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  1. Mr C

    Black Jaguar

  2. Mr C

    $800 Budget/Range.Question About Mid-Priced -Acoustics?

    Second hand Yamaha or K Yari of some sort that looks like it been well played and you really can’t go wrong… Just play. A few till you find one you like. Some of the best sounding acoustics I have ever heard have been dirt cheap and it’s Not a brand/model thing either - some individual guitars...
  3. Mr C

    Paul McCartney throwing shade.

    12 pages… this thread is harder to kill than chuck norris
  4. Mr C

    Bands With Fictional Character Names

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Has no Brians, or joneses (or massacres as far as I know)…
  5. Mr C

    Your favourite Custom Shop pickups?

    The grey bottom pups I my ‘66 time machine are fantastic…
  6. Mr C

    New Jay Mascis Telecaster : where is it made?

    Fantastic player, Dino Jr still turning out great material. I’d say J Mascis is one of the most influential of the Gen x guitar players that’s for sure.
  7. Mr C

    Skunk time

    I thought this was a reference to Lee Scratch Perry’s wake…
  8. Mr C

    Subaru-dont even think about it!!!???

    I loved my Legacy GT30. 3ltr Flat 6 non turbo Chain drive perm 4 wheel drive. Quick, torquey engine. I put 100k miles on it touring all over new Zealand with no significant issues at all. The main thing putting me off newer Subarus is the’ve taken an aesthetic direction I’m not keen on…
  9. Mr C

    Hello from Windows 11!

    I’m sure windows 11 is an improvement On Windows 10 but for crying out loud why is it after so many decades trying MS still can’t build a browser…
  10. Mr C

    It's National Dog Day! (England)

    I suppose then it’s a dog day afternoon here…
  11. Mr C

    Lollars or Suhrs??

    I’d second the pv65 option. My Custom ship 66 had the grey bottom pickups hat ended up as the PV65/69 set and they are wonderful chiming pickups. Highly recommended for a brighter hotter sound than a traditional 57/62 type sound…
  12. Mr C

    Is mediocre my limit?

    Music is such a personal journey that may comparison is meaningless. For me the real step changes in my game have always come from projects with other people. The buzz you get from being part of something is worth 1000 hours of noodling in front of the TV… I have always struggled with...
  13. Mr C

    Is Modern Music Really Bad?

    Between the music and the storytelling and the quality of the animation and art direction some Anime are stunning works of art..
  14. Mr C

    Is Modern Music Really Bad?

    I’m going the other way in this. There is so much good new music it is overwhelming. I can go down a rabbit hole on Spotify where it’s an endless parade of awesome music and you just don’t have time to listen to it before finding something else. one of the reasons I keep a vinyl rig going is it...
  15. Mr C

    Fixing Led Zeppelin With Autotune

    Jack white pretty much summed it up in it might get loud… ‘it doesn’t make you a more creative person, it just let’s you get home sooner’… autotune as a vocal effect has been done to death now, between autotune and trap beats pop is been in a rut for a long time… mind your the minor pentatonic...
  16. Mr C

    Punchlines Only

    A stick
  17. Mr C

    Anybody else get migraine headaches?

    I never used to but maybe 10 years ago I started getting them. Usually in my case lasts about 3 or 4 hours and is almost starts to subside once I’ve had a vomit but the whole thing leaves me exhausted for the rest of that day. They seem to come and go in clusters. It’s almost impossible to get...
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    not sure on the release dates though.. it looks like no expense is being spared though I suspect that the original source material will be hard to follow faithfully looking at this trailer…
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    I must not Hype Hype is the mind killer I haven’t been this interested in a movie release for a long time. Dune is one of the all time great Novels..
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    6÷2(1+2) = x Solve for x

    its a well established precedent that the answer to everything is 42
  22. Mr C

    upcoming Bond

    Bland, James Bland, neither stirred nor shaken.. Time to hang up the Walther for good methinks…
  23. Mr C

    Weirdest movies you’ve seen.

    whenever I see this sort of thing i always think ‘all that was inside their head’ imagine being that guy!
  24. Mr C

    Custom Vs. Deluxe

    The original 70’s deluxe is absolutely one of the coolest guitars ever made.
  25. Mr C

    Pick/Plectrum or fingers.

    Hybrid on electric for the most part, mix of both on acoustic