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  1. jwag

    Is this who I think it is?

    Perfect perspective….love it.
  2. jwag

    Whats your favorite Strat pickups set?

    No question the 59’s are excellent as well. Similar, yet completely different in a good way. I keep going back and forth between the 59’s and 65’s for the last week and could live happily ever after with either set. Keepers for sure.
  3. jwag

    Whats your favorite Strat pickups set?

    The Pure Vintage 65’s I just installed in my favorite Classic Series 60’s Strat are my current favorites. They have the sound that’s in my head, wish I’d have bought them years ago...and they’re very affordable. I’m liking them better than my SSL-1, PV59, and CS Texas Special equipped...
  4. jwag

    7.25 radius Appreciation Thread

    My Classic Series 60’s Strat’s both have 7.25 radius necks, and are my favorite Strat’s I’ve ever owned. I’m building another Classic Series with the same 7.25 radius. When setup properly they’re great IMO.
  5. jwag

    Starting to get excited!

    I had a set of Pure Vintage 59’s installed in one of my Classic Series 60’s Strat’s yesterday and I’m loving the results. Today I’m dropping the other Classic Series 60’s Strat off to have PV65’s installed. If the 65’s are as good as the 59’s I’m going to be a happy man. I’ve wrestled with...
  6. jwag

    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    A set 57/62 pickups…excited to get them in hand.
  7. jwag

    Whats your favorite Strat pickups set?

    Duncan SSL-1’s are a long time favorite of mine. That said just had a set of Pure Vintage 59’s installed in one that appears to be a great match to that guitar…solid affordable option. Got a set of Pure Vintage 65’s going in another tomorrow, and a set of 57/62’s scheduled to arrive Tuesday...
  8. jwag

    Do you feel minuscule differences in setups?

    Definitely can tell the difference in small changes to mine. I just got back a Strat earlier today and it’s going back tomorrow morning when I take another for a pickup swap and setup. I had PV59’s installed in one of my Classic Series 60’s Strat’s along with a setup and new strings. They set...
  9. jwag

    Excited Anxiety!

    I picked up the Strat with the newly installed PV59’s today and definitely can hear a difference in clarity and note separation both clean and dirty compared to my other Classic Series and number one Strat...that’s certainly what I was hoping for. The differences are both subtle and big if that...
  10. jwag

    Excited Anxiety!

    Yeah, I’ll be putting the stock sets aside no doubt. In stock form, specifically playing clean I have no complaints. When using overdrive in a band setting they lose clarity and definition ever so slightly, nothing terrible. Until I brought my SSL-1 equipped Strat to rehearsal a while back it...
  11. jwag

    Pawn shops are bare, online selling is thriving.

    I’ve all but quit looking in Pawn shops for the time being. The ones in my area have absolutely nothing of interest to me, super cheap entry level at best equipment I have no use for. FB Marketplace is flooded with used gear, but i refuse to pay new price for anything used. It must be a...
  12. jwag

    Excited Anxiety!

    Well tomorrow one of my stock Classic Series 60’s Strats goes in for a heart transplant. I have a set of Pure Vintage 59’s I’m having installed to replace and hopefully upgrade the original pickups. I really like the stock pickups, but feel they’re just slightly muddy when using overdrive, my...
  13. jwag

    What is your favourite body colour with a rosewood fretboard?

    I’m on a Sunburst kick at the moment, I have come to prefer rosewood fretboards on my Fenders. I’d love to have one of every color…lol.
  14. jwag

    Lifelong Strat owner new to this forum

    Welcome to the forum….here are my two favorites!
  15. jwag

    I don’t want to do it…but I’m going to!

    I’m building another Classic Series 60’s Strat right now that’ll be equipped with Pure Vintage 59’s, just have to gather a few more things and get it assembled. Honestly, the 57/62’s and Pure Vintage 65’s have me gassing to try them more than anything. I guess I’ll build two more and use those...
  16. jwag


    That is the next guitar I’m buying, love it. Epiphone has been doing a great job and these guitars are a great value IMO. HNGD….Congrats.
  17. jwag

    I don’t want to do it…but I’m going to!

    I agree with your assessment in your opening comments, I’m probably putting too much thought into something that in all honesty isn’t a huge deal. That said, I feel like I could squeeze a little more tone out of these guitars. The main thing I’ve been wrestling with is are the gains I get...
  18. jwag

    I don’t want to do it…but I’m going to!

    I had planned on swapping out one set at a time to compare for any discernible difference. My band mates don’t think I should change a thing, they think I’m crazy. I could definitely make a few audio clips, it’ll have to be on my iPad. I don’t have anything else at the moment.
  19. jwag

    What do you do for your frets?

    Hahaha….you beat me to it, I do the same.
  20. jwag

    NGD American Professional II

    Beautiful….HNGD. I tried to buy a basically new twin to yours a couple days ago…still aggravated we couldn’t make a deal. Very attractive color combo IMO.
  21. jwag

    Which amp?

    I’d go Marshall myself. I’ve been looking at the DSL20CR pretty hard recently, but the Head/Cab option has got me rethinking what I’m going to do. That 20W head with a 2x12 Cab loaded with some good speakers would be a monster sounding amp in smaller/medium sized venues. My problem is I want...
  22. jwag

    I don’t want to do it…but I’m going to!

    No question, I didn’t even look at any other manufacturers.
  23. jwag

    I don’t want to do it…but I’m going to!

    My band mates seem to love the tones I’m getting, unless they’re fibbing! Seriously, both these guitars sound great, which is why I’ve struggled with changing anything at all. I’ve received no complaints, just the opposite. As far as cutting through the mix, they do perfectly fine. As...
  24. jwag

    I don’t want to do it…but I’m going to!

    The 57/62’s were a no brainer for me, and I’ve been told the stock pickups sound similar to them.
  25. jwag

    I don’t want to do it…but I’m going to!

    I’ve repeatedly said I (and still do) love the way these stock Classic Series 60’s Strat’s of mine play and sound. That said…I just can’t help to think they would both be even better with a pickup upgrade. The clean tones are very good IMO, I really don’t have any complaints there. Using dirt...