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  1. Steve112

    NPD! But they forgot to put it together first...

    Good job, Sratoholic. Simplicity by design, didn't realize so few parts were necessary. I'm assuming that it's more distortion than od, and good that it enhances that beautiful Marshall gain and sustain.
  2. Steve112

    NAD 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

    Congrats on the '68 CDR, I've had my '68 CVR for a year now. Great sounding amps and mine's been reliable and trouble free. The noise floor is quite acceptable even with more efficient Allesandro GA10-SC64s installed, an almost 3db gain over the Celestions. Love the tones of the two channels...
  3. Steve112

    Is is worth paint stripping?

    With all the work and effort to become a better musician playing on good quality gear and then achieving a good sounding live tone and presence, paint is way way down the list, if on it at all. I've had great resonant solid-body guitars with poly, lacquer, thin and thick they all sounded good...
  4. Steve112

    Yep, It's Me Again, and I'm About To Throw My Haze 40 Through My Sliding Door.

    Glad you have it sorted and you're back to enjoying your amp. It does sound as though a maintenance tune-up is in order though. If for nothing else but peace of mind. I've had very little trouble over the years with my tube amps and what the few there were was usually tubes, hardly ever circuit...
  5. Steve112

    Anyone Hate Red Strats ?

    Congrats, she's gorgeous. Love the rosewood board against the Crimson Red Transparent, beautiful axe.
  6. Steve112

    Anyone Hate Red Strats ?

    Nope, love red Strats and most every other color as well. Maybe it's just that I love Strats in general.
  7. Steve112

    Thanksgiving Eve NGD! Strat Deluxe V Neck Surf Green

    Very nice, lovehifi. Beautiful color and lovely contrast with the maple neck. Love a V neck, have one on my 50s Baja.
  8. Steve112

    New US made 6L6's, by RCH Labs

    Yeah, I'm a member of TGP and the thread about RCH is 45 pages long dating from Mar. '14 until Aug. '16 and not a tube in sight.
  9. Steve112

    Gratitude? Thanksgiving? Share!!! :)

    Wonderful post Tony, light erases the darkness. My gratitude is for my dear wife, my kitty, my home, my friends and many years of sobriety, without which I'd have none of the aforementioned. Bless you sir!
  10. Steve112

    Happy Birthday to Joe Walsh

    Happy Birthday Joe. Been loving your music for decades now! Many, many more man.
  11. Steve112

    Chinese Fake Stratocaster outperforms American Stratocaster?

    Not that I'm a member of the morality gestapo but I've come to the conclusion over many years that as a player I can't have and don't like or want any ethical ambiguity over my equipment. After all, it's an extension of oneself and for me that's it!
  12. Steve112

    Lost my wife this morning

    My heart goes out to you, words seem so inadequate. Prayers to you and your family, oatsoda.
  13. Steve112

    Bridge on Stratocaster , 6 or 2 screws

    Likewise, it's all in the setup and lubing contact points, the setup being the primary of the two.
  14. Steve112

    I found it by the dumpster

    Well I don't think it's a Fender or Squier judging by the dot spacing at the 12th fret. The pickguard screws are not standard 11 hole positions and the pg shape appears odd but that may be just the picture angle or myself. Can't say much else, more and better pics would help but hey, it's a free...
  15. Steve112

    Are these cracks OK?

    Yes, it is completely repairable, StratPlus97. That's not even close to some damage I've seen, and you've caught it before any wood has actually broken right out of your Strat. Should be a professional repair though.
  16. Steve112

    Are these cracks OK?

    That should be attended to asap, any delay could prove costly and will tend to worsen over time!
  17. Steve112

    Bill Machrone passed away

    RIP BillM, there are many players using Bill's mods. He's brought much happiness to many. Thanks Bill, your contributions to us all will live on, God Speed 'til we meet again!
  18. Steve112

    Amp Stands and Tilt Back Legs

    Yup, I've been using one of these for a few years now. Works flawlessly, folds down and fits in my gig bag. Very good stand, I highly recommend it. Plus it looks professional on stage!
  19. Steve112

    Latest Build

    Very nice work, mapleglo. They both look good, the gloss turned out well and it showcases the nice grain in the bodies. Great tailpiece on the 6 string and meaty looking bridge on the bass. The headstock on the 6 string came out excellently, nice design.
  20. Steve112

    A good CL deal?

    Ok, I'm looking at the same guitar at L&M, Classic Player '60s in Sonic Blue with Custom '69 pickups, 12" radius, vintage tuners, mint green pg: $1079.99 before tax. Someone on the island has to scoop this it ain't gonna be there long.
  21. Steve112

    A good CL deal?

    I'm not personally interested right now, just thought it might be good to pass along. :)
  22. Steve112

    A good CL deal?

    What is this MIM model? Sonic Blue with looks to be stock vintage tuners. Hard case as well.
  23. Steve112

    MXR Dynacomp!

    Yes, a comp can work wonders. Everything from a light sweetening boost and shimmer to totally squashed country snap and pop, not to mention the sustain. The Dynacomp is a well loved pedal, there are many more as well, some optical. Had the MXR Supercomp, great unit. Currently using a Boss CS3 on...
  24. Steve112

    American Standard better than American vintage 56?

    I'll go with keeping both, for now. Get to know them better, as they'll have different personalities. I've had several Fender Strats and they were all very nice guitars and all sounded different. You'll come to know which one you reach for more often, the one that grabs your ear or has the best...
  25. Steve112

    I think I might be done with the Strat

    I really can't imagine not having at least one Strat, they have such versatility. I've had them for at least 35+ years, more than any other guitar. Each one has had its own character, all have sounded superb though different. I'd feel somehow less of a player without one in my arsenal.