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  1. strat1

    Time to learn guitar this summer

    Well, just had my last final at this new (much harder than previous) school. Didn't have as much time to play during the school year, so I've been itching to get back at it recently. Probably going to work on trying to learn jazz for real now. Hopefully I'll use this thread as a way to keep...
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    Watch this guy shred

    (piano) He's got a new album coming out soon, and the ones out so far are great. An artist with very diverse taste.
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    Improv challenge 79 This one's deceptively difficult. The chords are Dm7 and Ebm7.
  4. strat1

    Great young band

    I thought I'd share these guys:
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    Will we ever run out of new songs?

    Cool video
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    Fun changes to improvise on

    I thought it might be fun to see what everyone likes to play with. I'll start with one that I just "discovered": equal parts Cmaj7 triad then B7 triad (leave out the fifths)
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    So if guitars are women...

    Aren't they prostitutes?
  8. strat1

    Stanley Cup playoffs 2014

    What do you guys think? I've got Boston winning it all; my jackets are looking a lot better than I expected :)
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    Alternate wiring setups

    What kind of non standard wiring are you guys doing? I just finished wiring up 2 volume (neck+mid and bridge) and one universal tone, so far I'm liking it.
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    Well I was going to wait to take real pictures but this might motivate me to make the thread first:) Vox AC30cc2, a bit older model but I got it from music-go-round for a pretty good price. It sounds great clean and the dirty sounds are really smooth and different than my twin reverb clone. It...
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    Mark your calendars!

    New Animals as Leaders album, The Joy of Motion, comes out March 25! Studio leak and live: Record label preview song...
  12. strat1

    British vs American amps?

    I picked up a vox ac30cc2 the other day and have been working with it for a while. Wow is it a whole different animal than my twin clone. It reacts to different guitars and my distortion pedal in completely different ways. I'm gonna have to start diagramming the knobs and switches for my...
  13. strat1

    Coursera Jazz Improv Class I think there's still time to join if you're interested, it seems like a cool class! I'll probably be posting my submissions here
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    Guthrie Govan fans check this out...

    Check out the solo at 4:20 (hehe): Have a Blast - Periphery - YouTube Pretty far outside what I would expect him to do but it's sweet. Periphery is a solid band too.
  15. strat1

    Extended Range Guitar Owners Club

    I know there are at least three of us here ;) This is for anyone with (or frankly interested in) guitars with more than six strings, or baritone guitars I suppose :) Right now I'm working a lot on my 8 string (Carvin DC800 with dimarzio ionizers). Modern Meat, David, Infinite Regression all by...
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    New PUPs day!!

    Sorry for the crappy cellphone pic :) After about a week they're finally working (that's a long story). They're the dimarzio ionizers, Tosin Abasi's (Animals as Leaders) signatures. They sound great so far, very clear and open cleans that are amazing for chord melody stuff. I'm glad I made the...
  17. strat1

    Question about grounding

    So I'm replacing the active pickups in my carvin dc800 for passives. It semen that the ground going to the bridge is soldered to the shielding, then there's another wire soldered from shielding to the jack. The grounds from the pups are soldered to the external preamp. So my question is, what do...
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    Developing your ear

    Do you guys think you can train your ear to recognize notes/chords/melodies, or is a person just stuck with what they have?
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    Band to check out for metal fans

    Corelia - The Sound of Glaciers Moving (Live in the Studio) - YouTube Their debut album is really great, and it sounds like they have another one on the way. Corelia - Red Sky Harbor (Studio Sessions) - YouTube
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    Improv challenge 20

    I hope I'm not stealing this week from anyone, if so ignore this one :) Jamtracks | Jamtrackcentral This is a really fun one, dorian sounds cool.
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    Mike Stern fans?

    Anyone here like/listen to him? I saw him live a few weeks ago and picked up his cd and I'm really liking his music and playing. Incredibly good guy too. I was lucky enough to be right in front of him in an informal hour long class with about 9 other people, and to go to a clinic by him.
  22. strat1

    Replacement tremolo recommendations

    My bar is always loose no matter what I try and my high e saddle slips. I guess I could buy a block and saddles, but what do you guys reccomend for a replacement tremolo unit? I'd like something really smooth, I recently played a music man 2 point tremolo that I loved. I've checked out super...
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    Aristocrats tonight!

    So good, again. If you have a chance to see these guys absolutely do it. There was a good mix of songs from the new album and the first. All three of them will blow you away.
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    Flying with a guitar

    Do you guys have any advice, there is no connecting flight. I don't know the type of plane or where my seat is. What type of case should I use (excluding flight case)?
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    Dream team

    Inspired by the "putting it together..." thread. If you could put together a band with specific players who would they be? Let's say two guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 keyboardist, 1 drummer, and 1 vocalist as a minimum. Most probably won't make sense (mine won't) but I think it could be fun. Guitar...