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  1. Deafsoundguy

    My name is Todd, and I'm a degenerate. NGD

    Dude that guitar is unbelievably awesome looking 😍!!! After the loss of my best friend two years ago and my brother last week - they remind me the most important thing to remember in this world is you only live once. If you find something that really does it for you and it doesn’t break the...
  2. Deafsoundguy

    How Many of You…

    Like this one? 😛
  3. Deafsoundguy

    How Many of You…

    I guess I’m a lucky bastard. Last year after my mom-in-law passed away, I was the one doing ALL the dirty work on 160 aces of land. 3 hrs of driving time 2 to 4 days a week. Long ass hours. My wife said you need another guitar 😍. Well okay then!!!! Anything you want she said. I didn’t want push...
  4. Deafsoundguy

    Grandfather clocks

    when My Mom-in-law passed away last year we had a chance to take home a really expensive Grandfather clock. Fortunately my wife is like me - if it looks colonial in the least - no way. Gave it to one of their friends.
  5. Deafsoundguy

    Well this is awkward…….. the worst song you can play on Father’s Day???

    We‘re doing a show in a neighborhood park this weekend for Juneteenth. Lots of talent. My engineer, knowing that I love and have mixed a million soul bands, texts me and says “Man, this band playing right now is GREAT! They’re playing Papa Was a Rolling Stone and they’re nailing it!” So uh...
  6. Deafsoundguy

    Drummers! Cymbals! Ouch!

    i wasn’t complaining about good drummers bleeding into the mics ;). I’m complaining about bashers that leave a wash of high end hell on stage. Problem exacerbated by vocal mics. Obviously the type of mic, how many, how far away the cymbals are and how many vocal mics their are etc etc vary the...
  7. Deafsoundguy

    Drummers! Cymbals! Ouch!

    I really shouldn’t be talking here but as a sound guy forever, I’ve had to listen to bashing drummers pound their cymbals and the resulting mic bleed for too long :mad:. Guys who can play with finesse are far and few between. Fortunately I’ve been lucky enough to work with some super talented...
  8. Deafsoundguy

    My iPad

    Thats crazy! My Air 2 is like 7 or 8 years old , use it every day and it still works perfect! My Surface Pro2 is like 10 years old and it still works perfect too! And still my favorite computer (8.1 😍).
  9. Deafsoundguy


    UGH!!! ☹️ That really really sucks ass. I’ve had a few conversations with him and he seems like a really smart guy. I also live closer to him than probably most any ST member. Just today I’m looking at a tech rider for a band playing in the building where he used to work. Crap I’d give him any...
  10. Deafsoundguy

    Slight disadvantage of electric cars

    Personally I don’t understand the people who insist that a gas car is less harmful. When my battery gives up, it will be rebuilt and go into the next Volt or ELR (or European version Ampera). We don’t throw 12 volt batteries into the landfill, no the methheads like them too much for instant...
  11. Deafsoundguy

    Slight disadvantage of electric cars

    On hybrids, you’re right, since the inception of the Chevy Volt, you go electric for all your “average “ daily driving, and gas backup. It is a excellent very well engineered system (the Voltec powertrain, which is also what’s in my ELR but highly tweaked and a slightly larger battery, etc). You...
  12. Deafsoundguy

    Why does the fender mod shop still have the blocky heel join?

    I dunno man, but my Mod Shop Acoustasonic has the contoured heel. If that counts….
  13. Deafsoundguy

    Slight disadvantage of electric cars

    My EREV Cadillac delivers full power up until the minute the battery switches to backup generator. At that point it delivers the same power because it can manufacture the same power that it was using , using the gas engine (at about 35mpg). Not sure where you are getting your “deceased...
  14. Deafsoundguy

    Any Bunny Experts?

    I had something like that happen at my moms house some years back. Cutest bunny I’ve ever seen would appear out of nowhere on my moms side yard. If you were real slow he’d let you feed him. Was there like every week thru the summer. Never knew where he came from.
  15. Deafsoundguy

    Any Bunny Experts?

    Run Away!!!!!
  16. Deafsoundguy

    Dust-Control Death Bubble

    Thats a rotten job to do! When I remodeled my former house bathroom, we couldn’t find anyone to remove the hideous 50’s tile. No tile person would take on the removal part of the job. In fact the second some contractors saw the tile they suddenly couldn’t do it :mad:. Finally got an out of work...
  17. Deafsoundguy

    This is why I’ve kept my Gibson in its case and don’t play it

    Wow that is some eye candy there😍
  18. Deafsoundguy

    What's a practice habit you need to break?

    Noodling champion here. noodling that bad of a thing? I mean think of some cool riff that your favorite artist has played. He/She didn't think of that by copying somebody else. Wouldn't they have to noodle until they thought of some cool riff, or that riff inspired an entire song? But...
  19. Deafsoundguy

    For Sale For sale - my like new PRS 35th Anniversary SE

    Well, take all the 35+ years of developing mindreading skills of all the musicians who expect you to know exactly what you and all your buddies want in your 16 monitor mixes and at what level, and funnel that into some cosmic force and Cool X-factor and mix that into knowing I've owned that fine...
  20. Deafsoundguy

    For Sale For sale - my like new PRS 35th Anniversary SE

    I am looking for a small portable particle beam weapon to annihilate Prius's who constantly piss me off by going 10 mph under the speed limit in front of me. If you have one to trade that would be sweet.
  21. Deafsoundguy

    Sweetwater tech support

    Absolutely!!!! Smarties are killer! Nothing like a thousand small discs of absorbic acid to pummel your enamel and stomach lining!! The other crap is definitely tooth fusing atomic glue. 😁
  22. Deafsoundguy

    I’ve got squirrels

    Yeah I could never hurt those little guys, too furry and cute. But they piss off my daughter digging in her planter boxes. So I’ve made a point to feed them every time I’m at my shop (and daughters house out front) and they don’t raid the planter boxes near as much. I had a larger outside...
  23. Deafsoundguy

    Sweetwater tech support

    That’s exactly how it should have gone down. When I got my PRS, it had some nasty fret sprout. I took it to a qualified luthier and they fixed it perfect. Sweetwater paid for it all. The luthier said he had done several guitars for them before. My sales rep is awesome and does an impeccable...
  24. Deafsoundguy

    Do any of you prefer the look/feel of a Pau Ferro Fingerboard over a Rosewood Fingerboard?

    I’ve got 7 Reverends that have Pau and 1 with Ebony. My 2 latest Reverends have Maple. I’m finally over the hump, I personally don’t care anymore when it comes to board feel. My Strat and PRS have Rosewood. If I’m playing something all my brain cells are working on not screwing up, not how the...
  25. Deafsoundguy

    Am I a tire sniffer now.

    You are definitely a masochist sir. Fortunately all 4 Jags I’ve owned were post Lucas!! Unfortunately… was a Nikasil coated engine….ugh - you know where that went ☹️