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    Stacking dirt pedals

    I realize this is an old post but the EH double shot has a mid boosted and a mid scooped distortion in a 2 channel pedal
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    Nut Filing Question

    There are files of the correct widths but it's a job where you have to be patient and have a "feel". I've done it without messing up but was nervous the whole time. If the depth is correct, and the width is tight, you can use the wound strings like a file if they're the correct gauge for the...
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    I fried my TS9. Help!

    There are TS9 kits available. Cheaper then an original but if you solder you can build it into the existing case and don't use the wrong PS this time
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    NAD - German Tweed - Palmer Fab 5

    Jensens are still pretty good speakers. I use a set of original 12" Vibrantos from 1972 and they're a bit bright but efficient. I've had MODs and put and 8 inch one in my Monoprice (Chinese Princeton clone - but SS PS - Celestion Chinese speaker) and it improved the efficiency and tone. Jensen...
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    Eras of American Standard Strat

    Don't forget, the strings, pickups, and amp all contribute to the sound. I can get vintage Strat sound from my Ibanez if I select the single coil positions and play through a tube amp with original Jensen speakers.
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    Stress crack in neck pocket - Should I be worried?

    Maybe CA adhesive carefully "bled" under the existing finish and light pressure. Use a toothpick a small amount at a time so it doesn't run. If you can get the proper finish, an airbrush and some clearcote would help hide it if you're able.
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    Whether to re-finish a ‘62 that has been stripped already

    If the wood is sealed from the original finish, is may be hard to lighten up. The color may be in the wood already. A good paint job may be easier?
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    Speakers 10s vs 12s

    I have 2-12" Jensen Vibrantos in an open back cabinet and they've never sounded flabby.
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    Jeff Beck strat volume pot question

    I have 250K audio tapers in my Ibanez Talman TC 220 and they took getting used to but have a "curve" that allows a finer "on the fly" adjustment. With the SD Hot Rodded humbuckers they work well.
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    HNAP post-divorce era series

    I'm still wondering why people buy hybrid amps. If you want tubes, get tubes. If you want SS reliability, get SS and a good OD pedal. The best OD is output tubes - the hybrids use the preamp for OD - different harmonics. The old tube amps had tube rectifiers which allowed PS sag and gave the...
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    Trying to straighten neck by adjusting truss rod

    It has a limit, and the neck takes a bit of time to settle in. If you break the rod, you're done and it's a worse situation than bad action. Only 1/4 turn at a time, let it settle for a day and then try again. I've actually grabbed the neck and carefully bent it in the direction I'm going and...
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    '68 Custom Princeton Reverb, changed speaker and WOW

    The Celestions lately aren't great. Eminince is overpriced as are others. I have a pair of 1972 Jensen Vibranto 12 inch in an open back cab and they're great. Had a second closed back with Jensen MODs (from Italy now) and they sounded very good. I changed the 8 inch Celestion in my Monoprice 5...
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    Did Digitech go out of business?

    I've got a pedalboard full of Digis - Hmmm , , ,
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    Vintage amps coming for sale

    I recently bought a 5751 and 6V6 tube for a Princeton clone. Both tubes together were less than 50 buck. I read your post about the 7591s and checked the price on mine and they're now 46.95 for the 5751 and 52.95 for the 6V6. Gotta love this administration . . .
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    How many Overdrives is too many?

    I've had a Big Muff (NY version) and a Russian version. I sold the NY one and then got the Russian one and modded it with various circuits using germanium and silicon diodes for different tones. I modded the original Muff feedback loop and tone sections to get mid scoop variable to mid hump and...
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    '69 Fender Bassman

    Considering the price of Fender amps these days, you got a vintage one for a good price. Take care of it and it'll take care of you
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    Best guitar tube amp at/near $2k

    Save the money and use it for improvements on the guitar and amps. Don't overlook the Crate tube heads with EL84s - similar to 6V6. Pignose G40V if you can find one - 6L6 tubes and 10". And last but not least, Peavey had the "classic" series of combos. They were totally underrated and if...
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    Would you rather have a $2k guitar with a $500 amp or a $500 guitar with a $2k amp?……and Why?

    I have used tube amps which needed cleaning and tubes but none cost me more than maybe 300$. The most expensive guitar I have is my DOT Studio. I set up my own guitars so if they play right and the amp works correctly they all sound great. My favorite guitar is an Ibanez Talman TC220 with SD...
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    Any ideas?

    if the saddle is slotted, then the slots might be too wide. On an acoustic guitar the saddle isn't slotted so if the string angle to the pins is too shallow the strings will move side to side and can buzz. the only other idea I have is if you have worn lower frets. Even fretted I had a worn...
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    6L6s for "ultimate" cleans?

    My Crate GT500H has two channels and the clean is very clean. The power tubes are 4-EL84s, pres are 4-12AX7s. For even cleaner, swap the preamp tubes for lower gain. 5751s are good sounding and lower gain. I played outdoors at 15 wats roughly and it was too loud. The other factor is the speaker...
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    Chinese Strat intonation

    My question exactly. And what is an adjustable nut? It would throw the fret lengths off all the way down the neck. I say shorter saddles would be the easiest fix. Shimming the neck sounds like an odd cure as well.
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    NAD - (Warning; Solid State Content)

    I have a Carvin head given to me and put it through a 2-12 Jensen Vibranto cab - Loud! but annoyingly clean. Have since gone tubes as I was back in the 70s. The Jensens are from 1972, like new and bright to the point of excess.
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    How many Overdrives is too many?

    With a good tube amp, you don't need any once you find the "sweet" settings. A fuzz might be needed if you want real fuzz
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    If you have more than one amp...why?

    Amps like guitars can be an addiction. I have 2 Crate GT500 heads - all tube, 2 Pignose G40V combos - all tube, A 70s Carvin 125 watt SS head - given to me, A couple small SS practice amp combos - one has 2 gain controls and a volume - really good tube distortion sound, A Crate KBD60 SS...
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    Weight of electric guitars - Heavy vs. Light

    A lighter guitar may resonate more easily with mid to lower frequencies. A very solid/heavy guitar requires more vibration to set it off. Solid mahogany tends to be dark for that reason. The Les Pauls have a laminated top piece which like laminated guitars can kill any resonances.

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