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  1. GaryM

    Tubescreamer troubleshoot

    Don’t use Duracell batteries. They can reverse polarity and destroy things.
  2. GaryM

    Rodent Love

  3. GaryM

    Beatle Kill Pine Strat

    Pine is fine for guitar bodies. I just finished this one yesterday. It is a gift for one of my sons.
  4. GaryM

    Musician's Friend Stupid Deal - Zoom H1n Recorder

    These little Zoom recorders are excellent quality. I've owned the H4n for several years. I take a line out from our mono FOH mixer into one channel of the Zoom for the dry mix. The Zoom is onstage with the band, pointed toward the audience. The two internal mics pick up the ambience and adds...
  5. GaryM

    Favorite OD for blues?

    Boss SD-1 is my go to. I have two that are MIJ. I will let all my other pedals go before I let go of my SD-1.
  6. GaryM

    List your favorite pedals under $50

    Boss SD-1 Joyo Vintage OverDrive Joyo Ultimate Drive Joyo Sweey Baby Boss DS-1
  7. GaryM


    Ergo the saying, "Keep your booger hook off the bang switch." Ha ha! :D Every time I see a movie with some Hollywood hero walking around with their finger on the trigger, I cringe. Often I yell out loud, "Get your finger off the trigger!" Guns don't fire themselves.
  8. GaryM


    From somewhere on the Internet: "The original Leo Fender ’49 Prototype featured a “pine” body with maple neck with no truss rod. Leo believed that a hard rock maple neck did not require a truss rod. The guitar has been nicknamed the “snakehead” due to the headstock shape and three tuners per...
  9. GaryM


    Been a firearms hobbyist for decades. I've shot Glocks but never liked them. Especially after learning what "Glock leg" means. So, I stick to pistols with exposed hammers. In 45, I have a 1911. In 9mm, I have a Ruger P95DC and a companion Ruger PC Carbine.
  10. GaryM


    My pine Telecaster with an Allparts sugar pine body. It is very light weight with an airy acoustic tone. My current pine builds from recycled pine.
  11. GaryM

    When is too much gear too much

    You are supposed to own one guitar for each year that you have been playing. I'm behind 20.
  12. GaryM


    The fireworks that go boom are illegal in my state. People do them anyway. Each night for the last month, my dogs have been terrorized by them. I have to give them calming meds and wrap them in a thunder shirt. It sucks for my dogs. I live in a residential neighborhood and I’m glad you like...
  13. GaryM

    12 string with too much relief and truss rod maxed

    Another thought; how dry is the guitar? If it is too dry, that may cause a problem. Try to maintain 46% humidity.
  14. GaryM

    12 string with too much relief and truss rod maxed

    In addition to post #8, loosen the strings, remove the truss rod nut, and lubricate the truss rod threads and the nut.
  15. GaryM

    Is this a legit reason not to buy an otherwise perfect Tele?

    I had a similar experience in 2018. Walking into a guitar shop I spotted a new American Performer Telecaster. The color was nice but everything else was not what I thought a Telecaster should have. It had 22 huge jumbo frets, a neck humbucker, was alder, silver Fender logo and some new fangled...
  16. GaryM

    Anyone remember these comic book ads?

    I still use some some in my shop! :) I have two VTVMs, a tube checker, a capacitor supstitution box, a resistor sub box and a transistor tester.
  17. GaryM

    Anyone remember these comic book ads?

    In 1960, my older brother gave me his crystal radio. I asked my dad if it was possible to make an amplifier to make it louder. He drove me to Olson Electronics, bought me an Eico 3 transistor amp kit and taught me to solder. Turned out to lead to a career in electronics. I’ve been building...
  18. GaryM

    Anyone ever experience a failure like this?

    That happened to me once. I had to buy a new neck pocket for my Stratocaster. :D
  19. GaryM

    Baking In Oregon - Incredible Heat

    PSA - Dog owners should not walk their dogs on asphalt blacktop during these high temps. It will burn your dogs feet! If you can’t walk on it barefoot, neither should your dog.
  20. GaryM

    Yotubers stink!

    Reported! (J/K!) ;)
  21. GaryM

    Yotubers stink!

    If some guy is wearing shorts while playing guiitar on a YT video, it's an automatic thumbs down.
  22. GaryM

    Are NOS tubes still worth it?

    Buying tubes is like buying a guitar. You don’t just buy a guitar. You need strings. A strap. A case. Polish. With tubes, you need a tube tester. A pin straightener. Boxes to keep them in. An organizer. A tube caddy. Storage shelves. It’s a vicious cycle. A fun, vicious cycle.
  23. GaryM

    "Blackfacing" a silverface twin reverb: don't bother imho

    Classis PI circuitry opened up the amp to be clearer. The blue Ajax caps gives a sweet, smooth tone. I know that using words to describe tone is like using dance to describe archetecture. But I highly reccommend proper blackfacing.