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  1. stratocarlster

    Klassifieds Kapers

    Come on classifieds crawlers, share those listings that make you chuckle, shake your head, or generally wonder about the state of human civilisation. @Lonn you must see 20 of these a day! Here's one: Guy 'upgrades' his Squier with a Fender waterslide and wants $US350 ($500 Australian)...
  2. stratocarlster

    "Schmick is a world leading brand and built to last!"

    Something to brighten up your hump day :)
  3. stratocarlster

    The greatest internet ripoff?

    This must come close... Some shyster is taking a $8 set of welding tip cleaners out of their little blue container, putting them on a keyring and charging $134...
  4. stratocarlster

    Ever done a trade or part trade?

    I read about people doing trades, and see them advertised, and think, nah, not for me. Maybe it's because I'm picky but it just seems unlikely that two people will each have a guitar the other one wants and do a deal that they both are happy with. Yes, of course, there's a poll!
  5. stratocarlster

    She's a paper thousandaire ... Squier investment

    I was telling my youngest that the pink Hello Kitty Squier I bought her 7 years ago for $AUD200 is probably worth double that... clever dad so checked on Reverb out of interest and holy crap! They're asking $AUD1000-plus. She thought that was cool but isn't going to sell it. She doesn't play...
  6. stratocarlster

    F1 2022

    Leclerc on pole, Ferrari and Red Bull on the front row(s) ... and Haas in the top 10!! Oh and how good must Bottas feel outqualifying Russell. And for my hometown hero Danny Ric, the only way is up...
  7. stratocarlster

    Can't get this 'cheap' Eastman out of my head

    I was in a local store playing some of the usual suspects ... Taylor, Martin, Gibson, Maton. The American (or Australian) made stuff because I'm a snob. In the corner was a group of Eastmans. Like everyone else I've heard the buzz around Eastmans, how they're crafted by hand in a small(ish)...
  8. stratocarlster

    Vamos Rafa!

    What a comeback! This is turning into an epic.
  9. stratocarlster

    NGD - This is not the greatest Les Paul in the world.

    No, this is just a Tribute. A very nice one though. The story began with my son messaging me today to say there's a Classic Series '50s strat on FB Marketplace, with G&G case, for less than half the new cost of the strat alone. So I messaged the guy but my heart wasn't really in it. I'm not a...
  10. stratocarlster

    Happy New Gear! Who's going to be first in 2022?

    Not me sadly, but maybe a new acoustic within the next few months.
  11. stratocarlster

    Christmas booty

    'The Lyrics' by Paul McCartney. Not just the lyrics! Great stories with every song too.
  12. stratocarlster

    AFL Grand Final

    Incredible 3rd quarter. After looking down and out, Melbourne banged on 7 goals straight to take a 24 point lead into the final term. Go Dees! I'm actually a Sydney Swans fan but love to see the dogs lose after they beat us in 2016.
  13. stratocarlster


    What a race. Go Danny! This is going to be a tense 23 laps for us West Aussies.
  14. stratocarlster

    Leo's Great Triumvirate

    Recently I completed the hat trick, the holy trinity, the gleesome threesome, the triffic troika (OK I'll stop now) - stratocaster, telecaster and jazzmaster. Brilliant designs all of them. Anyone else got the set? Show 'em off!
  15. stratocarlster

    My work here is done

    I'm watching the footy and can hear my 16yo daughter playing music in her room. Just played Tiny Dancer followed by Rock'n'Me.
  16. stratocarlster


    Savoury muffin. :eek:
  17. stratocarlster

    Plans for the ANZAC Day weekend?

    We've just been locked down for 3 days (WA) so looks like it will be a quiet one.
  18. stratocarlster


    There's rain about! This should be a cracker. Some intriguing inter-team rivalries brewing this year... Max and Sergio, Danny and Lando.
  19. stratocarlster

    1965 Fender Stratocaster, Firemist Gold, 100% Factory original

    I thought you vintage aficionados would appreciate this unspoiled beauty, for sale in Australia. The pics are zoomable
  20. stratocarlster

    Anyone else watching Bahrain?

    It's 11pm here. Settling down with a cup of tea to cheer on our hometown hero Danny Ric.
  21. stratocarlster

    Phase one, in which Doris gets her oats

    OK so for this recording venture I'll start with some fairly simple covers. But more fundamentally I'll start with a drum track because I know that's going to be the biggest hurdle to getting it done, so I want to get it done first. And let's face it, it's the backbone of any song. I mean a...
  22. stratocarlster


    I am seriously thinking about buying a $300* set of Lollar pickups to put in the J Mascis Jazzmaster that I paid $370* for. Talk me down! (*Australian dollars, worth about 70c to the greenback.)
  23. stratocarlster

    Anyone rocking a Tascam?

    The creative juices have been flowing lately and I'll soon be looking to record some songs. I get that DAWs are the way to go for ultimate power and flexibility, but they're also a bit of a rabbit hole, and working 50 hour weeks I don't have a lot of time for steep learning curves. Back in the...
  24. stratocarlster

    2 x NGD

    Quite a day! Channeling ST's Guru of GAS @Lonn, I bought two guitars in the space of an hour. An expensive one that I had been thinking about for a few days, and a relative 'cheapie' that just popped up this morning and I grabbed on impulse. 2009 PRS McCarty PF-09 in Smoke Burst. Limited...
  25. stratocarlster

    Too old for 10s, too young to die.

    Seriously, full step bends are getting too hard for these 61yo fingers. Looks like it's time for a strategic retreat to 9s, on the unwound strings at least. Elixir have a 9-46 set which I'll give a try. Alternatively I could toughen up and practice those bends more often.