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  1. Green Craig

    Are these functionally the same?
  2. Green Craig

    2021 CV 60s trem arm replacement

    I posted this in another thread, but I bought a used (near brand new) Squier Classic Vibe 60s guitar at an antique store. Pictures match ads on Sweetwater, MusiciansFriend, and Guitar Center, and the serial number matches the new CV numbering scheme, so I'm 99% sure it's legit. But, it didn't...
  3. Green Craig

    Oops, I left my tube amp powered on...

    ...Yep, I left my tube amp plugged in and powered on for an unknown period of time (somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks). How did this happen? I leave my amps in a spare room in the basement - most of my guitar playing is done upstairs in the living room, either with a parlor-sized acoustic or...
  4. Green Craig

    Show Me Your Tailfin Pickguards

    These lil' guys from Greasy Groove; either Strat or Tele (I don't discriminate)...I'm looking for a little inspiration, and want to see what Strat Talkers have to show off!
  5. Green Craig

    Friends Of The Site?

    I'm looking for a simple order: 3 potentiometers and maybe a capacitor. I've got a link saved from and from but I was wondering if there were any friends of Strat Talk, either member-owned or site sponsors, that sell DIY components.
  6. Green Craig

    Recording King under-saddle pickup

    I bought one of the Recording King Dirty 30's Goldfoil guitars: I was curious, after replacing the strings and lifting up the saddle, to see a pickup underneath the saddle itself. RK doesn't acknowledge an under-saddle pickup anywhere on their site. What...
  7. Green Craig

    I'm looking at rewiring my Strat

    The soldering is a mess, the wiring is a mess, and it's got a nonstandard wiring scheme (the ol' Jimmy Vaughan). My aim is to clean up the soldering, and perhaps most importantly, tidy up the wiring. Nobody sees it, but it can be difficult to replace a pickguard when the wires are sticking up...
  8. Green Craig

    Chasing tone...I finally caught one!

    I've been doing some wheeling and dealing lately - wound up trading a black Strat to the local guitar shop in exchange for a Boss CS3 compressor. While watching some Youtube vids on the best way to utilize this pedal, I found one from Wampler wherein he talks about opening up for Tracy Byrd in...
  9. Green Craig

    Who's playing a Strat in Nashville?

    Either in studios or on tour. I've got some pics of Shooter Jennings' guitarist with a couple Strats: A black SSS partscaster of some sort, and a white HH, but wait, it's got minimizer rings and mini-HBs instead of normal sized ones. I've seen the PG Rig Rundowns of Keith Urban, and have seen...
  10. Green Craig

    New Squier Day

    I helped a friend move, and received a 2002 Made-In-Indonesia Squier Affinity as compensation. The whole thing hadn't been touched in 19 years, and still had the original Bullet strings on it (which had, over time, corroded into the trem block). I've spent the morning cleaning it, with heavy...
  11. Green Craig

    What's new in the world of capos?

    When I worked in the guitar shop in 2012 and 2013, Kysers and Shubbs were kings: The bar players, sidewalk buskers, and church praise banders loved Kysers for their quick on-and-off mechanism...the session and recording dudes loved Shubbs for the mass that was added to the neck thereby...
  12. Green Craig

    Interactive Guitar Quiz

    Guess the player based on their guitar! I got 13 out of 15. Some of 'em are pretty easy, with names visible on the headstock. But, there are a few zingers in there, and I have no idea if that pool of 15 is randomly...
  13. Green Craig

    SIT Strings Phosphor/Bronze review

    Ah, let's see...couple of basic primers here: -Peavey Briarwood acoustic (serious sleeper if you can get a MIK model and give it a little love in the form of a setup), with a Tusq saddle, brass bridge pins, and Gotoh tuning machines -Music played includes 3-chord country, bluegrass, and a little...
  14. Green Craig

    DIY'ing an A/B/Y pedal

    I bought one of these pedals from an antique store...The previous owner opened the case up, messed up the passive boost switch, and also replaced the wiring with a friggin' paper clip. Being that I purchased it from an antique store, I got a heckuva deal, but I also had no way to open it and...
  15. Green Craig

    Is a speaker upgrade right for me?

    I've got 2 amps that I play through most often: A Peavey Rage 158 (8" 4Ω Blue Marvel speaker) and an Ibanez TSA-5 (10" 8Ω Celestion OEM thingy made for Ibanez). While I'm no 100% satisfied with the tone/sound of each amp, I've learned over the years to compensate a little and whip 'em into...
  16. Green Craig

    Bands that have disappeared from the entire internet

    I'm thinking specifically of the pop-country band Hometown News. They had a fantastic, tongue-in-cheek song that broke the Billboard Top 40 sometime around 2003-4-5 with Minivan. I know the song existed, I remember hearing it, looking up lyrics and tabs online, and my buddy even owned the CD...
  17. Green Craig

    Technies, nerds, and smartphone enthusiasts, your assistance is required!

    Mrs. Craig and I are looking for new smartphones. We're currently on the ol' Droid Turbo, purchased on launch weekend in 2014. She's pretty set on her decision, but I'm stuck on my choice. Hardware-wise, the Turbo meets or exceeds my requirements. I use my phone for a few odd social media...
  18. Green Craig

    Pedalboard template or design?

    I've got a cool opportunity from work - we're scrapping a 33" x 6" piece of diamond-plate aluminum...perfect size for a small pedalboard, right? However, I've been searching online for pedalboard designs or templates, and haven't found anything...lots of threads on reducing space between pedals...
  19. Green Craig

    Can you lords and ladies of the Strativerse help identify these components?

    So, little backstory: we got some new coffee equipment in at work, and I was tasked with dismantling and recycling the old machines. As I got into the guts of the automatic espresso machine, I found a bunch of little bits that I thought looked like guitar components...but honestly, I'm in the...
  20. Green Craig

    Get GIMP, they said

    It's just as easy to use as Photoshop, they said. *sigh* I've been messing around with the Gnu Image Manipulation Program for a few years now, in lieu of a copy of Adobe Photoshop (my current computer lacks a CD, so I can't install the copy of PS that I have), and I constantly find myself...
  21. Green Craig

    I'm an idiot (new project day)

    A dear, sweet old lady at work found out through the grapevine that I'm a wannabe luthier. As a result, I got voluntold to help her out. She has a young grandson who LOVES putting the radio on and pretending to play guitar. Problem is, his guitar is...well, to put it bluntly, a giant piece of...
  22. Green Craig

    I keep having to remind myself of something

    When I'm watching a music video on Youtube, unless it's a live recording, they aren't actually playing the instrument!
  23. Green Craig

    Taco Bell Nacho Fry Box review

    Back when I was a youngster, in my junior high years, I'd regularly get a cup of nacho cheese with my lunch. The stuff went great with the rather bland chicken sandwiches and french fries they'd sell. Plus, the little cup of nacho cheese was only a quarter extra. The Taco Bell Nacho Fries are...
  24. Green Craig

    Making a strap from a belt

    So, my grandpa was a beanpole. He died when I was 11, and I inherited his old belt...I haven't worn it much since then, because I've had at least a 30" waist since age 16 or so. As a result, I have a belt that's far too small for me to comfortably wear, and I want to do something with
  25. Green Craig

    How To Clean Up Beef Tone

    When I put a brisket on the smoker, the sound is I've heard that the Native Americans in the PNW used alder, just like my guitar's made of, to smoke and cure meat. If I'm using oak to tone my beef, how can I clean up the beef tone?