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    The Stratocaster Protector guitar case
  2. MGW-AB

    Show Us Your Relic

    I prefer to let my guitars relic all by themselves, the natural way. This is a pic of my 1999 USA Strat (sold about a year ago) that go so much play time the frets were almost worn down to the rosewood. It was taken to literally countless gigs for a couple of decades as my number one. Maybe a...
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    3 different pickups in 1 Stratocaster

    Dimarzio Area 61 - bridge Area 58 - middle Area 67 - neck
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    It Finally Happened

    I've been downsizing my collection for about 10 years. I used to think I needed every kind of guitar in order to be versatile but over the years I've learned something about myself. I don't need to be versatile. I do have my own style and I do have preferences and there are things that just...
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    F1 2022

    It's the blasted CVT's that take all the fun out of driving many of the newer cars.
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    F1 2022

    That's what NASCAR did and the result of that was the auto manufacturers got right out of the racing. For them, wins on Sunday meant sales on Monday but the (then) new rules making all the cars the same made the manufacturers irrelevant. The NASCAR organization basically flipped them the bird...
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    The Connors, with Joe Walsh Guesting

    I think you mean Crate rather than grate. The woman watching was right. He needs a better amp.
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    It's Friday night, and I think we need a MEME thread.

    . I bought a ticket for $103
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    What position is your compressor in your pedal chain?

    I use compression mostly for one thing; to get sustain and harmonic squeal in a lead/solo tone. For that I place it before whatever OD/Dist effect I'm using at the time for my lead boost. I set it up so the compression and gain come in together in one loop. When used in combination with a...
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    Best pickup for 1988 MIJ?

    I love the title of this thread. I really do. It's fascinating. By asking what's best for an MIJ rather than asking what's best for a Strat it very neatly demonstrates that we subconsciously know, even if we don't want to admit it, that there is a difference. The OP is asking advise for that...
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    Thoughts on low vs high action on strats changing with age

    I switched from 10's to 9.5's after watching that Rick Beato video on string gauges. It lowered my action by a small bit and I did not change it to compensate. I'm happy. They don't buzz. In a year or two I may go even smaller to 9's.
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    Player strats have a plunge route for humbuckers?

    Plunge routing refers to the router bit style. It has cutting surfaces at the bottom of the bit. Plunge bits can begin in an open area and be pushed down into the wood without disturbing the wood around it. Hence the term plunge. This is in contrast to edge bits which approach the wood from...
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    Stacking Delays!

    I would not recommend stacking delays; at least not in series, anyway. It won't be cool in my experience. It will most likely be cacophonous. A better way to use two delays is to split your signal into two parallel paths and then recombine the signal into one path after the delays.
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    Are Strat pickups all the same size?

    I have never heard of Strat pickups of differing sizes. Might be from some kind of off-shore low budget Strat copy that was made to non-standard specs. To save money if they are smaller I imagine but who really knows why for sure? That said, if you successfully installed them then you know at...
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    4 knobs stratocaster

    In my view, if you're prepared to carve out more cavity then the best placement would be on the lower horn. That will keep it out of your way.
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    4 knobs stratocaster

    Putting a 4th pot on the lower horn Gretsch style would require carving up the body and that's something I would never do personally. Have you considered having a double pot in one of the standard positions? I mean like a smaller inner knob and an outer ring. My bass guitar has such an...
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    Rabbit hole intervention

    I've been down the rabbit hole. I don't even want to think about how many countless dollars I spent trying to find Strat single coils that didn't sound thin and wimpy. Way too many to list but I promise you, the list includes virtually all of the ones highly praised on internet forums. If...
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    Someone left their DRRI at my house.

    What kinda cab you running that thing through?
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    Keeley "Halo" Andy Timmons signature dual delay

    Some fine pickin' there for sure
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    Do you like to remove the backplate cover of your strat?

    I can't even begin to concentrate on the silly question of the tonal benefits of removing a back plate because I can't wrap my brain around the idea the OP finds the plate "uncomfortable". I mean, who unstraps a Strat with a back cover and then slings a smooth backed guitar over their shoulder...
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    How do you know which Strat is the right one

    I suspect if you want to find that one guitar that will be your number one for the long term you may have to build it yourself. At least that's what I did anyway back in 2011. I paid attention to what I liked most about each of the Strats I owned and/or friends' Strats I had played and I came...
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    Speaker recommendation

    People often think the G12T75 is only for Marshall amps but I've tried it in Fenders and Boogies and it works very well.
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    Strymon Lex, Still Good or Better Choice Out There?

    I think the Lex pretty much nails it so it's not easy for me to imagine something better coming along. Then again, I guess it depends on how one defines "better". At one time The H&K Rotoshpere was considered the very best but it came bundled with several issues. It weighed a ton, took up...
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    Shielding - what a PIA

    Shielding paint. Still a little tacky; maybe a half hour after painting. Two days later; fully dry. Even with about 10 times the resistance of foil (which will slightly reduce the effectiveness of the Faraday Cage) I still noticed a difference. Of course, shielding's no longer needed on...
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    MXR 6 band EQ ...... Yes!!!!

    I have the Source Audio Programmable EQ. Roughly somewhere between the size of a single-wide BOSS and an MXR but with 4 user definable presets. Very versatile plus it has MIDI so you can use it with your MIDI capable switcher/looper. A good EQ is invaluable to me. One way is I often like the...