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    Vintera 50s Stratocaster

    Hello - I am curious if anybody has had the opportunity to play a 50's Vintera Strat. What's your thoughts about it ? Many Thanks. :)
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    Happy New Year to all

    Happy New Year everybody. Let us all have good health and prosper for the upcoming year! :)
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    2018 Gibson Les Paul faded.

    Hello everybody. I am thinking about possibly purchasing this guitar from Guitar Center. I am curious what are your thoughts on this guitar is it worth the price ? Thanks
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    Marshall Slver Jubilee 2525C

    Happy Holidays to everybody ! I just got a new amp yesterday. The Marshall Silver Jubilee 2525C combo. This is my first all valve Marshall amp. I am very excited and wanting to spend time on getting those Marshall tones that I grew up with. I have a Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul Special...
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    Marshall Silver Jubilee 2525C -

    Hello all ! I was thinking about purchasing Marshall Silver Jubilee 2525C amplifier. I would like to know if anybody has played one and what do you think about it. Thanks :)
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    Headphone information please.

    Hello all. I am trying to purchase headphones that can be plugged into amplifier so I don't disrupt peoples patience. Does anyone have a suggestion for a decent set of headphones ? My amplifiers are a Orange Crush 20 and a Fender Blues Jr. Thanks for you help ! :D
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    Hello from Kennesaw

    Hello everybody ! I got my first Strat in over 20 years today. Bought a 60th anniversary classic player Strat. It will be in good company with my AVRI 52 Telecaster , 2011 Gibson Les Paul Special and a Martin D15M . :)