amp. They are priced cheaply and are so underrated. However, they sound great.
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    New little red amp day

    Cool amp. Enjoy.
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    NAD: It's Super

    Super Reverbs are great amps. I had a Silver face one many years ago. I regret selling it. Enjoy yours. :)
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    My dream strat & les paul

    I don't believe you can go wrong with either selection.
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    The Plectrum Thread

    I am into the free guitar picks at Guitar Center! Those are the best.
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    Thinking of buying a maple neck strat

    I like Maple necks on Stratocasters. I don't think you can go wrong with a Maple neck at all.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everybody and Happy New Year's too. :)
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    Cool looking Tele. Enjoy.
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    Very nice Strat. Enjoy.
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    On its way for Christmas!

    That's a beautiful Stratocaster. Enjoy! :)
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    NGD: Fender Japan E Series - Lake Placid Blue

    That's a beautiful Stratocaster. Love the LPB! Enjoy.