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  1. Sparque


    The man walked right past the receptionist and boldly entered the Doctor's office. "I'm sorry for barging in so, Doc. But I just had to see you." He flopped onto the couch, and heaved a big sigh. The psychiatrist shifted ever so slightly in his chair, glanced at his watch, and scribbled notes...
  2. Sparque

    Finally here

    Welcome, jmeyers. Glad to have you aboard, mate! 🙂
  3. Sparque

    Would You Play Hard Rock on a Strat With a Natural Finish ?

    I don't have the time or patience to read thru five pages of responses to this query. I would rock the hell out of that natural Stratocaster with the white pickguard and either maple or rosewood fingerboard. I would and I have. ;)
  4. Sparque

    Purchased a Strat, now I'm here

    Doctor to nurse: "I need a Strat, stat!!" :rolleyes:
  5. Sparque

    Chasing perfect

    You're welcome. ;)
  6. Sparque

    Chasing perfect

    It's what I perceived what he was talking about. (A lot of threads lately where somebody receives a guitar in the mail, and then wonders, "Should I sent this back?" All because of some actual or perceived imperfections noticed after the unboxing. ) Do I agree with the OP? Yes. Unless the...
  7. Sparque

    Chasing perfect

    Here's how I have avoided being let down with imperfections when unboxing a guitar that I have ordered online. I GENERALLY BUY IN PERSON, AFTER HOLDING AND TRYING OUT THE GUITAR. IN PERSON. And I only order online from reputable sources. Problem solved. ;)
  8. Sparque

    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    My ONLY Stratocaster right now is a Fender. A 1991 Strat Plus. Lovely guitar in beautiful pristine condition. That said, I have owned a lot of S-type guitars over the years, and the non-Fender ones each held their own charm, and I loved to play and even gig with them. My favorites of these...
  9. Sparque

    Your Opinions On Strat Middle Pickups

    2 and 4, almost exclusively. :)
  10. Sparque

    Do you like my Black or White custom shop better , im torn

    The black one appeals to me. :)
  11. Sparque

    Strat Neck Shape

    It's more than being versatile. It's a liberating mindset. It's like rocking and gigging for pure joy, and making very small the list of things you concern yourself with. Concerns: Guitars that stay in tune Fret ends that don't snag your flesh Drummers that stay in time and, Doormen who won't...
  12. Sparque

    What is the best body color to go with a rosewood fretboard neck?

    Or, since this is a Stratocaster forum, one with multiple roses. :p
  13. Sparque

    What is the best body color to go with a rosewood fretboard neck?

    A rosewood neck? Have to vote for a guitar body featuring a rose. ;)
  14. Sparque

    Mexican Standard or Player?

    Somebody stole the back plate off of it. I would call the cops if I were you. :oops:
  15. Sparque

    Strat Neck Shape

    I can only recommend that you adapt to whatever neck guitar they hand you when you are on stage. If it's in tune, play it and rock it. The audience doesn't care whether it's C shaped, or D shaped, or V shaped, and they REALLY don't care what the neck radius is. They just want you to make...
  16. Sparque

    Buying a new USA strat

    Joshtrat, My standard advice; *Try everything. Don't limit yourself to any one model. Just try them all. Visit each and every music store and try out, in person, every single Stratocaster they have to offer. Forget about models and price points. New or used. Just try everything. * When you...
  17. Sparque

    Is there a remedy for saddle screw bite?

    I'm a frequent practitioner of palm muting. The bite is real. It's a show-stopper, when I am considering buying a guitar. 😥
  18. Sparque

    is my guitar a CS?

    Is it a maxim or standard operating procedure that anyone asking about the pedigree or legitimacy of a guitar will NEVER, EVER INCLUDE A CLOSE-UP PHOTO OF THE FRONT AND BACK OF THE HEADSTOCK?? No offense to the OP especially. But jeez, this is like the 15th time this month I have witnessed the...
  19. Sparque

    Did I Buy A Fender Partscaster?

    Take the $50, and move forward with a great Fender partscaster. David Gilmour played one for many years, and it's considered a rock icon. Just sayin'..... :)
  20. Sparque

    NGD cheap neck thru

    Oh, never mind. Here it is. :confused:
  21. Sparque

    NGD cheap neck thru

    No headstock photos. Why do people post photos of their guitars, but without a photo of the headstock? :(
  22. Sparque

    Do you still use "Man" in sentences?

    I use 'man' in sentences at least 20 times a day. I don't own any gold chains, and I don't wear a mullet or a wife-beater t-shirt, but I still say 'man'. Some of my other expressions are 'f#ck', 'son of a b1tch', and 'slow down, a$$hole!!!'. :)