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  1. Jason D

    Hits the nostalgia button.

    One of the best shows I ever saw was Mellencamp. He is going to always be one of my favorites. I’ve always been hit or miss with the Boss. However, the stuff he has done that I like, I really, really, really like. As good as any songwriter in rock history.
  2. Jason D

    Jerry Reed

    Dude, Jerry Reed is one of my all time favorites. He was the real deal and he was such a masterful showman. He was one of those guys from an era when people on stage knew they were entertainers and took that part of their performances seriously. Jerry was at a top level as far as working a...
  3. Jason D

    Remeber Pre-Internet?

    I had a strangely more interesting and fun time looking for guitars and parts before the internet. I met a lot more people and at the time it didn’t seem like all that big of a deal. I don’t mind the convenience now, but I still like the experience of going out of town and visiting guitar...
  4. Jason D

    "Sullivan Wasted Time with Beatles"

    Successful people don’t concern themselves with opinions based on closed-minded ignorance.
  5. Jason D

    Yesterday, it was 66°F...

    Dude I live in Fulton, real close to Columbia, and it was like what the hell. The next couple days are supposed to warm up a ton as well. Weather in mid MO is definitely well described as bi-polar.
  6. Jason D

    Hit me like a ton of bricks.

  7. Jason D

    Is this a fake? (picture)

    What show is it from? Here is a color pic.
  8. Jason D

    My favorite MLB player just retired

    I was at the game when Jr hit his 500th home run against the Cardinals. I bought a hat for my dad that day which he promptly put in clear plastic so it’d stay like new. 😀
  9. Jason D

    my grandma

    There’s one badass in the pic and she’s wearing a black jacket. That’s a cool pic.
  10. Jason D

    Quack is overrated...discuss

    I’d be fine with a strat with only the neck and bridge pickups. The Ritchie Blackmore Strat from the 90s would be a good one for me.
  11. Jason D

    For those of you who are tonewood deniers...

    Basswood body with ash veneer. Bird’s eye maple neck. I’d also like it to be a thin body.
  12. Jason D

    Why multiple Strats?

    Because they don’t all don’t the same.
  13. Jason D

    Do people look down on you cause you play a squier?

    I suppose if anyone cares what I’m playing they can buy me the guitar they see fit to play. If someone steps up and does that I will eat my shirt.
  14. Jason D

    Who is the best singer?

    No Steve Marriott? No Cornell or Burton Cummings as mentioned. No Jerry Cantrell/Layne Stayley. My favorites aren’t even on the list! The list goes on forever.
  15. Jason D

    Results -- Strat-Talk Votes for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

    I really couldn’t agree more.
  16. Jason D

    Tune-o-matic bridges

    This going to sound strange but when I have played anything with a wraparound I always worry less about intonation issues if they even exist. I can go down the rabbit hole if there is too much adjustment and when my Strats are just a little off it nags at me. I only own one guitar without a...
  17. Jason D

    Tune-o-matic bridges

    Interesting. I looked them up. They are even fairly reasonably priced. That looks comfortable and it’s aesthetically nice too.
  18. Jason D

    Tune-o-matic bridges

    I can’t agree more. It’s funny Groovey mentioned “elegance”. That’s the exact thing that came to mind. The design just makes so much sense in the ways that truly matter; It feels good on the hand and it makes setting up the instrument so much easier. It’s fantastic.
  19. Jason D

    Tune-o-matic bridges

    I did a full setup on my buddy’s Meteora the other day and I came to a conclusion. It’s almost heresy to say on a strat page…I absolutely love tune-o-matic bridges. I have only played a few over the years but never for several days straight but damn I wish I had them on all my guitars...
  20. Jason D

    Learner Driver in Ferrari

    78 LTD. Exactly the same cars the cops drove in the first Rambo movie. It was the color of a circus peanut.
  21. Jason D

    Favourite concert movie?

    Rock n Roll High School. I love that stupid movie.
  22. Jason D

    What are you listening to at the moment you open this thread?

    Sleet and Ash speaking on Ash vs Evil Dead.

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