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  1. Buc McMaster

    would you go into space?

    If invited I'd certainly accept...........however, I would surrender my seat to any one of the big-mouthed flat earth idiots so he/she could see for themselves, with their own freakin' eyes, that the planet is indeed a globe. Take lots of pictures, bring them back and show them to all his/her...
  2. Buc McMaster

    Why/how to some undersaddle piezos get so sensitive to palm muting/hitting the strings.

    A good pedal compressor will solve that issue as well.
  3. Buc McMaster


    Amen! I don't wanna either........and I don't. Every once in awhile I hook up the Deja Vibe or the Lex or the compressor, even the OCD Ge.......and once again I quickly realize they're just not necessary to deliver what I want to hear. Comes down to what you're playing, really. Some styles...
  4. Buc McMaster

    NCD - New Case Day

    Hardshell cases are just too much.......too heavy, too bulky, too awkward. Nothing beats a good gig bag for running around town with a guitar. Light, minimum bulk, easily transported and with very little caution are more than adequate protection. Nice case, for sure, but serious overkill for...
  5. Buc McMaster

    Why are there not........

    ........relic amplifiers? Guitar amps take a beating over the course of their use, just like guitars. In many minds, a beat up guitar speaks of mojo and history and cool factor, be it a true vintage road warrior or a brand new imitation road warrior. Why are there not relic amps? No appeal...
  6. Buc McMaster

    Way off topic- Buck knife sheaths😬

    I do like a good blade. This is my late-60s Randall Mdl 1.......8" vintage cold steel.
  7. Buc McMaster

    I’m up to 8 guitars all of a sudden

    I have but one......all that's required to play guitar.
  8. Buc McMaster

    NAD: a day early

    Well, despite my earlier statement, I did in fact sell the CS's on consignment at my friends' store. I got over the got-to-have-many way of thinking long, long ago and having two was one too contest which one remains with me. So, given that, I won't...
  9. Buc McMaster

    A little Clapton for your Monday...

    While I agree that Mr Clapton plays quite well, I must admit to being sick of blues playing. Here in Texas there's a couple of blues guys under every rock and every one of them thinks they are god's own gift to blues licks and that's all they play. Boring. Very boring. A steady diet of...
  10. Buc McMaster

    Throw another Beatle on the Barbi

    Monday at school after their Sunday night appearance on the Sullivan show in '64 was nuts.....the entire school was in a frenzy. Rightfully so. What a band.....what a collection of talent....what a powerful influence on the world these guys were. Amazing still.
  11. Buc McMaster

    Pedals, shmetals.

    My ear generally prefers an unadulterated sound......guitar and amp with nothing between. I do enjoy rotary speaker sims and vibes but I don't make much use of either. A good compressor does add a lot of presence and immediacy to a tone without altering things.......this I like. Comes down to...
  12. Buc McMaster

    NAD: a day early

    Another session with the Cali Tweed.........this beast has some serious punch! The Fender sounds very good with this one but the TV Jones T-Armonds in the Collings are just unreal. Gain at 2-2:30 chords have great edge and bite, single notes just sing and it's very touch responsive and...
  13. Buc McMaster

    NAD: a day early

    Agreed. The 20W setting at this point is my favorite......gain at about 2 o'clock. I use 11-50 DR Pure Blues, round core. The difference between tens and elevens on this guitar is a full half turn on the truss rod. Don't know what you're running now but expect to make some adjustments.
  14. Buc McMaster

    NAD: a day early

    Cocoa, as in chocolate.......pretty nice neutral color other than black. I did change the jewel from amber to blue. And the multi-watt switch is quite nice. It seems that the 2W setting is very easily overdriven.....dial an edge of breakup tone that's pretty clean, flip to 2W and it's over...
  15. Buc McMaster

    NAD: a day early

    The Cali Tweed showed up a day ahead of schedule and arrived in perfect condition. Initial impression: yowsa! Very warm and articulate, plenty of power. It will take a day or two of twiddling to get it dialed, finding what works best with the Stratocaster and the Collings.....part of the joy...
  16. Buc McMaster

    The Coolest Car You’ve Ever Owned?

    2007 Dodge Magnum SRT8. 425hp band wagon! Stuffed a lot of gear in the back of that one!
  17. Buc McMaster

    Strap It Up!

    A few of the outsized collection of leather.........
  18. Buc McMaster

    Here's hoping I done the right thing.......

    Don't see a speaker change adding versatility to the AST, or the Mod 84 either. Might change the overall tonal character but a single volume and a single tone control really limits tonal variety regardless of the speaker's base tone. Certainly both are very good amps. Of late I have shunned...
  19. Buc McMaster

    Here's hoping I done the right thing.......

    Ordered a Mesa Cali Tweed this morning.......should arrive Thursday coming. Over the last ten months or so I've brought home a Fender Blues Jr LTD (ok but not a lot of tonal character), a Swart AST (a bit dark; sold last week) and a Swart Mod 84 (great tone but not very versatile; on the block...
  20. Buc McMaster

    Strymon Lex, Still Good or Better Choice Out There?

    The Lex is #2 on my favorite pedal list. I think the preamp drive control is unique to the Lex and recreates the subtle tube distortion of a Leslie's amplifier...........quite nice. (Fulltone's Deja Vibe MkII is #1 on that list.)
  21. Buc McMaster

    Random No.1 pix pls

    This one is so good I am selling my CS '69 Stratocaster, which will make a fine #1 for someone else.
  22. Buc McMaster

    #fbf show yer "back in the day" pics

    Back in the day........ Mid-70s (I think) with a gold top LP Deluxe, pickups changed to P90s....and young hair..... ......and this around 2008 or so with a Martin 000-42......and gray hair.....
  23. Buc McMaster

    Been thinking about picking up one of these Duesenberg guitars.

    Looked at those in the past......very appealing retro style that looks like it might feel a lot like a tele. Happy hunting!
  24. Buc McMaster

    Statesman Mods

    Been fiddling with the configuration of this Collings Statesman for a few months now.......and this is the final version. Put the single coils in shortly after purchasing it......the Filter'trons were nice but I much prefer the bite of singles. Someone here suggested changing the mounting ring...