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  1. Ace38

    PSA: All original Strat Plus on FBM

    Oh if only I had the cash...
  2. Ace38

    Great Strat Plus deal on Offerup

    Needs a cleaning, but would be a great grab for someone
  3. Ace38

    Wiring diagram question

    Can I use this diagram but subsitute humbuckers for the singles? No splitting or anything like that, everything the same except the pickups.
  4. Ace38

    RIP: Jamie Oldaker

    Just got a push notice from Tulsa station KJRH. Guy has drummed with everyone, Clapton, Ace Frehley, Bob Seger, Freddie King and so many more. Edit to add link:
  5. Ace38

    70s style Fender F tuner question

    I'm wanting to do a tuner change on a headstock that's currently using 10mm tuners. Will these drop right in or will I need conversion bushings? Thanks.
  6. Ace38

    Hoping for some info...

    A couple years ago I got this FSR Powerhouse Strat. One of "about" 35 according to Fender. Alder body, quilt maple top. Anyone know who this FSR was originally done up for? Thanks.
  7. Ace38

    NAD - Or, gotta stop going to Guitar Center...

    Love love LOVE the "british 80's" clean type setting for my Mustang I V2, but no matter how I tweaked, always hated the distorted sounds on all the options. Been longing and craving a Marshall to take care of that for me. Decided today while on an afternoon with my (adult) children to run by...
  8. Ace38

    Craigslist Pickup Funnies

    I don't think any of these are what he's claiming. I'm not an expert by any means, but wouldnt an "era correct" Seymour Duncan have individual poles instead of ceramic bars and what appear to be hex poles? Anyway, for your entertainment...
  9. Ace38

    Greg Allman dead at 69

    The Associated Press‏Verified account @AP 59s60 seconds ago BREAKING: Publicist: Music legend Gregg Allman has died; organist, singer for The Allman Brothers Band helped spawn Southern rock
  10. Ace38

    J. Geils. RIP
  11. Ace38

    Rail Tail trem by Floyd Rose

    Sounds pretty interesting..
  12. Ace38


    New first pedal day! Got this to serve as a "good enough" boost for my other guitars to mimic my Powerhouse. It works.
  13. Ace38

    Best Pedal for Clapton Mid Boost Emulation

    Other than the Clap-tone. That would be the one I'd get if it wasnt $250. With all that said, I've gotten to where playing w/o a boosted guitar sounds wrong and thin to my ears. Having that boost set up has become a key part of my tone and with 3 guitars without a boost it's going to be...
  14. Ace38

    Mid-Boost Compatable Pickup Suggestions

    Oh but its tougher than just that. I want to keep a specific look with the exposed poles, so Lace Sensors are out. I don't want to run the risk of adding costs so I dont want noiseless pups that might require me to route the body. Obviously, I want the exposed poles so no rail pickups. I'm...
  15. Ace38

    RIP Judge Wapner

    AP reporting it. Died at 97
  16. Ace38

    NGD...a couple days late

    Got this beauty on Friday, had the new bridge pup installed yesterday. Sounds great, perfect for the 80's style rock it'll be used for. Tuned down a half step, and just growls!
  17. Ace38

    RIP Tommy Allsup

    Toured with Buddy Holly. Legendary Oklahoma musician. Being reported by Fox 23 in Tulsa.
  18. Ace38

    Pickup Recommendation

    OK, so..........I plan on treating myself to a cherry burst Squier Strat with my inevitable holiday cash and decided I'll make it my "rock" guitar by converting it to a HSH config. I already know I want to use Super Distortions in the neck/bridge slots, but I want a single coil that will be...
  19. Ace38

    RIP Leon Russell
  20. Ace38


    Scored this green Squier Strat from last week, it arrived today. Been looking for a nice green Strat and found this one and a maple necked version on ebay, REALLY wanted that one, but it ended up a few bucks out of my price range. Unexpectedly came in a fairly decent gig bag...
  21. Ace38

    Look legit to everyone?

    OK, I admit...from 2005-this past May I kinda checked out of the guitar I'm not sure. While it sure looks good to me (especially that silver burst!! LOVE IT!), I didn't know Fender had production in China. Any red flags before I get too worked up about trying to get this one...
  22. Ace38

    Boy Fender CS is helpful! Or, how I found out my 02 is an 03...

    I'd never seen a Powerhouse like mine. Greenish blue finish, with a quilt maple grain underneath. It looked totally factory though, so I got curious and emailed Fender. Turns out my MZ2 serial guitar was actually completed in Aug of 03 as an FSR, in Sapphire Blue Transparent with a real quilt...