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  1. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    If the Zener is there to regulate input voltage to a predictable 9V (9.1?) so the rest of the circuit can go on and divide. And you apply say 9.5 or 10V. Then the Zener shunts to ground the excess, right? So be it 9.5 or 10, it still results in 9V/9.1V on (at?) the rails? I understand that there...
  2. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    As long as we get that book out... ;)
  3. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    As a non-TS9 owner I would have liked to troubleshoot it. If nothing else but to keep this thread rolling. Could become a book in the end. "Fried green pedal at someotherstop café" or "The little green itch that wouldn't go away", a childrens book to make sure they get GAS early enough to be...
  4. Matopotato

    What Strat are you a sucker for?

    American Pro II but on the other hand it's the only Strat I have...
  5. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    That diode took one for the team. Now an ex semi-conductor: a "semi" in more than one sense. It might be gone, but will not be forgotten.
  6. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    Thanks, that was what I thought too. Although many 9v rated would survive 12v etc, I would not recommend trying that unless asking the manufacturer first (or checking up schematics for each component beeing ok for higher voltage input. With some margin.) Also be aware that some builds internally...
  7. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    Wasn't it the polarity that was wrong? Rather than 12V?
  8. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    Not sure you should buy, unless you have already but solder wick (narrow copper braid with flux) or solder pump helps getting the old holes cleaned out. I wouldn't invest for a one-time fix perhaps. (Unless you develop a wish to join the diyers) If hard to find or borrow then patience and don't...
  9. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    Compare with this picture, here it seems full length and seems to go in according to pcb drawing. Did anything loose rattle around inside before opening it?
  10. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    That diode in shot #4 to the left of the plug looks odd to me. I don't have any TS though. The pcb has a drawing for it to go straight "parallel" with the jack/plug. And it looks kind of short imho. Again I wouldn't know, although many posted that the protective diode could have blown.
  11. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    And it is not "just" a cable to the jack that is off? In my humble experience those components usually endure while cables and solderings are more prone to disrespect the wall warts... Ymmv
  12. Matopotato

    Tru-oil on Custom Shop neck, yes or no?

    I am assuming it is unintentional, but I still get funny pictures in my head of lint free cloth followed by some heavy duty golf club whacking. 😁
  13. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    I appreciate your sharing and openness. Hopefully you can salvage it with the tips or find help nearby. And others can learn from the experience and suggestions how to fix.
  14. Matopotato

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    As an overall guide yes. But for the record, if the components can handle 12, 18 or higher voltages, then you can feed the pedal with increased voltage. Electrolytic caps should have the max voltage stamped on them and if they are (somewhat) higher than the wall-wart supply, the caps should...
  15. Matopotato

    How do you know which Strat is the right one

    Kind of puts old discussions about trem bar or not in a whole new perspective... In this context I'd like to promote the term Whammy bar. Feels more... appropriately inappropriate 😯
  16. Matopotato

    TC Elec- Helix, who knows this one?

    I have one. It might get shrill when CryBaby mini wah goes in to it and Helix is pushed. But I liked although not using it very often. Reasonably priced and tone print adds versatility. Mix knob haven't tried any much, I'm more All In than subtle... Brett Kingman seemed happy with it. Check it...
  17. Matopotato

    NGD - My First Strat!

    Congrats! I went to buy a Les Paul, then the store guy put a Strat Am Pro II in my hands. Got confused. Went home. Got back for the LP, and drove home with the Strat. It plays really well imho, I just love the ease I can move around the neck. (Got the LP a few months later. Really enjoy both)
  18. Matopotato

    Preferred Tuning?

    I prefer James Taylor's tuning on acoustic. Standard E with some small shifts. Peterson clip on and I think the stomp have it as preset. For electric standard E, but with g and h string...
  19. Matopotato

    Chasing perfect

    Do they match across guitars too? It might be contageous if so... Don't take them to a tech. Chances are the tech will not let you have them back.
  20. Matopotato

    Tone Master problem solved. User error to blame!

    Getting the cables mixed up when plugging in a diy pedal not yet boxed? (It's mirrored imho)... Plugging in (another) diy pedal with the IC socket in place. But IC still in some antistatic bag around somewhere.... Turning off the FX loop on amp, forgetting the noisegate on the first board is...
  21. Matopotato

    Please help a (total) newbie

    Welcome to the forum! (Why is there no emoji with the welcome sign?) This might not applybtonyour case but be aware of static electricity. The climate in my home gets quite dry periodically and at least my LP was not well "coppered". Bought some copper tape and grounded the plastic cover plates...