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    Stratocaster 3 way switch, 2 tone + 1 vol pots, only 2 pickups (Tele Mod)?

    Blade switch version of the other diagram may help to clarify things.
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    Unfamiliar wiring technique... is this wrong? 🤔

    The above chart isn't absolutely correct for all Fender humbuckers. The pickups in the American Standard HSS Shawbucker and the American Pro HSS Shawbucker were wired differently and the DoubleTap is different again. .
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    Help identifying my strat

    Body is genuine, neck is Squier/Chinese copy not Fender. Tuners should be Fender/Ping vintage style. There were 2 versions of the (Deluxe) Powerhouse. The main difference was the battery box/cover. The OPs is the 1997-2004 version. The later 2005-2008 version had a rectangular Fishman box. The...
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    Position 1 to neck and bridge mod?

    I use a different approach than CB91710 to superswitch wiring. I prefer to follow the Fender convention of position 1 is bridge and position 5 neck. This is taken from the Classic Player 50s service manual showing switch wiring and switch/control positions. This wiring should give bridge...
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    Question about a 1 tone knob mod

    Basic 3 pickup, 1 volume, 1 tone, 5 way switch.
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    Hi, which model is this

    The OPs guitar is a version 1 Highway One. Finish is satin acrylic not nitro and pickups are Classic Series vintage style Alnico 5. Specification Model Name: Highway OneTM Stratocaster® Model Number: 011-1100-(Color#) and 011-1102-(Color#) Series: Highway OneTM Series Body: Alder Neck: Maple...
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    How does it work wired this way?

    It was possibly out of phase with the bridge pickup. The braid could also be isolated from the pickup metalwork. A more practical solution might be to reverse the bridge pickup wiring and wire the P90 as normal.
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    What Value Cap In An FSR Hot Rod Strat's Vol/Tone Pot?

    It's an FSR, service manuals are not available you'll have to take the pickguard off and check the capacitors. If the markings are not easily identifiable take some pictures and post here. Pickups are DiMarzio® DP100 Super Distortion (Bridge), DiMarzio® DP103 PAF 36th Anniversary (Neck)
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    MIM vs USA bridge tone block materials

    The MIA from 2008 is copper infused steel high mass.
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    Is that a fake Clapton? NOPE.

    The serial numbers either side of the OPs are a Pewter Clapton and a Torino Red Clapton. I wonder if Fender have any records of replacing the neck based on the old serial number. A Clapton neck surely couldn't just vanish from the inventory lists.
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    Take some pictures and post them here.
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    MIM 2-point Trem on American Strat Body?

    The stud spacing is the same for Mex and US 2 point trems. When the Mex Player Series first appeared they were fitted with the Fender/Ping 2 point trem as used for many years on the Classic Players. Ping couldn't supply the quantities required or there were shipping delays from Taiwan and Fender...
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    Road Worn Strats saddle spacing?

    The Roadworn 50s and 60s have aged Classic Series trems which are vintage wide (2 7/32") screw and string spacing.
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    Classic vibe wiring check

    +1 on the Switchcraft jack. I would also swap the Alpha switch for an Oak Grigsby or CRL. CRLs are getting a bit pricy though. Check out Axecaster for parts, they are usually quite competitive on prices. I use Servisol electrical contact cleaner but there are many others. WD40 have one but don't...
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    Fender Double Tap Bridge Humbucker with Seymour Duncan Classic Stack Plus noiseless Middle and Neck: best wiring?

    Fender have used pushpush, push pull and S1 switches to split the DoubleTap on different guitars as it is designed. You could forget about the split/tap which gives no volume loss and wire it as a normal humbucker with standard coil split but the results may not be satisfactory. This...
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    Is this tele legit? I can't find any 2018 with the same headstock decal and fender doesnt have serial number

    The most frequent reason a Fender neck serial number does not appear on the database is because the neck is a Genuine Rep[acement. The neck heel should be embossed with the Fender Genuine Replacement logo. IMHO the neck is a genuine Fender Deluxe Series neck part number 0997503921. The decals...
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    Serial number confusion

    0117300700 is the product code for the guitar. 011 denotes US-made, 7300 is the actual model number, 7 is the type of case and 00 is the colour. TX SPC refers to the Texas Special pickups, RW is rosewood fretboard and 3TS is the colour, 3 tone sunburst. The Fender service manual is here...
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    Are these Fat 50s?

    AFAIK the Fender DH-1 was introduced in 2000 for the American Deluxe Strat. The Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates + was different. The 2008 Fender Frontline Catalog.
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    Pushing out tuner bushing safely

    Gotoh supply an insertion/removal tool with the retail packs of SD91 tuners.
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    Where to Find Reverse Wound Fender 57/62 Pickups?

    The Classic Player 50s Strat has an RWRP 57/62 middle pickup. The generally available retail sets are Pure Vintage and not RWRP. The only reverse bit is they are reverse engineered from a set originally in a '63 Strat. The whole point of Pure Vintage is they are based on vintage pickups when...
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    Are these Fat 50s?

    The Fender Am Series/Standard HSS service manuals for 2004/5 and 2007 show the neck and middle pickups with parchment covers are part numbers 63013 and 63012. These are difficult to identify. Fender's marketing description for the HSS was they are Tex Mex. The wire colors don't quite fit the...
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    74 Strat replacement bridge under $100 (partscaster)

    Warmoth has a tremolo rout comparison page which shows the wider block routing for the 510. The extra width seems to be for a large brass nut on the separate arm tube which possibly could be reshaped though. The 510TS-SF2...
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    74 Strat replacement bridge under $100 (partscaster)

    If your saddles are 10.5mm and have 0.5mm gap between each of them as it looks on the image, the string spacing could be around 55mm. What is the measurement from E to e measuring on the strings where they leave the saddles?
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    74 Strat replacement bridge under $100 (partscaster)

    The Gotoh GE101TS is vintage screw and string spacing. Great bridge for the money. The Goton 510TS series are 56mm screw and 54mm string. Some prefer the...