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  1. johnnymg

    Dupuytren's contracture......any of you guys got this?

    I have it both hands now. Had surgery on the right had 25 years ago and the pinky is back to 45degrees now. The left had (fretting) is getting FUBR now so that’s a bummer. I use this “disability” as my excuse why I suck at playing guitar. :whistling: Anyway, I’ve learned to compensate in my...
  2. johnnymg

    body weight

    A 3.5 pound bare body will build out to a 7 pound Strat give-or-take a few ounces. This is assuming “normal” components. I.e. not super heavy tuners or bridge.
  3. johnnymg

    Guitar Center considering restructuring options, including bankruptcy

    "Not my chair................ not my problem".
  4. johnnymg

    Classic Vibe vs Player vs Vintera

    That's a nice looking guitar but it's an absolutely insane price for a used American Stand. Used Am Std Strats go from $750-$1000 depending on condition, OHSC included, and location. Asking $1100 plus tax is well......... insane. People are asking bat-Sh.. crazy prices right now.
  5. johnnymg

    BOSS Pocket GT

    I get that Boss needs to recoup development costs but $250 for a tiny gadget is just nuts. IMO
  6. johnnymg

    Classic Vibe vs Player vs Vintera

    The MIC Classic Vibes are great! Highly recommended.
  7. johnnymg

    Has anybody else seen a reduction of songbirds in their yards

    In Ca central coast we seem to have the usual suspects. Waiting for the rare (for here) Green Tailed Towhee to show up. it stuck around for the whole winter last year.
  8. johnnymg

    Post your Wildlife pics from where you reside

    A cold storm blowing through and the hummingbirds are in a frenzy.
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  10. johnnymg

    Graphtech saddles to help Strat warble?

    Is that trem (bridge) set properly? Looks like the front is lifted off of the body. See pic
  11. johnnymg

    GC misses debt payment

    GC has been cold calling me every week for the last month or so. This is a new thing they are doing and I suspected they were in trouble. Another 21st century brick-n-morter casualty.
  12. johnnymg

    Graphtech saddles to help Strat warble?

    That sounds CRAZY high to me. ??? Have you tried a different brand of strings?
  13. johnnymg

    Stratosphere Alnico 5 Stratocaster Pickups - Any Good?

    I really like my GF P90's. FWIW, Phillip McNight has said that he's installed a LOT of GF pups and thought they sounded good.
  14. johnnymg


    Post a pic of those frets. Your height measurement looks wonky.
  15. johnnymg

    Starting over, looking for a practice amp

    You should try to demo the Mustang and Katana in your price point. If that isn't possible YouTube has a lot of vids on both amps. I like both (have owned both) and prefer the more dynamic tones of the Kats. If I was into jazz type tones the Mustangs would probably be a better fit.
  16. johnnymg

    Wonky studs on my Epiphone

    A talented wood worker could countersink the holes just enough for the studs to not have the outside gaps. The tricky part of this mod would be not damaging the finish. Use a very sharp X-acto blade to score the finish around the base of the stud.
  17. johnnymg

    Good Deed for the day... Boss Katana

    Thanks for sharing your gift story. You're a generous man and shrewd negotiator. :thumb:
  18. johnnymg

    Positive Grid Spark Practice amp - yay or nay?

    The whole YouTube blitz was a mega turn off to me. Those "reviews" were obviously (to me) just 'paid for' content for PG. I even unsubscribed to a couple of the YouTube shills pushing that "amp". Phweeee............... I feel better now.
  19. johnnymg

    Question on selling partscasters...

    There's a guy on my local CL that continuously posts weird partscasater builds for sale. His descriptions are sort of 'funny' in that he makes these guitars sound like (and priced like) the holy grail. The crazy thing is that his inventory seems to rotate so I'm assuming he's selling these...
  20. johnnymg

    Headstock too thin

    I'm voting for mod'ing the tuners. IMO, extra washers will look cluggy on that splendid wood.
  21. johnnymg

    Membership badges

    Every time I did renew my membership the site went kaboom. I’ve decided that ‘for the good of the site’ to (for now) just be an unpaid member.
  22. johnnymg

    Nonsense or not?

    Schrödinger's cat proposes that it's possible thinking about how the tone might change might change it.
  23. johnnymg

    Travel amp, headphone, mp3. Decent tone, reliable?

    I briefly had a Zoom G3N (bigger version of the G1) and thought it sounded pretty good. I suspect the G1 plus headphones would be neigh on perfect as an inexpensive 'silent' travel pod. Drum tracks, looper, programmable effects with multiple memory slots, aux input........ and small...
  24. johnnymg

    Bugera V5 5 watt 1x8. Anyone have one of these?

    I HAD the T5 (head version) for a couple years. It had ok tones but was a very ‘weak kneed’ amp. The other bigger problem was the HV power supply was under-filtered which caused a nasty 120 hum. I would assume the V5 combo version has the same powers supply design.
  25. johnnymg

    look who showed up

    Cool, make him cook for you and the Kevin’s.