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  1. RL21980

    Eric Johnson signature Stratocaster. What are your thoughts on it?

    EJ's are fantastic guitars. If a 12" radius is what you're used to it sounds like an EJ strat would be right up your alley!
  2. RL21980

    So what’s the count up to?

    Yes, you’re right. Too often spirited conversation turns into jr high debate club. Admitting you’re wrong on the internet shouldn’t be that big a deal. I would think… no one’s right all the time! Ohhhh… I gotcha! And know exactly who you’re talking about ironically enough. That guy’s a...
  3. RL21980

    Fender American Classic (Original Replacement)

    When are the mods going to lock this horsesh*t thread?
  4. RL21980

    So what’s the count up to?

    You sound like my wife. She's right about everything under the sun too. :rolleyes: Can one of us "see" another member's ignore list? If so, I'll be sure to add you to it just to make you look bad! :p
  5. RL21980

    1986 Fender vintage Stratocaster MIJ ST62-55 spaghetti logo!

    Very cool guitar man! Dig the tuxedo vibe. I had a real 82 JV serial (not a squire) strat for a few years. It was one of the mid tier ones with a poly painted alder body American alnico pickups. Sounded great but couldn't deal with the thin neck. Sold it. 1.5 years later Fender makes the "JV...
  6. RL21980

    Should I break my finger?

    Yes. Break it. Just have it set in a splint so it heals straight afterwards. Maybe bite down on a piece of raw hide leather or a belt or something when the hammer comes down. Good luck!
  7. RL21980

    Fingering Fingers

    4 fingers. Learning Hendrix and SRV stuff as I've gotten older I've begun to use my thumb over the top of the neck. It's taken A LOT of getting used to. I still hear my guitar teacher telling me not to choke the neck! I got taught in the strict school of "thumb is your anchor on the middle/back...
  8. RL21980

    What's a practice habit you need to break?

    Practicing a challenging song so much that I can't bare to listen to it for a month or two. By that time the song has become work. I don't get paid to do this! It's supposed to be fun damn it! Then I forget half of what I learned. It's a vicious cycle.
  9. RL21980


    Sounds horrid. Hope you heal up quickly.
  10. RL21980

    ‘A Celebration Of CAR’

    Red guitars have bad tone. It's science. ;)
  11. RL21980

    Under the Radar Authorized Fender Dealer

    DO NOT!!!! 🙃
  12. RL21980

    How do *you* make a new Stratocaster *your own*

    I hang it on the wall and ignore it. Eventually it blends into the background.
  13. RL21980

    Difference between standard stratocaster and custom shop strat

    You're right. Not always true. But more often than not.
  14. RL21980

    Difference between standard stratocaster and custom shop strat

    Sure. There's always going to be an outlier but more often than not your not going to make anything. But yes, it can happen. Absolutely.
  15. RL21980

    Garage find - expertise requested

    Does it come with the pants? Or are you just trying them out?
  16. RL21980

    Is it possible?

    It's hardly noticeable. It's noticeable to you because it's yours. Like the first scratch on a new car. Bound to happen sometime.
  17. RL21980

    Difference between standard stratocaster and custom shop strat

    You'll always loose money buying a guitar that's not a vintage piece. Guitars are not investments.
  18. RL21980

    Difference between standard stratocaster and custom shop strat

    Just like any guitar you're interested in...... You should go play as many as you can and find out what you like. I wouldn't go pick a CS just for the sake of buying a CS. You may find a standard line strat that you like just as much and save yourself some serious coin. However CS are more often...
  19. RL21980

    I found a couple cool RUSH and U-2 DvDs today!

    Rush in Rio is a great show. Watched it many times.
  20. RL21980

    New EJ Virginia Strat - string question

    Never heard of them.
  21. RL21980

    NGD 1964 Stratocaster

    Wow. That is insanely clean. Very very nice. HNGD!
  22. RL21980

    American Original Owners- How’s it wearing?

    AO 50s Tele. A few lacquer cracks. Dings and dents here and there. I'm not gentle with it and play the crap out of it. Years ago one of my kids dropped a pedal on it and took a big ol chunk out of the paint. All I could do was laugh.
  23. RL21980

    Telecaster Neck Pocket

    Looks totally normal.