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  1. Clickitysplit

    write what you know

    …the bittersweet teat of introspection. 😂
  2. Clickitysplit

    Fingering Fingers

    I’m right handed so all 5 fingers on my left hand and all the fingers on my right hand except the pinky. So, up to 9 fingers total.
  3. Clickitysplit

    One word song title transference

    Love on the Rocks - Neil Diamond
  4. Clickitysplit

    Canadian F1 Grand Prix

    Me too. Eau Rouge with the throttle pinned? Man, I could live a long time on that. I think I read it’s a dedicated circuit since early 2000. I made an inquiry about Vegas and got this:
  5. Clickitysplit

    Canadian F1 Grand Prix

    SilverStone and Spa…maybe one day.
  6. Clickitysplit

    Canadian F1 Grand Prix

    Nice!! Jealous. F1 comes to Vegas next year. Expect I’ll be there…
  7. Clickitysplit

    Always wanted one of these

    Haaa I was gonna make an ethylene glycol joke, cuz those always kill…(call her Ethyl). How many Margaritas have we all made with mix that matches that color? So maybe Margarita would work. I’ve also (ahem) tested absinthe that was about that color, too, so Abby might fit. All depends on how...
  8. Clickitysplit


    I read every @rolandson post I encounter. It’s easy to see he’s a good dude. Positive vibes.
  9. Clickitysplit

    It's a hot one in OH today!

    Never got past a bone-chilling 88F today and now it’s down to 82 here in Temecula, however it feels like 83. Small mercies…
  10. Clickitysplit

    Gilmour-ish Black Strat partscaster build

    You can get a black finish very shiny if you carefully wet sand it in stages from 600 grit up through 5000 grit. Same if you clear coat it. You can get the sandpaper in multi-grit packs from Amazon for cheap. I did this and the only issue was I didn’t wait long enough between grits so just...
  11. Clickitysplit

    Buying music online no longer free?

    They want you to pay them $9.99 per month to stream the songs you already own, plus anything else in their huge catalog. They’ll _never_ get me to do this. You can still buy and download music from iTunes a la carte, eg:
  12. Clickitysplit

    Wow! They really ripped off Rickenbacker.

    Rickenjacker, or perhaps a Jackenbacker
  13. Clickitysplit

    What are the odds of ruining a rail ceramic pickup by "leveling" the rails?

    Odds are calculated as chances for over chances against. Since you’re asking Strat Talk I can’t imagine you’re a Dimarzio tech, therefore I’d pit the odds around 4 or 5 to 1. If you’ve got a set you can throw away it might be a worthwhile experiment.
  14. Clickitysplit

    Aunt Esther would approve.

    What a great, loose groove!! Really well done. Thanks for sharing…
  15. Clickitysplit

    Would you rather have a vintage Strat or a Ferrari?

    As a former long time sport bike and track hound, Ferraris, while soooo cool, just don’t accelerate like sport bikes yet cost 10X more to buy and to own. Sport bikes have ruined me on acceleration value. These days I’d take the Strat.
  16. Clickitysplit

    Replacement tuning machines other than the fender brand?

    Fan of Hipshot…have staggered sets on 2 electrics and a 3rd set on a baritone ordered with overbored posts. Easy to order direct and customize. Fast service.
  17. Clickitysplit

    Would You Play Hard Rock on a Strat With a Natural Finish ?

    I would totally play hard rock on a Strat with a natural finish…the outro would be so powerful with its flat 3rd, flat 6th, and flat 7th.
  18. Clickitysplit

    Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall, London

    Good for you and BB. In the 80s and early 90s at different times I think he and Ray Charles came through the Bacchanal in San Diego (Kearny Mesa, to be exact). I remember thinking then that I’d run out of chances to see them, and I was right, but I always duffed it off anyway. But I did see...
  19. Clickitysplit

    Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall, London

    Missed my shot at Ray Charles and BB King when I had the chance. Vowed to see all other greats if they get within 500 miles of me. Hoping he heads West soon.
  20. Clickitysplit

    My Best Friends Gone!

    Sorry to hear this Stu 😞. She was mighty cute and no doubt she had the greatest life thanks to you.
  21. Clickitysplit

    cat lovers only.....

    Grampa, panting a bit…
  22. Clickitysplit

    Any love for BLUE guitars?

    Nice ax (and strap)! I like the truss rod cover.
  23. Clickitysplit

    Any love for BLUE guitars?

    Lots of love for the blue guitars…
  24. Clickitysplit

    The fanciest guitar I ever built is for sale on Reverb.

    Blown away - what a work of art! Deserves its own room at the MIM.