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  1. unionjack515

    Hilariously bad relic jobs ruining decent guitars - Pictures please!

    Even worse, in my opinion, are the Nash guitars like that. Not only is the finish gone from the back of the neck, but the finish that’s left is some god-forsaken school bus yellow shade of tint. BUT my Nash T is my favorite T-style guitar…now that I swapped the neck for one I finished!
  2. unionjack515

    NEWS FLASH: ToneRanger is Retiring His Pedalboard!

    Why wall candy? They still work great! 😁
  3. unionjack515

    New Territory for Me…Gretsch NGD

    Why thank you! I just started considering a remote storage space today…kind of cool, kind of embarrassing…ha. The civil war guitar!!! It is still in its unrestored state unfortunately. I had my initial conversations with Dan Erlewine (as you might recall from my thread) in which I was sorely...
  4. unionjack515

    New Territory for Me…Gretsch NGD

    Thank you! It really is pretty amazing. The pickups are bliss. Fit and finish is fantastic. Neck shape is pretty much perfect too! I’ve been missing out all these years.
  5. unionjack515

    New Territory for Me…Gretsch NGD

    Got the Gretsch today…wow. Had a Gibson M2M show up earlier this week after a 2 year wait post-order and the Gretsch puts it to shame. Nice work Gretsch Custom Shop!!! Took advantage of an opportunity to snap a quick shot of some of my more unique/oddball natural/burst-finished guitars…
  6. unionjack515

    Your favourite Custom Shop Pickups?

    Another vote for 60/63s. They’re the bees knees. Which is a good thing for some reason.
  7. unionjack515

    New Territory for Me…Gretsch NGD

    Oh not knocking them. Just felt like for the $3k-ish price range of the Harrison models…was a little steep for non-US made.
  8. unionjack515

    New Territory for Me…Gretsch NGD

    And ok…so I “forgot” Rocky. George just had too many cool guitars.
  9. unionjack515

    New Territory for Me…Gretsch NGD

    Yes sir. Has his actual signature on the back of the headstock and all. Pretty nifty. Thanks for the compliments and I honestly wouldn’t have ever purchased a different model of Gretsch…despite some of those full hollows being really killer. I’m more of a small body fan. Even the “335” I...
  10. unionjack515

    New Territory for Me…Gretsch NGD

    George Harrison…one of my all-time favorites. Perhaps his most iconic guitar (or at least 1A and 1B with the rosewood Tele) is the Gretsch Duo Jet. I’ve wanted one for a long time. I’ve kept my eyes peeled…lots of them on the market of course. There’s those crazy expensive limited run ones...
  11. unionjack515

    USACG neck (NND) possible Brazilian rosewood content

    I custom ordered a USACG neck a few years before the merger (during the “Tommy era”—owner/manager…great reputation). Mine has a Brazilian rosewood fretboard. It was most certainly an option, albeit not one that was offered on their “menu”—you had to ask. Sorta like ordering a unicorn from...
  12. unionjack515

    Mids Boosting A Big Muff Pi fuzz?

    I feed mine with one or two Tube Drivers. They’re not EQ pedals by definition but they do offer some “EQ” type controls. I haven’t closely studied Gilmour or EJ but I understand they do something similar. Either way, produces a lovely sound.
  13. unionjack515

    Show off your hardtails!

    I’ve been playing this one a lot lately. Commissioned it from Mario Martin. Last two were for color context versus a more traditional 3TSB. The Mario is a chocolate sunburst.
  14. unionjack515

    Collings Owners Club

    Here are a couple photos of my 290 (including an up-close shot of the doghair finish…which is the business in my opinion) and an internet photo of a guitar similar to one I just ordered: While the sunburst guitar pictured above (I-35 LC Deluxe) features classic Gibson 335-style laminated...
  15. unionjack515

    What is the best body color to go with a rosewood fretboard neck?

    White Blonde, Sonic Blue, Fiesta Red, Ice Blue (or Blue Ice) Metallic, Three Tone Sunburst, Crimson Burst, Black and White Wood Grain, Coke Bottle Green Sparkle, Black… Maybe I know from experience? 😂
  16. unionjack515

    How many of us here don’t own an American Fender or Gibson? And how many of us do, but won’t play them in bars?

    I am not afraid to gig any of my guitars. Perhaps I’m naive about thievery or I’ve just had 25 years of good luck…or both. As for mishaps…I’ve had far more at home, for which I was to blame for probably 95% of. Pros have big fancy road cases backstage with a pro handing them instruments for...
  17. unionjack515

    Collings…Gearing Up for My Biggest Purchase To Date

    Ooof I paid for half of this beast today and it was as much or more than I’ve paid for any of my guitars. That’s a unique feeling 😂
  18. unionjack515

    Collings…Gearing Up for My Biggest Purchase To Date

    They were an all-acoustic shop for the longest time. I’d argue that they still put a bulk of their resources toward acoustics. I had a second-hand SJ of theirs and it was definitely my least favorite acoustic. But they’re certainly not known for their SJs. This one was back sides and neck in...
  19. unionjack515

    Collings…Gearing Up for My Biggest Purchase To Date

    Well that’s shocking. “Stuff” happens I guess…climate changes during transit, dealer tinkered before delivery, Collings had a new employee, or someone just had an off day I suppose. Glad it’s all fixed now…they’re hard to beat.
  20. unionjack515

    Collings…Gearing Up for My Biggest Purchase To Date

    I own 3 currently and they’ve been far and away the best that I’ve ever experienced with respect to fit and finish as well as out of the box setup. Better than Fender CS, better than PRS. And the customer service is impeccable. They did raise their prices this year unfortunately, but that’s...
  21. unionjack515

    Collings…Gearing Up for My Biggest Purchase To Date

    I’ve honestly waited longer for Gibson M2M and Mario Martins (assuming both extended due to supply chain/COVID issues)…Collings has always been on the short end of turn times! Guarantee it will be worth the wait regardless. AND Austin Vintage lets me chunk down the total over the build time...
  22. unionjack515

    Collings…Gearing Up for My Biggest Purchase To Date

    Pulled the trigger on this…with the dealer in Austin, Austin Vintage Guitars. They were a breeze to deal with and gave me a better price. I’m just waiting to hear back on how much of a credit I get for providing my own pickups. 12-18 months of wait now…
  23. unionjack515

    Weak album tracks - do you let them play?

    I don’t do vinyl…so no, I skip. I’ve been listening to The Police’s Synchronicity lately and “Mother” gets a quick quick skip. For example 😂
  24. unionjack515

    How many guitars do you have?

    34 and all fully insured…come at me bruh 😂
  25. unionjack515

    question Fender CS 60s style pickup

    Don’t pick the 60/63s…I’m trying to acquire every set they make…😂. @Bladesg don’t think twice if you hear one of your cases unlatch in the middle of the night. Just a dream. Go back to bed.