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  1. Dain Bramage

    Do brass OPEN single coil pickup covers affect tone?

    Yeah, I know I don't have a grasp on anything. I've only worked with most major guitar markers, have degrees in electronics and engineering physics and had long into the evening discussions with marketing departments that know players too lazy to acquire a full understanding of sonic signature...
  2. Dain Bramage

    Do brass OPEN single coil pickup covers affect tone?

    You are thinking, but, just because it conducts doesn't mean it "creates" any magnetic qualities at all. Magnetism is a separate entity with it's own corner of science. There are natural magnets and electromagnets. Look these up, it is a quick study, and you will understand what I mean. Also, it...
  3. Dain Bramage

    Worst Kind of Wood For a Fretboard?

    No, my meaning was very clear; I can't pour information into your head, and now you are finding the need to do the very thing I was trying to avoid, being uncivil. Go to Martin, Gibson, Fender, and the folks that actually make the guitars for them and have fooled them before. It-is-not worth it...
  4. Dain Bramage

    Do brass OPEN single coil pickup covers affect tone?

    Un-f*cking believable. No. No non-ferric material will affect fields of magnetic flux. Iron (the ferric metal) is the ONLY thing that can even affect magnetic (cause to 'distort', or bend away from their natural path) lines of flux. Not too many passed basic physics, just a guess. No holes, eddy...
  5. Dain Bramage

    Uncompleted pedalboard recommendations

    Tuner, T.C. Electronics Polytune, the original, Love it for a quick accurate tune-up, sometimes on the fly once you get used to it. Booster, clean Seymour Duncan Pickup booster, Fulltone Robin Trower Drive (esp for single coils) or possibly a TS-808, either run minimum gain or swap out the...
  6. Dain Bramage

    Noiseless or close to it strat pickup recommendations"

    You will think I'm crazy, but in a couple of Strats I loaded them with DiMarzio Super Distortion single-sized rail humbuckers, and the put little slide switches next to the 5-position for coil-splitting. I used a 1 Meg pot for tone and a .022mF Metal-poly precision cap (like a Sprague, but my...
  7. Dain Bramage

    Amp Tubes Replacement - audible difference?

    Yes, there is a difference, but gaining the experience can be pricey; you really need to swap them out in a controlled environment, possibly even record each and decide what your ear prefers. There are only a few actual manufacturers of tubes left, they build for different brands under different...
  8. Dain Bramage

    How many of you have changed the neck on your Favorite Strat (or any guitar)?

    I think I have replaced one ('62 Reissue, had warped badly). I've had many off and back on, perhaps once to swap fretboard material.
  9. Dain Bramage

    Worst Kind of Wood For a Fretboard?

    OK not worth arguing about. If you get a chance to spend some time playing the different fretboard materials through the same, controlled rig, you would hear a brighter, "snappier" tone with the maple and a deeper, rounder tone in the rosewood. Just my experience.
  10. Dain Bramage

    Which do you prefer: Modern or Vintage guitars?

    Yes. sorry for the silly, but whatever tool is called for.
  11. Dain Bramage

    Worst Kind of Wood For a Fretboard?

    Sorry, not to argue, but you are wrong. Maple is much harder and Rosewood is denser (always has been), thus the sonic qualities as utilized by Guitar manufactures, actually a part of guitar structure curriculum at both Fender and Gibson, Guitar Center "Pro" training as borrowed, in enough depth...
  12. Dain Bramage

    Worst Kind of Wood For a Fretboard?

    Fretboard (finger board, whatever) materials are directly a part of the tonal voice of a guitar) Rosewood tends to be a bit dark, Maple a bit brighter and ebony, to my ear/experience is brighter still. So, as in any instrument the combination of materials (body, hardware electronics) is what...
  13. Dain Bramage

    Why don’t we like active electronics in a guitar?

    Wow, long chain, lot of angst. A "purist" in this respect is a joke. Nothing wrong with anything that works for the tone you're trying to pull out of your head/heart. Battery phobia is someone else's problem.
  14. Dain Bramage

    Paul McCartney throwing shade.

    It's just another opinion, everybody's got one, and carries whatever weight the listener cares to give it. I like the Beatles and the Stones, I don't seem to have a lot of solo McCartney. FWIW.
  15. Dain Bramage

    How would you approach this repair?

    Considering the likely completely different tone as an end result, for myself that's now just parts, maybe a wall hanger. Glue is going to effect it, dowels, name it, and the finish is a memory. Take the time and trouble and gamble that, it may at least be playable. There are a lot of students...
  16. Dain Bramage

    Why don’t we like active electronics in a guitar?

    Active pickups have a lot to offer in the way of versatility and tone that is their own charm, the singles are great for pedal boards with otherwise noisy dirt boxes, etc. I have them in several or more guitars, including my Zakk Wylde Les Paul. I prefer them for live performance (loud) for the...
  17. Dain Bramage

    Why don’t we like active electronics in a guitar?

    Talked to Bill Lawrence. If it wasn't a (another) lecture on magnetic inductance, he didn't say a word. Never strayed. Open minds gather more data. I also have had a few of his pickups in/out of various guitars. I think we must agree to disagree, not one Lawrence stayed in anything. Cute saying...
  18. Dain Bramage

    We don't need pedals.

    Sprinkles, crushed peanuts or plain, it's up to that player.
  19. Dain Bramage

    Favorite Color on a Strat?

    I am not actually sure, at first brush. I have many colors, I have a Candy Apple Red I think is beautiful, another is what Fender calls Shoreline Gold that looks like silver to my eye. Several black and a few wine colored, one metallic blue and a couple of Arctic white I probably use live the...
  20. Dain Bramage

    Changing valves, is it worth getting carried away?

    I have extensive experience with tubes. Groove and Tung-Sol tend to stay within parameters they set, so they will be as consistent as is possible. BUT, to know what you're asking is a matter of taste, and you could be swapping tubes for quite a while. I would avoid Ruby, but mostly because if...
  21. Dain Bramage

    Should I buy a shimmed guitar?

    Vid1900 is correct. I have repaired many Strats that were shimmed from the factory. Oddly, I did a little work to an actual '62 Strat and it had a shim. Later, I worked on a '62 re-issue, it also had a shim! Do you like the guitar? Well then...
  22. Dain Bramage

    Interested by a Fender Blues Jr.

    Well, I should probably begin with, "I cheated". I looked at the schematic, and found it to have room for mod-to-taste. All of the different "models" are pretty much the same circuit, but apparently Fender changed the part numbers around for no real reason. When I got it, it was around $500 and...
  23. Dain Bramage

    Thinking of getting a Strat - now what?

    Play as many as you can and listen for what you need as well as pleasant surprises.
  24. Dain Bramage

    These holes, and a cat. Mostly the holes.

    Thanks, you have all provided me with an excellent grin. I have looked around, one of the best answers came from a 2016 Strat-talk post; go fish. The usefulness of cats is more associated with violins, but reference needed. Regarding the holes in the tuning machines, I suppose they could be...