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  1. Michael919

    Sad wife passed away Today..

    So sorry for your loss. Keep care.
  2. Michael919

    Green Polar Bears

    Beat me to it!!
  3. Michael919

    Yep! New Iron Maiden Album

    I listened to the first album yesterday. No regrets and I will listen to it again. There definitely were some standouts on first listen for me, like "The Time Machine". I couldn't help but think that this may be a bit of a grower, needed a few more listens. I'm just wrapping up the second album...
  4. Michael919

    Is Modern Music Really Bad?

    As a prog/ heavy-prog fan, I think there's a lot of REALLY good modern day music. 2021 has been a strong year of new releases. Check out Caligonaut - Magnified as Giants, Sylvan - One to Zero, Beautiful Bedlam - self titled, Cosmograf - Rattrapante, Motopsycho - Kingdom of Oblivion, for...
  5. Michael919

    Yellow Jackets: The Jerks In Your Back Yard

    I have little nests like Helter's all over our rural property. They have never really bothered me, until I disturbed a hidden one under a chair and I got swarmed and bitten at least seven times. I don't like them anymore. We also have mud daubers around. I had no idea about their nests until I...
  6. Michael919

    Someone said

    There are certain members who stand out amongst the many in a positive way, whether due to their knowledge, kindness, attitude, writing style, etc. You are one of them, Thom. I find your posts intriguing and refreshing (and sometimes puzzling), with a wisdom expressed in your own way.
  7. Michael919

    Anyone else in the tinnitus club?

    As long as I can remember, I've had it. There are certain milestone events, such as a Crew concert in General, right in front of the speakers, certain construction jobs around the house, etc. Really, though, it was accumulative abuse with music, motorcycles and power tools. I use hearing...
  8. Michael919

    Why are you here? What is your motivation?

    I like curvy things and tend to like people around here who also like curvy things.
  9. Michael919

    Guitar faces: Am I the Odd Man Out?

    Physical and facial expression along with the playing can be a big part of the show. In the case of 21 year old Yngwie doing things we'd never heard before, it was perfect. Pure confidence, expression and mastery, even if it may not be your thing.
  10. Michael919

    Low-Life, Ya gotta Luv em

    Glad to hear your place is still there!
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    Or that he forgot his sunglasses.
  12. Michael919

    im having a difficult time with barre chords

    I'm thinking you'd have to play that thing Jeff Healy style.
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    Oh no! So sorry to hear. Stay safe and hopefully your place remains untouched.
  14. Michael919

    How much would you pay for an Yngvie strat?

    Several years ago you could get a "The Duck" replica for that price. I would much prefer one of those, if money were no object.
  15. Michael919

    RICHIE KOTZEN STRAT See-through White Burst

    The look grew on me after about 15 seconds, but it doesn't make me go "wow". Super-jumbo frets. That makes me go wow. Monster frets only seen on the Malmsteens, I believe.
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  17. Michael919


    Stark was / is cool. Wherever he is, I wish him well.
  18. Michael919

    Poly finish- scratch to remove

    ^ 2000 grit thumb :)
  19. Michael919

    Yngwie Strat- worth it?

    What is that?
  20. Michael919

    Old MIJ Lace Sensor Strat -- wiring schematics, anyone?

    Contact Jeff through his site: He knows the whole Plus series and he knows wiring.
  21. Michael919

    Yngwie Strat- worth it?

    I've had 3: '92 MIJ, '07 MIA and a '11 MIA. They were all top notch quality. There is something very cool to me about the buttery feel of the frictionless bending and vibrato and the amount of string control / grip. It's something that you need to experience to know if it's for you. I've also...
  22. Michael919

    Staying in tune....this might help

    This was my immediate first thought: He was just looking to maximize break angle over the nut on the wound strings.
  23. Michael919

    Changing guitars and things that make a difference

    Over time, the more guitars you play, the more guitars you get comfortable playing.
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    It's good to have dreams, Ben. I hope this one comes true for you one day.
  25. Michael919

    Coming September/October - Fender Mexico Player Series PLUS

    Fender sure does like to recycle it's successful model names. I guess this would be the third time for the Plus. I wonder if this time they will have more success than the last one, with those exchangeable sound modules or whatever they were!