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  1. joebtone

    What makes a good Sunburst?

    Someday I will give it a shot. I’ll buy a can of something solid color….in case I mess it up it up.
  2. joebtone

    What makes a good Sunburst?

    That is very pretty IMO.
  3. joebtone

    Goober...or Gomer?

    Gomer had the pipes.
  4. joebtone

    At risk of sounding like a noob…

    Look close at the block. I had one that had a set screw…it presses in on a piece of plastic against the arm.
  5. joebtone

    Goober filter

    Help! I’m stuck in a goober filter!
  6. joebtone

    Should I name the Bunnyman Floyd?

    No, should be be Pink Rush.
  7. joebtone

    T-style partcasterrrrr…

    Looks like a fun project.
  8. joebtone

    T-style partcasterrrrr…

    I would drill those body holes out to a bigger diameter…just makes things easier.
  9. joebtone

    The Wife Headed Down to Boston Tonight to See Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard & Poison at Fenway Tomorrow

    My wife just saw Rammstein Gothenburg. She’s been gone almost 5 weeks on her trip of a life time visiting 2 continents. My daughter also went with her mom, she’s 21, last year of school coming up. I just can’t keep up with my wife anymore. I can still do that one thing though.😍😍😍😍😈
  10. joebtone

    Does anyone know what tremolo blocks are coated with?

    post a picture of it.
  11. joebtone

    Where is your number 1 right now?

    Leaning against the keyboards telling me to get off the stupid internet before rigor- mortice sets in.
  12. joebtone

    Is this blocked tremolo ok?

    20 posts to get to the obvious. 🙄 And there was me talking about my stupid block….jeeeeze.😵‍💫
  13. joebtone

    Does this thread need a poll?

    I‘m Becoming Totally Liverish about these stupid threads that only aim to troll and divide. Not this one…everyone knows what I’m reefering tooo….
  14. joebtone

    Why is Pink Floyd more popular and appealing than Rush?

    Rush was my favorite band in HS and you are only making Rush fans mad.
  15. joebtone

    Is this blocked tremolo ok?

    I made a wedge once and put grip tape on it so it would grab onto the zinc block….worked good did not have to be pushed in hard. A friend of mine wedged one in so tight he cracked the bridge mount area on his strat.
  16. joebtone

    Is this blocked tremolo ok?

    Not much for pictures. Is that goofy block job making your 2 point bridge bolts walk up?
  17. joebtone

    Sloppy tuners?

    Also, I think the counterfeit market on these style may be a thing. Look how many companies are making the same look….exactly.
  18. joebtone

    Sloppy tuners?

    I bought some of these and I notice they are tighter while unloaded…I have not used them yet. I have bought several sets of the PW Taiwan ones before and while looser, I never have had a problem…I do always tune from low up. Maybe you are having a binding nut problem? The package said Japan...
  19. joebtone

    BOSS guitar pickups?

    Almost looks like it might be a 24 3/4 scale guitar? I probably would buy it too…because curiosity would drive me nuts later…if I didn’t.
  20. joebtone

    Converting a 2 Prong Power Cord to a 3 Prong Cord

    I keep a couple in the back of my DR that still has the original 2 prong. 2 of them so I can double check outlets and make others do the same.
  21. joebtone

    the internet (it's probably been self aware since they first plugged it in)

    That's exactly what I did today, it was just a different song. 😵‍💫
  22. joebtone

    Someone please help Darwin

    The things we can’t say here….that’s all I can say about it.
  23. joebtone

    Fiesta red for the win!!

    Nice. With a blender and master tone and tone bleed circuit pickup setup too. Nice work.