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  1. TangerineDog

    Commute musings - am I playing the wrong guitar?

    I've converted all my Strats to a master tone control, blocked the trem, added a neck-on switch and have become a huge fan of the B+N sound - moreso than the usual notch positions. Which begs the question... should I be playing Teles instead? 0.o Edit: oh yeah, also I like the Strat bridge for...
  2. TangerineDog

    Do you still use "Man" in sentences?

    I sure do, ma‘am... oh wait
  3. TangerineDog

    add a question

    Are you feeling lucky, punk?
  4. TangerineDog

    Forum advice credibility poll

    Taking the premise of this thread at face value, it seems you might have missed the point of internet message boards...
  5. TangerineDog

    Pickups like the Player Series?

    I know, right? But looking around, I think there's a better chance of getting a set of Players 😁 As I said, not in my area... that's why I'm looking for alternatives.
  6. TangerineDog

    Pickups like the Player Series?

    Honestly, if you like the ceramics, the Players do what they do, but... fuller. They don't lose the ceramics' sparkle, but they do something more the ceramics don't. Give them a whirl when you can, you might like them too!
  7. TangerineDog

    Pickups like the Player Series?

    No, they actually redesigned the entire pickup range when they switched from the MIM Standard to the MIM Player range as their main mid-price offering. (Edit: must've been 2018) I liked the Standard ceramics well enough, but the Alnico 5 Player pickups are simply next level...
  8. TangerineDog

    Pickups like the Player Series?

    I love the pickups in my SSS Player Strat. I can't state how much they blow me away. They have even relegated the Duncan Five-Twos to the position of my favorite aftermarket pickups... I would like to put a similar pickup in the bridge (and maybe the middle and neck) of another Strat I have as...
  9. TangerineDog

    Has there ever been a time where you radically changed your playing?

    Wasn't too much into playing anything high gain but playing with friends, we needed to find common ground between a piano, a cello and myself so Nightwish it was. I still get my best metal sound with SCs through a SD-1 into a properly dialled-in Marshall so I guess I'm too tame anyway 😁 Edit...
  10. TangerineDog

    My first Custom Shop Strat

    HNGD! I know relicing mimics wear, but every time I see a guitar like that that's supposedly not reliced, I just wonder... tf happened to that guitar???😁 Glad to know yours was styled up in a factory. Now go rock that thing! :thumb: :thumb:
  11. TangerineDog

    Effects dilemma

    Boss SD-2? 0.o I mean, it’s a nice pedal, but you didn’t list it so... is it the BD-2 or the SD-1? :D Hard to go wrong with either.
  12. TangerineDog

    When your kid starts sounding like a grown up.

    Eh... I remember switching from espresso to filtered coffee and feeling very settled and mature all of a sudden, does that count? 😄 But the kids in my family are all way too young to sound grown up, so I guess we‘re still heading there...
  13. TangerineDog

    Not hearing much difference.

    I would have objected to this post but Player pickups really do sound stellar... Honestly though, dial them in and an Affinity with stock pickups sounds just fine.
  14. TangerineDog

    How many Graffiti Yellow guitars do we have?

    Shoutout to our dearly missed @heltershelton and his Rehab 🥲
  15. TangerineDog

    I'm an intermediate player...

    Practice is paramount. So much so that after not playing regularly for a while, I now have to re-learn songs I could play before because my fingers got rusty. When I started out, I wish I had studied some music theory, so I commend you on that. Now, I just half-know some stuff and it's a lot to...
  16. TangerineDog

    When you heard 'electric guitar'...

    ...before you started playing yourself, what was it you pictured? I don't know why, I had never consciously seen anyone play this model and didn't listen to any artists I today know played one like it. But for me, the archetypical electric guitar that came to mind was this: Edit: and since...
  17. TangerineDog

    I'm an intermediate player...

    I don't know of any apps that would help you. What would you want the app to do? Getting it wrong sometimes just means you haven't practised enough - and I don't mean that disrespectfully! Look at any gigging musician, they're gonna play, play and play their setlist again and again 'til they...
  18. TangerineDog

    Fender Humbucker spacing?

    Are Fender Humbuckers - any of them - 'F' spaced like Duncan Trembuckers are?
  19. TangerineDog

    Am I crazy, or are the new player series w/ maple neck...junk?

    I’d get one because I like how it looks but whatever floats your stoat ;) 😁
  20. TangerineDog

    As Im Now a Citizen....

    Would you stay with someone who talks like that?
  21. TangerineDog

    RIP @heltershelton

    Someone could auction it off on here with the proceeds going to an animal shelter?
  22. TangerineDog

    How to make hardtail produce a good strat tone?

    I just went ahead and took a maple neck and a pau ferro neck off and hit a few balls with each one. Sounded completely different, one was more like a pop, one rather like a crack. I also need a new neck now. But there's one video that really shows how important wood is for tone, using one...
  23. TangerineDog

    RIP @heltershelton

    The Kevins of the world lost a great friend. Hope he'll meet the Kevins he had lost before on the other side. Rest in Peace, man.
  24. TangerineDog

    Should I change the strings on my Strat?

    When you have to ask... No really, if something makes you think you should change them, listen to your gut and change them? Put the old ones up for sale as reliced strings.