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  1. Exhead

    Hi Strat-Talk... MIK strat info request!

    Did not look like that when I got it. IT took a lot of cleaning and polishing. Body and neck in excellent shape though so it came out awesome.
  2. Exhead

    NGD—Buddy Guy Stratocaster

    Enjoy I love mine. It is a great player with great sound stock.
  3. Exhead

    Hi Strat-Talk... MIK strat info request!

    These are a real pleasure to play if you like thin necks. I have had a few. 1992 MIK
  4. Exhead

    For Sale 2 Strats for sale

    Great prices and nice looking. Unfortunately I have guitars coming out of my ears now. Also smarting from a Reverb return from a tire kicker that cost me over $140 for shipping both ways and fees.....
  5. Exhead

    What are you paying for gas?

    $4.75 a gal
  6. Exhead

    If you're looking to buy from Guitar Center...

    Or take advantage of current sales: Link to post on ST
  7. Exhead

    A funny thing happened at Goodwill...

    Nice! Congrats!
  8. Exhead

    What is with all the zombie threads?

    New people actually using the search feature to find answers then commenting on old threads.
  9. Exhead

    New Fender JV Series

    I have a 2018 MIJ XII FSR and it is extremely well built and just beautiful. You can feel it not just see it.
  10. Exhead

    Help identifying our Strat please

    Someone's preference to make it look better, Question is, Did they change the pickups too? You would have to open it up for that question.
  11. Exhead

    Help identify please

    I really like this one. It has an LSR nut.
  12. Exhead

    The daily "Just Wow....."

    She is a gold digger.
  13. Exhead

    New "Case Queen" Day

    Welcome to the brood and congrats on a sweet looing guitar.
  14. Exhead

    First post and first strat

    Welcome aboard. Nice guitar. It's yours, play it, love it as it wears from your loving embrace. All else is speculation.
  15. Exhead

    NGD Partscaster

    Glad it was brought back to life. Looks good.
  16. Exhead

    50th Anniversary Golden Stratocaster

    Yeah it would be mine already.
  17. Exhead

    Bring back some memes. We all need to smile.

    Dead horses also meet carbon emissions standards for UN Agenda 2030...