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  1. tubedude

    NGD: Custom Shop 1960s NOS Stratocaster

    Also, sorry, my intention is not to rain on parade. It is a fine looking instrument. I especially like the fact that the neck is quartersawn! I'm just trying to find info for what I need. Happy playing!
  2. tubedude

    NGD: Custom Shop 1960s NOS Stratocaster

    Thanks. After looking at some of those American Vintage Reissues going for $3k + I was put off and thought I'd have to build one.
  3. tubedude

    NGD: Custom Shop 1960s NOS Stratocaster

    I can't afford a custom shop model I'm sure. My goal is to have a less valuable instrument to play out. Do you know what years the American Vintage reissues were made? I guess they are in the $2K range. Thanks for the tip!
  4. tubedude

    NGD: Custom Shop 1960s NOS Stratocaster

    Other than the 7.25" the '60's models were made with.
  5. tubedude

    NGD: Custom Shop 1960s NOS Stratocaster

    Do all the Fender 60's models have the wrong fb radius?
  6. tubedude

    Hello from Brisbane!

    No, it's just on the other side of the flat earth. Just past the edge where dragons be.
  7. tubedude

    New Mod Shop Bubble Gum Metallic - Anyone have a real photo?

    Metallic Pepto Bismol? Hard pass.
  8. tubedude

    Gaps between frets and fretboard

    That's up to you, but I'd fix it. Solid contact with the fretboard will insure best solid energy transfer from string to neck. And it insures the radius is correct.
  9. tubedude

    Weak album tracks - do you let them play?

    Usually end up skipping the radio hits. Some tunes are great the first thirty thousand times you hear it, but are annoying ever after.
  10. tubedude

    Peavey Classic 30 quick review - Very nice

    I've had mine for 30 some years. A bear to work on because it's 3 separate boards in a U shape, held together with a hundred solid wire headers. Make the bias adjustable, added raw switch, added a triode/pentode switch (don't bother), replaced speaker changed the input circuitry (see the Blue...
  11. tubedude

    How many of you use a compressor?

    I use it with my 6 string fretless bass. Not with guitar.
  12. tubedude

    MJT vs. Fender Custom Shop

    This should clear up the differences
  13. tubedude

    Rattlecan Fail

    Looks more like saturated Daphne Blue. Disappointing none the less.
  14. tubedude

    Tacky Stuff With Guitars On It. Help!

    And it looks functional as a sideboard. The ferrules are bowls that hold guacamole/dips etc. Big bowls of chips/blanched veg on top. Spin it around in front of the couch, consume mass quantities.
  15. tubedude

    It’s Delivery day !

    Nice! Ringo is a kind of low key, under the radar kind of guy. Especially for someone in his position. I enjoy the YT clips of musicians tales of joining his all star band. Especially Steve Lukathers story.
  16. tubedude

    It’s Delivery day !

    Why's Ringo on the pedal?
  17. tubedude

    Any ideas about this D string?

    Do Don't take offense, we have many members from all over the planet. I believe the post was a.reaction to the idogram laden spam filling up the site. Welcome. Sorry about the accident, many of us older players are suffering with the effects of a storied life or misadventures ourselves. Wish...
  18. tubedude

    Seeking outdoor gig advice

    Another imposter! It's North Texas.
  19. tubedude

    Seeking outdoor gig advice

    Make sure power is covered. Extension cable box needed?
  20. tubedude

    a new rock tune, 2nd posted version- "running Free"

    Great effort! I find the vocals, tom's and snare a little hot. But that might be my system. Congrats.
  21. tubedude

    Down Tuning vs. String Gauge

    Whatever feels and sounds best is best. I can't say as I'm a 14-58 guy. I'd think extra heavy on the short scale would make up for the relatively weaker bass. Maybe a hybrid set. Regular top heavier bottom?
  22. tubedude

    Down Tuning vs. String Gauge

    Shorter scale means less tension.
  23. tubedude

    Big headstocks - my own observation...

    I just retired from a hospital system. I guess the Medical College of Georgia didn't get the word. Some of these kids come out needing polish on bedside manner, and many look like teens, but they are too focused on acquiring the skills and knowledge to pass boards to worry about appearance. And...
  24. tubedude

    Pedals that improve tone when set to no effect/no gain.

    Most pedals sound best removed from the signal path.
  25. tubedude

    Who did it better?

    Still sounds good. I like the tone better, and the solo section, and the reduced reverb, but not so much the changed main melody.