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    Opinions on Epiphone 335 and Casino?

    Hopefully I won't be railroaded outta town..... Consider also an ES 339. Not as big as a 335. but that cam be a good thing
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    NGD! The Casino is here!

    Sweet axe!
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    Who is this fat kid?

    Sorry, thought this was about Leslie West.......
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    Silly Gifs Etc.

    No, the relicing shot the price up!
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    Help me recover from noiseless pickups

    I'm the unclear one. Sure seems a lot of hate here for VN's. 'I' don't get it. Is this about all Fender VN's? Or certain ones?
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    Help me recover from noiseless pickups

    I gotta know the parameters oif this thread..... I have a '16 Nashville Tele (has a Noiseless Mid pup). Fender, alone, has several models of noiseless sets. Who are are the offenders'? Do you gig? Play outside of the bedroom? And the noise is everywhere?> I've got empty Fat 50's, 57/62's and...
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    Fiesta Red Production guitars?

    "is that one of the special edition classic 50's?" No, just the classic 50 series strats.
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    Im getting paid(ripped off) 20% less than my co-worker.

    Age (yours) is a factor. If jumping, sooner the better.
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    LP Studio 2007 - deal?

    Make sure the neck Hasn't been repaired
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    Local classifieds; Blues Jr

    Congrats on your new amp! AAlot of info is ti be had on BillM's site. Just google. Even though he has passed, I think the site is stirrup. nIt'll talk about speakers, tubes, and mods. All for the BJ.
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    Marshall at NAMM

    Just ordered one from MF. 4 days. Edit: They lied! no such animal, yet
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    What's the amps in the background?
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    I got a bargain today

    Great price! Good neck, good color!
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    Building a custom Warmoth

    Who wired it up? Where is the diagram? Looks beautiful.
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    Cheap online music lessons

    I just looked at his site and didn't see what you are talking about. Why's that?
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    Mary was an unmannered nasty girl

    Beautiful work!
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    Fitting Fender N3&S1 in Mij body anyone tried?Depth of N3's Anyone?

    Not on a Strat. Bought off of Fleaby That setup(actually all of the electronics) for a Tele a few months back. Haven't been able to install them yet.
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    What's your weight?

    *Fat* Strats can have a weight problem!
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    $350 Squiers?

    Not Squiers, I would think.
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    USA body vs. Mexican body

    We've ALL been whereto OP is. I hope his buying experience is a good one.
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    NGD - 1991 USA Strat - $420 :)

    Surely that wasn't a CL buy. From the owner/friend?
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    Where to solder on push pull

    Enjoyed the videos/explanations. I would like to try the same arragement myself. Will look forward ti your review/testing.