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  1. hrstrat57

    Wanted Richter 5e3 combo

    ☝️More power
  2. hrstrat57

    Wanted Richter 5e3 combo
  3. hrstrat57

    Wanted Richter 5e3 combo

    Tungsten Cortez?
  4. hrstrat57

    5E8A Amp Clone Build

  5. hrstrat57

    NGD ‘56 Strat and a Poll

    I’d make it mechanically and electronically as pristine as possible to bone stock so as to further wear it out playing/gigging whilst leaving it as nasty as possible
  6. hrstrat57

    Greetings from Vermont

    Where in Vermont you at?
  7. hrstrat57

    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    No 1 for me is a S-63 but a 2002 AVRI 57 RI is a close no 2 with a 76 Hardtail trailing those 2 by a whisker
  8. hrstrat57

    ST-68 Strat Questions

    Gorgeous Strat! Enjoy!
  9. hrstrat57

    Fenway Park?

    Stay away from low number sections in RF grandstands or suffer yee sore neck for days. Tix might be tight suggest you buy now
  10. hrstrat57

    James James

    James James is responsible for a lot of my swiped material. Thanks to a absolute WWW icon!
  11. hrstrat57

    Just played my buddie's brand new Traditional Pro LP... It was terrible.

    A nearly $2k guitar shouldn’t need a pro setup (actually shouldn’t need anything) but a nice fretboard soaking, fret polish and setup and likely some nut work so the G string don’t go wonky and that’d likely be a outstanding guitar. You should politely suggest a tech visit to your friend if he’s...
  12. hrstrat57

    Stratocaster 1968 Original Olympic White Finish

    I like it. A lot of parts would have to go in the case and be replaced with vintage correct (the entire bridge assy looks unplayable) Visually it’s fabulous. It far from original and I’d need to make it less original to gig. So at 8k I’d have to hard pass. Good luck, thx for the pics! Edit...
  13. hrstrat57

    1964 Olympic White

    Absolute monster of a Strat 63-65 is the pinnacle IMHO Curious what it weighs?
  14. hrstrat57

    I fried my TS9. Help!

    I cooked a BD2 like that and sold it on cL as doa in 5 minutes for $10 Methinks you need a new one. Fwiw my TS9 (old) goes for weeks on a 9v I’d never use a power supply. No need. YMMV I guess…
  15. hrstrat57

    What do you think? Ebay Squier Strat E Series Japan 1987 St-362

    LPB! Beaut! Those are super nice guitars very high quality.
  16. hrstrat57

    H(almost)NGD. Warning: controversial relic content.

    Nicely spec’s Strat. Beaut!!
  17. hrstrat57

    Whether to re-finish a ‘62 that has been stripped already

    Pink only pink. Looks sweet as is but refin sb original
  18. hrstrat57

    Classic Series 60s Strat, worth upgrading to 57/62 pickups?

    Stock pups in those are typically excellent Strong 60cyl hum in those tho
  19. hrstrat57

    Most versatile pickups

    stock Lollar rig in my S63 Unbelievable SD SSL1/SSL1/SSL5 pretty darn good too.
  20. hrstrat57

    Which Colour do I go with? - About to pull the trigger!

    Weight is a strong consideration here. I’m betting Sunburst is the lightest too but boat anchor would be out for me no matter what color it is.
  21. hrstrat57

    Which Colour do I go with? - About to pull the trigger!

    Sunburst with rosewood is the only choice here. Especially TSB Yum
  22. hrstrat57

    Help -Selling a 1962 Olympic white

    Utterly spectacular Strat. So sorry about your dad. Best of luck with the sale hope the buyer gigs it hard and wears it out!
  23. hrstrat57

    Building your own vs buying loaded pickguard

    WhiskeyJim on eBay seriously ridiculously good. His 62 rig with the 7 way switch is magnificent I’ve had em all I was stunned at the performance and quality workmanship Under $100 ( yep crazy)...
  24. hrstrat57

    HELP Wanted Heritage 535 vs Epiphone 335 vs Gibson 335, MY LAST AXE

    Re read original post. With a $5k budget a good guitar safari will be epic. Wish I could come along. Play H535’s and ES335/345 etc until you find your special friend, you’ll know when you find it. Jelly, nothing beats a guitar safari!!!