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    How does decking versus floating affect the feel of the strings?

    When I was just 14, I borrowed a friend's guitar to play some Nirvana. I was used to my 9's on my Squier II. He had 12's on his Strat. I had only been seriously playing for less than a year, so those bends were going NOWHERE. Lol. At the time, I was playing a 3/4 acoustic and I think THAT...
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    How does decking versus floating affect the feel of the strings?

    When you change, do you have to reset the bridge? Or is it subtle enough to keep intonation and string height consistent?
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    How does decking versus floating affect the feel of the strings?

    That's interesting that you find the tone more punchy when decked. One thing I'm trying to learn, even a couple years later, is how to properly play the Texas Specials compared to the stock MIM Standard pickups in my old Strat. The Texas Specials are a lot hotter, which is fantastic, but I'm...
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    Are you Monogamous?

    I have hoarding tendencies. At one point, I had an entire room filled with cheap guitars, crappy sounding amps, and 2-3 low-quality drumsets. I finally established a couple of rules for myself, primarily that I will only buy something if I can identify a very specific need. The need can be...
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    How does decking versus floating affect the feel of the strings?

    Apologies if this has been beaten to death. I did a little bit of searching to gain some wisdom, but mostly it was taken for granted that this was common knowledge. I've had a Jimmie Vaughan Signature for a couple years now, and it was floating when I got it. I've left it that way because...
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    Several cheaper guitars or 1 Custom Shop?

    Man, here's the deal. You need a guitar that you love to play. It's got to feel great and not get in the way when you're playing. Sometimes that requires some serious cash. Sometimes you get lucky. My first Strat was a Squier II. It was probably bad, but it was miles better than the Teisco...
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    When does a Stratocaster become a Partscaster?

    Fair enough. I just wanted to point out that the Fender reply is incomplete.
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    When does a Stratocaster become a Partscaster?

    It's just funny that we stress about this. Over at the Gibson forums, they never stress about how changing pickups, hardware, or plastics make it any more or less a Gibson. Leo and his bolt-on neck. :-P
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    When does a Stratocaster become a Partscaster?

    Here's the issue, though - this answer isn't specific. "Put together with parts" to me means that all of the parts came from different places and then to my house, where I assemble them into a Strat-looking instrument. But what about changing the strap buttons to locking? Is it still a Strat...
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    When does a Stratocaster become a Partscaster?

    I love this argument, especially the ways people try to make comparisons with cars (many of which are valid). When I was in college, I borrowed a buddy's MIJ Strat for a gig. It got knocked off of the stand by someone who got up on the stage between sets and the neck cracked lengthwise. I...
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    Some like them and some don't

    I have the white on white chrome with maple Strat and I love it. I really want to pick up a black on black gold with ebony Telecaster to be complementary.
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    Strat pickup positions: What's good? Add/remove positions?

    If I really wanted to get wacky, here's what I'd do: Add a piezo and devise some clever way to control it without drilling additional holes. Maybe concentric knobs? Push-pull pots to turn it on? Controls in the trem cavity? I could sacrifice one of the tone knobs to be a piezo volume, but...
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    Ever feel out of your depth?

    I love playing in groups where I’m clearly the weakest player in the group. I grow much faster in those situations. I did a summer gig a few years ago with some kids from the local conservatory- I’d been playing longer than they had been alive, but MAN these kids had chops. I really had to grow...
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    How many.....?

    To be fair, you're asking this to an audience of active guitar forum users who are obviously more passionate about guitar, so your results are going to be fairly biased toward "MOAR GITRZ"... That said, while I have only 5 electrics, i have more than 30 instruments kicking around the studio.
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    Those With Multiple Guitars - Shared Accessories?

    Every instrument - guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, etc - has a strap. Almost every instrument has a capo, including the electrics (because you never know). My bouzouki and mandolin also have capos. I need to go pick up a few more for my resonator and my new (to me) Harmony acoustic. Every...
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    10 gauge strings too heavy

    I'm sure it's already been posted, but there is no right answer - it's just right for you. Watch: For me, I learned to play on acoustic and still like that kind of feel. My Strat, Tele, and Les Paul all have 10's. My Reverend Sensei Jr started off with 10's but it still felt too thin - I...
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    What makes a Strat player grab a Tele? (honest question)

    My Strat is very polite. My Tele is not. That extends to everything- the tone, the neck, the body, the entire experience of playing it. The sharp corners digging into the forearm, no tummy cut, the shape of the neck... it all oozes rough and rowdy energy.
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    Anybody ever take the gloss finish off a neck?

    Scotchbrite pad works great. I have a Reverend Sensei Jr that I really enjoy, but the summer I got it the finish was really sticky. Takes only about five or six swipes and it smooths it right out. On that one, I do find that the sticky gloss does come back when the humidity is high, but two...
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    DIY maintenance - why is it so hard?

    I'm always growing my skillset, but I know that sometimes there are things that I can't do myself (yet). Basic truss adjustments, bridge adjustments, electronics... things like that I can do. Polishing frets, cleaning the fretboard, no problem. It's body work and especially acoustic stuff...
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    What was the biggest regret, mistake or error in your guitar playing career?

    SO MANY bands got destroyed by the Vietnam war. My college band director was a trumpet player in The Fabulous Flippers. He ended up enlisting in the army band to avoid being drafted to the front lines. When he got out, the band had already moved on with new personnel, so he did cruise line...
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    What was the biggest regret, mistake or error in your guitar playing career?

    See, I'm the opposite. My main goal when I started at 13 was to write music. So I got good enough on guitar to write songs. I picked up a few covers along the way, but the primary focus was writing. This stunted my playing and my musical growth because I didn't learn how to "speak the...
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    Capo, slight intonation issues, anyone gotten around it?

    You definitely want an adjustable capo. D'Addario makes a great one where you simply dial in what you need - set and forget.
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    What was the biggest regret, mistake or error in your guitar playing career?

    My only regret is not chasing opportunities more aggressively. There were 3-4 things that came up in college that I could have chased with relatively minimal risk: A low tier touring opportunity that would have required taking a semester off from school but would have seriously helped my...
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    I mounted my Strats to the wall... They won't be all in one room for very long.

    Nice collection, but you really need to buy a Strat.
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    First thing you do with a new guitar...

    Assuming the strings aren't terrible, I don't really do anything. I play it. I play it a lot. If the action or intonation were terrible, I probably didn't buy it. The first time that I have the strings off, assuming I'm not under a time crunch, I'll clean/oil the fretboard as necessary, and...