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    Another, just when I thought I had heard it all . . .

    This guy really does a fantastic job of Leppardizing Suzanne Vega's Luka. NC
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    Flanger pedal recommendations?

    I am working on a couple songs by The Cult, namely She Sells Sanctuary and Fire Woman. Both use, I believe, a flanger. They range from under $100 to over $250. I'd like to keep it around $150+/- but don't want a cruddy one. Any recommendations? NC
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    Running a .46 for drop D tuning

    I have a another thread about drop D tuning but this question is a little bit different so I thought I would try a new thread. When I tune my low E string down to D it feels a little bit wobbly to me. There is also the matter of the decreased tension which sets the other strings slightly out...
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    From 10's to 9's on the original nut

    I have a guitar that originally came with 10's on it. Obviously I can switch to 9's but I am wondering if the nut should get changed. I highly doubt I'll even notice a difference but I figured I would check in to see what the pros think. NC
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    Clapton and Steve Winwood - After Midnight 2008

    You can actually get a good look at some of Eric's guitar playing in this video. I prefer the slower Michelob version but enjoyed seeing he and Winwood on the same stage. Now bring in Phil Collins to sing I Wish It Would Rain Down. NC
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    Is there an A-B switch that has fx loops for pedal switching as well as guitar

    I have two different amps and want to run the same pedal train. I have seen A/B switches that allow me to run one guitar into the switch and then the pedal can run into two different amplifiers, call them A and B and either split the signal or send to one or the other. But this doesn’t do...
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    Debbie Gibson Out of the Blue tour - 1988

    Damn could she sing. If you are interested, go to the 38:00 to hear her sing her breakout song, “Only In My Dreams.” At 52:00 she sings her rendition of Elton John's Crocodile Rock. I can name half a dozen female artists over the past twenty years who can’t sing half this well. She also has...
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    From standard tuning to drop D tuning

    This is a theoretical one that I'll probably self-answer when I actually make the change but I like to have my theory down before I start the practice side of things. 1) With a hard tail guitar it is a no brainer. Tune the 6th string down a full step to "D" and you are done. The other...
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    What happened to this tuning machine?

    I have only restrung this guitar a couple of times but two of the tuners are just like this one. They are nearly impossible to turn and there is this bulge in the bottom of the machine. I admit to using a powered string winder so maybe that put too much torque on the gears and something bad...
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    Can stacking guitar cases warp neck?

    Please tell me no. I just restrung my custom shop guitar as well as oiled the fret board. After re-stringing, I noticed a crazy amount of fret buzz and neck relief was actually negative. I placed my notched straight edge and it actually rocked back and forth (top of neck to rear of...
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    Can dry rosewood fretboard affect neck relief?

    I just conditioned the fret board and restrung a custom shop stratocaster with a rosewood finger board over a flame maple neck. After re-stringing the guitar and tuning it, I noticed a bunch of fret buzz. Upon checking the relief at the 8th fret I get nothing. In fact, my notched straight...
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    Question for Mac Gurus: New iMac issue

    I just setup my brand new iMac for the first time last evening. I let the Apple migration tool do it's thing which is something I would normally NOT do. Too late now . . . My old MacBook Pro has a 1 TB hard drive. Right now the Get Info command on the hard drive tells me I have 400 gigs...
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    Anyone have a gig bag discolor a guitar body?

    Saw someone comment in another thread about a guitar left in a gig bag for too long can discolor. I keep most of my guitars on stands in gig bags to keep dust off of them. I have not had a single one discolor but if it happening gradually I may not notice. Have many people actually seen this...
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    Guitar Player's Five Year Progress Video

    Looks like tremendous progress over five years. I am curious what folks here might think. I have seen many progress videos where someone claims to have been playing for only five months and they are really good and another person claims to have been playing for three years and is terrible...
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    Cool cover/homage to Ratt's Round and Round

    Nicely done Eric Post. NC
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    Boeing 747 Stratocaster

    At first I thought it must be a stratofortress but I think this is legit. NC
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    Decking a tremolo with springs as opposed to a block?

    My understanding is that a typical strat should have the tremolo floating where you can draw back a full step and collapse forward (dive bomb) for two. To get this right you simply need to balance the string tension on the tremolo pulling it forward with the tension on the claw springs pulling...
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    Strat Position 2 - Quack Tone Question

    I have heard, I think, quite a few songs that were recorded with a strat with the pickup selector in position 2 which yields that often talked about "quacky" tone. Whenever I try to get this tone by playing on the 2nd position I seem to mostly get a muddied tone that sounds nothing like what I...
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    New Strats at the Fender site - Noventa and 75th Anniversary Models

    Not sure if I am late to the party but Fender has new guitars on their site including something called Noventa as well as 75th anniversary models. NC
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    How much time do you spend looking at your hands when you play?

    I couldn't find a better forum than the main Strat forum to post this one in so here goes. In theory, we should be able to play guitar without ever looking at our hands. I am serious when I point to Jeff Healey as an example. I have watched YouTube videos from some very recognizable people...
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    Is either of these Floyd Rose Setups correct?

    Guitar 1 had the pickups changed out by the local Guitar Center guy. (Spare me the GC comments, I think he was pretty solid.) The only other it has been touched other than to play is this morning when I restrung the guitar. I watched plenty of videos on youtube and the consensus is that if...
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    Any audiologists of otolaryngologists in the house?

    First of all, I am NOT trying to get medical advice on the internet. But if you have ever tried to get in to see an ENT (Otolaryngologist) or audiologist they are alway several months out. Just as I might query a runners forum on shin splints or planters facia, I figured I could check here...
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    Fender B-Stock Guitars

    I imagine the list of vendors who sell B-stock is as long and varied as music stores in general. But for those of you who shop b-stock sales from Fender vendors, are there some go-to places that typically get a large supply where I can more efficiently search than randomly looking at dealers...
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    One Night Love Affair - Bryan Adams

    I have searched for "rig rundowns" for Reckless but have not comes across anything official. Anyone hazard a guess as to whether the solo that begins around 2:35 was recorded with a single coil strat? I know it is nearly impossible to determine by just hearing it but maybe someone here happens...
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    That fat, Les Paul tone . . .

    I have never played a Les Paul but often times here to their tone as being referred to as thicker or fatter than a Stratocaster. This is in youtube videos where I may be looking at an amp and how it sounds and the person switches between a Strat and a Les Paul. The reviewer points out that...