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  1. rcole_sooner

    Another great Okie-Tex Star Party

    I spent most of the week in the panhandle of Oklahoma again, near Black Mesa at the Okie-Tex Star Party. These are some of the deep sky images I took on Wednesday night, which was a great night for shooting. Some of my best pics yet. These are all shot at 6400 ISO. The exposures were 2...
  2. rcole_sooner

    Happy Pi Day!

    Happy Pi Day, everyone! May the circumference of the day surround you. :D We've got pizzas and all kinds of pies to eat tonight. We might be a bit nerdy. :D
  3. rcole_sooner

    My First Fender USA Partscaster

    Yep, many import and "no-name" partscasters. Even scratch build ones, but this is my first genuine Fender USA partscaster. I got the D Allen Dovers in tonight, so all the parts are here. I will update the build process over the next few nights. It usually does not take that long, but I got a...
  4. rcole_sooner

    EMG DG-20 Rebuild

    I decided it was time to sell all the parts I removed from various guitars, and use the proceeds to build a couple of nicer strats. Most of these had Floyds, from a time when I wanted all my guitars to have them. I like Floyds, but I've decided only on Super Strats. This is the first...
  5. rcole_sooner

    MIM Jazz Bass Modifications

    We do have a Bass Place. :lol: I thought I post up some pics and vids of the mods I made to my MIM Jazz Bass. I bought the bass back in 1999, and it has seen little use. I mean it was fun, but until the Rocksmith Bass expansion, I just never played it. I always intended to mod it up; the...
  6. rcole_sooner

    Tone is in the eye of the listener

    This was posted on MLP, and it kinda blew my mind. It is a video demonstrating the "ba? fa!" McGurk Effect. It shows how our brain effects what we really hear. Bad Astronomy - Ba? Fa!
  7. rcole_sooner


    My old one was kinda shot. Plus I needed some motivation to get going. So I got this thing: Now I got 2 weeks to get ready for a 27 mile ride. That is probably a warm-up ride for some, but it is a lot, for me. After a few miles on the hills around my house I am toast. That and...
  8. rcole_sooner

    Huge Solar Explosion

    :shock: I hope I did not miss another thread about this, but wow. YouTube - ‪NASA SDO, STEREO & SOHO - Mythbusters goes to the Sun‬‏ More Eye-Popping Video from the June 7 Solar Explosion Huge Sun Eruption of June 7, 2011
  9. rcole_sooner

    Another 80s shredder strat

    I've really jonesin' for a Fireburst Crackle Charvel, since way back in the 80s. I found an pretty beat up Fireburst Crackle Model 4 body on ebay. I cleaned it up and put a new clear coat on. I was thinking about just swappin' bodies with my black Model 4, but I just found another Model 4...
  10. rcole_sooner

    How hot should speakers get?

    I am wondering, 'cuz the back of mine are warm enough to be uncomfortable to touch. I've never felt of the them in the past, but I was pokin' around tryin' to stop some rattles, and noticed they were warm (kinda actually hot).
  11. rcole_sooner

    NAD x2 Marshall and Peavey

    I've been watching CL and ebay, for a long time. Finally 2 really clean amps came along. So I grabbed 'em. First, off of CL, I got this C30. I've got to mod it, before I can play it. I am going to add a second speaker out, that disconnects the internal speaker. I played around with it a...
  12. rcole_sooner

    How to turn a Vox amp into an Epi LP

    I had a Vox AC4TV I had bought for my wife, and she did not play it very much. She took to the Roland Micro Cube better. Also I don't use 5 watt amps very much, so what to do with the Vox. Then I saw an add on CL, where the guy wanted to trade his Epi LP for a tube amp. He agreed to trade...
  13. rcole_sooner

    rcole_sooner pedalboard

    I am finally getting around to starting on my new pedalboards. I decided I liked the pedaltrain design as well as any, so basically I am copying their frame. There is no reason not to just get a pedaltrain board, except I am cheap and I won't be taking these on the road. Here is all the...
  14. rcole_sooner

    rcole_sooner's 2011 TDPRI Build Challenge Thread

    I have been dying to try this, since I watched the challenge last year. At the TDPRI forum, they have a scratch build challenge each year. There are currently 95 contestants, and I have thrown my iron in the fire. I really don't have a chance to win, because there is some amazing talent...
  15. rcole_sooner

    Dunlop Rotovibe

    I just got my hands on one of these tonight. YouTube - Dunlop Rotovibe I will need to put it behind a true bypass switch, as it is not transparent when off. But it sounds indentical to that video. Yep, very awesome.
  16. rcole_sooner

    BMP Green Russian

    I've recently had a birthday, and so I decided to add to my BMP collection. Like I really needed a reason. :razz: Here it is, my Version 7C First Edition Green Russian. It just might be as good as the V3 USA. But maybe I am just stoked by the Military Surplus Cold War feel of the case...
  17. rcole_sooner

    DIY Voodoo Lab PPY 18v Y Cable

    Well I just got my Pedal Power 2 Plus and figured out I need a Y cable to power my 18v pedals. :roll: Actually I'm really underwhelmed by the PP2. I had to steal my One Spot daisy chain to use to power my other pedals. :roll: x2 I cannot find a Y cable in stock, so I want to build my own...
  18. rcole_sooner

    Is The Government Spying On Paranoid Schizophrenics

    This was just posted on TDPRI, and it is great! :lol: YouTube - Is The Government Spying On Schizophrenics Enough? :twisted:
  19. rcole_sooner

    BH15H on Ebay

    Hope this ain't against the rules, but I thought it is a decent buy. These guys took my $275 offer for one of these amps. If anyone is interested, there are 3 more. Only 19 minutes left, but they may repost (they did not, I'll update if they do). BH15H
  20. rcole_sooner

    NAD - Egnater Tweaker

    Just got my working copy of an Egnater Tweaker. It sounds great! It is a tiny little thing, about 2/3 the size of the BH5H. I was surprised that it was not noticabley louder than my 5 watt amps, kinda really very surprised. I was very happy that there seemed to be a lot more clean...
  21. rcole_sooner


    I guess UPS ran to day. I was kinda surprised. I had Grabbed myself a vintage-esq Big Muff to try, and it showed up on the porch today. This ain't one of the "real" Big Muffs, but it is a version 6, which should get me a little closer. It has been well used. It is a model EH3034...
  22. rcole_sooner

    Line 6 DL4 repair

    Took my chance on a cheap DL4 on Ebay. The seller said that the 3rd switch was broken. He said everything else worked, and for $75, I could not pass it up. I got it, and he was right, the 3rd switch did not work. So apart it came. I was surprised to find the switches, were not...
  23. rcole_sooner

    FTD Sucks

    You know for most things I check reviews before using a service or buying a product. With FTD, I did not. I figured they do flowers, they can handle it. I was wrong. Yesterday was our (my wife and myself) 25th anniversary. We were not going to do much special, since it is the holidays, we...
  24. rcole_sooner

    Speaker Isolation Cabinet Build

    I like to use tube amps at normal playing volume. This is too loud for home, so I have been using a speaker isolation cabinet. This will be my second cabinet biuld. I looked around the web for some ideas, and I found this called the Box of Doom. It will be the model I ues for this one. Of...
  25. rcole_sooner


    I was attacked by an impulse to perform a CL buy. ... and I came home with these: Yep two more, GAS is a hard master... :roll: