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  1. cmatthes

    Who owns a Les Paul?

    My first "real" guitar was this '81 LP Custom that I bought new in High School with money saved from slaving away at all sorts of jobs: It used to be a Cherry Sunburst, like Ace Frehley's 3 pickup Custom, but I had it refinned by PRS in the mid-'90s in this great (subtle!) blue holoflake...
  2. cmatthes

    Hamer Daytona's

    I've been playing Hamers since the very early '80s, and have owned many dozens of them over the years. I've also had my fair share of Strats. The "go-to" guitar that never sees the inside of the case is my #1 Daytona. They are simply amazing guitars that can be had for the price of MIJ...
  3. cmatthes

    Hello From ROCKville!!

    Howdy, neighbor!
  4. cmatthes

    How To: Defretting a Bass Guitar

    I lined the fret slots from my '77 Precision with little strips of walnut, prepped with a little wood glue, X-acto knife to clean it all up, some sandpaper and a few shots of clear over it all. Did the flatwound thing and just went to town. Definitely takes some getting used to, but it was...
  5. cmatthes

    Best Weight for a STRAT?

    I've never weighed any of my Strats. That being said, I have a Korina Strat body that weighs in at just under 3 lbs. It's a doubleneck too!
  6. cmatthes

    Bass Tone

    Try a compressor or Graphic Equalizer pedal. Works for me!
  7. cmatthes

    The invisible man (long post/rant)

    A good friend of mine and his wife own a great little mom & pop-style shop. This is something that they wrestle with as well. It seems like it's damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't sometimes. When you ask to help somebody, you're bothering them. If you don't ask, you're ignoring them...
  8. cmatthes

    Can anyone ID this guitar?

    I believe that it's a 70s Burns copy from Japan. I'll have to check the archives, but I believe that there's an early Tokai that is very similar, and probably others. Tough to tell from the small photos, but has a few similar characteristics. Burns never really caught on in the USA, but were...
  9. cmatthes

    6 string bass?

    Actually, the typical 12 string bass layout is 4 fundamentals with 8 octaves (fundamental + octave + octave). Tom Petersson invented the 12 string bass back in the late '70s with Paul Hamer and Jol Dantzig. Hamer's been making them since then, but a few other companies started in the late...
  10. cmatthes

    Greetings, Strat-O-Philes!

    Thanks, guys! I know that the gods of beautiful wood are going to strike me down, but I was actually thinking about doing the Korina Strat in (wait for it...) Seafoam or Surf Green. Possibly Sonic Blue, but not sure. If not that, it'll have to be some gaudy metalflake, because I'm stupid...
  11. cmatthes

    6 string bass?

    Yeah - it has dual rods (the early ones didn't, and a few didn't make it out of the '80s). I have large hands, so it isn't a problem, but I know a very petite woman who gigs regularly with one and uses it on close to 80% of her band's setlist. Pretty sure she could crush a tennis ball with...
  12. cmatthes

    6 string bass?

    Ha ha!! Not bad at all, actually once you get used to it. Back to the OP's topic (sorry if I derailed anything!), I've seen the Bass VI used convincingly as a bass many times - never pulled the plug and snagged one over the years, but they are cool and different to play. I recall about...
  13. cmatthes

    6 string bass?

    Actually, it's not too bad in there, just better with a pick to get all the extra chime and grind from the octaves. I've seen a couple of amazing players snapping, plucking and popping on these before, but that's a different thing altogether.
  14. cmatthes

    slide guitar

    Slide is cool - I picked up a cool video from NGW's Geoff Hartwell. He makes it seem so easy, but he also breaks it down and demonstrates basic technique in plain, basic english. I'm planning to spend more time on that this year...among many other things!
  15. cmatthes

    6 string bass?

    Actually, it's just like playing a 4 or an 8, just an extra set of octaves in there. Takes a little getting used to, but sounds like a freakin' freight train.
  16. cmatthes

    6 string bass?

    Ah...six string basses are overrated. You need a TWELVE. (ha ha ha!!)
  17. cmatthes

    An interesting fender les paul story

    Having had the good fortune to see Les play live (up front near the stage, and Les was sharing the bill with Chet Atkins), I can attest to the fact that the guy just doesn't get the whole "aging" thing. He was playing faster and tighter runs than any of the shred guys I knew (this was in '90)...
  18. cmatthes

    Hey from S.E. PA

    Former Delawarean (that's a Philly Suburb, right?!) here. Welcome aboard...
  19. cmatthes

    Greetings, Strat-O-Philes!

    Those Tele necks are definitely staying on the DoubleTele. The top is a Baritone, and it'll be set up basically like a Bass VI, except w/Trons. The DoubleStrat will have two more appropriate headstocks on there...unless I can track down an Electric XII neck in the next couple of months!
  20. cmatthes

    This place is realy picking up..

    I'm new, and heard about the forum from pals at TDPRI. If I had known about this place earlier, I'd definitely have been around, getting on everybody's nerves! :D Nice place you've got here - I'm moving in! (besides, I see a lot of familiar names from other places I hang my mouse, so...
  21. cmatthes

    I stopped in a Guitar Center yesterday and saw the Joe Strummer Tele.

    Exactly! Apart from the body finish, every one I've played has been surprisingly good. A friend of mine gigged his all last summer/fall, and it cut through even better than his CS '52 RI. Not kidding. He was pissed when I told him that.
  22. cmatthes

    Greetings, Strat-O-Philes!

    Thanks for the greetings - good to be here. The DoubleStrat is such a cool project that it is going to bump it's older brother, the DoubleTele I've had that is ready for finishing. No luck finding a "Hockeystick" Electric XII neck, so this may just be a double-sixer. Here 'tis... Light...
  23. cmatthes

    6 string bass?

    Are you looking for additional low end or something more like a Baritone guitar/Bass VI/Bajo Sexto to add texture or some cool rumble to your playing? I'm not into the ultra low-end contrabass stuff. I love watching other players doing that stuff, but not what I like to play (or really...
  24. cmatthes

    Your fav. Strat copy?

    Hamer (USA) Daytonas for me. These are the guitars I find myself reaching for ALL the time.
  25. cmatthes

    Greetings, Strat-O-Philes!

    I've owned many great Strats over the last few decades, a couple Hamer Daytonas too. Slapped a few together - always dug 'em. Working on an unbelievably cool doubleneck (Korina) Strat right now...glad to have a place to show it off when it finally gets done! Good to be here, gang!