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  1. Doc538

    It's good I mostly play originals

    The biggest problems I have encountered is playing a small venue and having song requests ! There goes the set list.....
  2. Doc538

    It's good I mostly play originals

    Even Snoop Dog uses a play/ lyric list, does it when filming videos too and thats just one song :)
  3. Doc538

    It's good I mostly play originals

    here it is ! or maybe not .. I find it easier to record the song in a daw and then play to it as if in a group setting. Good Luck. At my age I can remember songs from the sixties but not from last week.
  4. Doc538

    Show Us Your Relic

    Me too besides I don't have a Strat Relic
  5. Doc538

    Rotary switch help

    This ^
  6. Doc538

    Best Pickups for Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, etc.?

    For serious death metal sounds you need the : Hello Kitty
  7. Doc538

    GAS - NAD small practice amp

    Had a similar setup in a Squire 15, Not nearly as pretty. Sounded pretty good but I plugged it into my Marshal 4x12 cab and it was night and day, sounded fantastic and very loud when dimed. great catch ! I sold the Squier for $40.00
  8. Doc538

    Home players - how many do you have?

    NOT Enough ! I only have 4 and haven't played out since mid 70's I think. 60's Univox es 335 clone that only looks and plays like semi new. 2008? Epiphone Special 1 with P-90's , great neck. 2018 Glarry Strat @ 5.5 lbs. light as a feather, $40 worth of mods and its a player. 2004 Epiphone Korean...
  9. Doc538

    1963 Curiosity

    Can't a pencil date be erased and redone ? Like the beautiful paint job (not) you can see the orange peel and it looks like it was reassembled before it was dry. I would run fast AWAY from this pile of doggie do do
  10. Doc538

    1963 Curiosity

    Have you read the report about how people are stupid ?
  11. Doc538

    1963 Curiosity

    Peso's or Rubles ?
  12. Doc538

    Have you ever weighed a strat?

    Hmm, you could : 1. Bring it with you to a doctors appointment. 2. Bring it to a veterinarian appointment 3. Take it to the Post Office and have it weighed. 4. Weight yourself with it and without it. 5. Use a drug dealer scale (not a small user one). Find someone to convert Kg to lbs. 6. Say...
  13. Doc538

    Humbucker Music...your experience?

    Ok I did, Even read the reviews and it seems they suck so I think I'll forget them again.
  14. Doc538

    Have you ever weighed a strat?

    Only weighed one just to be sure of the quoted specs, Glarry Strat 5.5 lbs feels like a feather.
  15. Doc538

    Humbucker Music...your experience?

    I'm with, who are they ? never heard of them ! Are they online only or a National Brand ? If they are national then it sucks for them that no-one here knows them :)
  16. Doc538

    Distortion pedals that pair well with tube amps...

    I'm just an old fart who does not use pedals any more, my playing out is now in the garage with a question for ye, If you buy a cheap pedal and you like its sound why bother buying the expensive version ?
  17. Doc538

    A bit of advice before buying

    Are you a collector or a player ? 14k e things seem like a lot of cash to me for a daily player, Get a new Strat for $3,500 and enjoy the hell out of it. unless you just became a collector who should learn everything about collecting guitars before purchasing one.
  18. Doc538

    Thoughts on low vs high action on strats changing with age

    9's and 10's set as low as possible. I started on an old cheap High String acoustic that could mangle your fingers, then I got my first electric and lowered it down to above buzz, been there ever since. I could care less what anybody else does, this is a personal thing
  19. Doc538

    may I know your most used skill/technique to jam ?

    How to explain ? My music knowledge is next to None. I just listen, then play without thinking about it. A little harder now that I am almost completely deaf, works only with quality headphones near max volume. PSA: Protect your hearing !
  20. Doc538

    How much is this strat worth?

    Lighten up a little, this was in jest ! read 100 years :) I have no intension of ever selling my Special, that's for my kids to decide. Tells me Peavy suck, I am in the group that thinks they are not worth đź’© IMHO.
  21. Doc538

    How much is this strat worth?

    You want good return ? Buy a 2008 Epiphone Special P90, mine appreciated almost 100% in 14 years. Or was it a 2012 ? gotta check, well I checked and it was a 3/2013 so only 9 years. bought for $90 new, now selling for $179. I'm gonna be RICH in a hundred years
  22. Doc538

    How much is this strat worth?

    If I was going to invest in guitars I would certainly do a **** load of research FIRST to back up your hunches of things increasing. A market crash will decimate guitar value. Only good investments are units played by / signed by big names. These are special and few in numbers unlike a 77. As...
  23. Doc538

    Made in Mexico fret edges

    Literally bleeding? They were that sharp? YUP! when it started I had to leave after cleaning the guitar. They don't like you putting guitars back with blood on them