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  1. Colnago1

    New panoramic shot of my gear room.

    I’m a happy guy. Just got the Ric 330 yesterday and one of the Mustangs the week before. I’m at a loss of what to play. Have a look. Thanks.
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    Quick question

    I’m going to be soldering up a pedalboard for a guy that I’ve worked on his guitar and he has sent me some business. That’s about as much as I know him. Maybe $600 total in business? We text about guitars once in a while and I’d consider us “buddies”. There will be approx 20 patch cables and 20...
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    Always wanted a Rickenbacker. Wow, they are different. Lovin’ it so far, it has the sound that you associate with them. Got a deal on this and that’s rarer than these.
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    New Lego Guitar Day!!
  5. Colnago1

    2 X NGD!!!

    Amazing! So lucky to have my awesome wife, thanks to her for buying these for me to add to my arsenal of guitars!
  6. Colnago1

    Hot Rod Deville

    Hot Rod Deville, 2005 model year for sale locally. Drive channel doesn’t work. I can get it for $200CDN, $160USD, basically free. Should I buy it just to tinker and hopefully figure it out or just use the clean channel? Clean channel is really the only good channel in this amp anyways. Problem...
  7. Colnago1

    NAD British style

    2009 Class 5 with “most” of the rattles fixed. Besides a slight rattle at around 8, it sounds like a Class 5, sort of like a darker Plexi. So far(2hours) I like it. In British Racing Green.
  8. Colnago1

    Consignment fee

    Hello all. What are your local guitar store’s consignment fees?
  9. Colnago1

    Need advice, what do you think about this?

    I might be buying this Vibro Champ. Just looking for opinions on what you think about it. Condition, etc.. Seller wants $700usd. Thanks!
  10. Colnago1

    Surf green goodness and then some.

    Ended up with two new guitars in just a few days. The Strat was completely planned and ordered in advance as I’ve always wanted a surf green Strat. The SG came up for sale locally for so cheap that I had no choice. The finish was is rough shape with lots of scratches. No real dings and nothing...
  11. Colnago1

    Any love for S-1 switching and Noiseless Pickups?

    I started out with 4 American Deluxe/Elite Strats, all with S-1 switching and a variation of a noiseless pickup. At first I thought they were all awesome and loved the switching abilities. Slowly though I'm finding myself changed out their guards with different vintage sounding pickups with...
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    I’m a huge fanboy of Green Day and Billie Joe Armstrong. Just bought the latest version of the Dookie pedal today. Holy crap is this thing awesome, Green Day tones in a box!!! Can’t get enough!!!
  13. Colnago1

    Updated room/studio/escape from life room picture.

    Here is a photo of my collection as of today. We all like seeing other people’s gear and I figured I’d supply you with a new pic. There are a few more guitars since last time and a couple more amps too. Show yours too please!! My newest acquisition is the Honey Burst Les Paul in the middle...
  14. Colnago1

    Neither is a Strat

    I can have one and only one new guitar. These are my two options. The new Noventa Tele in Vintage Blonde or a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional in Iced Tea and it’s pretty much mint. The Gibby’s pickups have been swapped to Duncan SB and a Duncan ‘59. I like them both and I already own multiple...
  15. Colnago1

    Pure Vintage 59’s

    Hey all, just ordered up a set of Strat Pure Vintage 59 pickups off Amazon that are apparently “used”. Half price so I figured why not. Any preconceived notions on these that I should be aware of? I’ve not tried these out yet and have the ability to return them, flip them or keep them. Thanks...
  16. Colnago1

    I have a problem, well more than one.

    First problem is that I collect, and play, a lot of electric guitars. The problem here isn’t really a problem as it doesn’t affect anyone negatively or anything like that, it just affects me and that all of my spare time is spent with my guitars. If that’s a problem? Secondly, this is a...
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    I’ve wanted a “real” Junior forever. I’ve had many versions over the years and finally pulled the trigger. Got a sweet deal on it, very nice. Large ‘50’s neck, not sticky at all. Full gloss nitrocellulose lacquer that has a great feel and sheen to it. Nicer than my other ones. Great setup and I...
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    Just picked up this amp and know nothing about it. I haven’t googled it yet. Picked it up for super cheap. Anyone care to offer any opinions or info? cheers!
  19. Colnago1

    Is this worth checking out? It’s close to me.
  20. Colnago1

    NGD-Deluxe Strat

    2009 American Deluxe. Really nice condition. I really wanted this as I didn’t have a regular maple fretboard Strat. It’s got a sweet fretboard that has grain that looks like a topographical map. Here she is!!
  21. Colnago1

    How much would you pay??

    A guitar that I am very much wanting has popped up locally for sale. It’s in mint condition, I’ve played it a couple of times over the last ten or so years. I don’t really know the owner, but he seems like a reasonable, nice guy, we socialize in the same circles sort of. It’s a 2009 Fender...
  22. Colnago1

    I keep wanting more

    Why is this? I have 6 Strats right now and seem to go after a specific late year model. They find me and force me to buy them. I can’t seem to resist it at all.
  23. Colnago1

    Need a camera, HELP!!

    I’m looking at getting a dslr mostly to use for videos. I can get a used Nikon D7100 for pretty cheap. Will this do what I want it to do? Tell me what to buy please. I’m looking to make videos and want good picture, sound and durability. I’ll need a gimble eventually. thanks! Don’t go too crazy...
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    I couldn’t turn this one down. It’s basic play brand new and the price was ridiculous. I’ll be doing a tear down and inspection of it on my new YouTube channel. It’s one video old so far so please check it out!!
  25. Colnago1

    Hoping to help

    Hi guys, I’m starting a YouTube channel with repair and knowledge tutorials for guitars. It’s pretty basic to start and will evolve into more complex things in the future. Some folks don’t know some of the simpler things so I’m starting out with those to help our community grow. I hope I’m...