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  1. Siameser

    Changing string gauges: do I need a truss rod adjustment?

    I'd hate to be a slave to a guitar tech because I couldn't do some VERY simple adjustments. Avail yourself of the readily available knowledge on the web and learn to do it yourself. Once you've learned, then you can keep your guitar in better adjustment going forward. The humidity in your...
  2. Siameser

    Black or White?

    Get white. Not black.
  3. Siameser

    Black or White?

    Not black. Uh, uh.
  4. Siameser

    Putting weight on a strat

    If you do that, I'll have to add weight to my SG. So, don't.
  5. Siameser

    So, I really want to pull the trigger on a Vintera, but...

    Truss rod adjustment belongs at the headstock. Getting a new guitar with the adjustment at the heel would be like buying a new car with a carburetor and points. No thanks.
  6. Siameser

    Picture of gold hardware - I need ideas of what looks good

    Gold on a guitar is always tacky.
  7. Siameser

    Coated Strings

    I tried coated strings a long time ago. 1. They cost more 2. The sounded dull 3. I don't know if they lasted longer, cuz I didn't want to listen to them. I give my strings a quick clean every time I play them. Mineral oil. Get it at Walgreen's in the laxative section. Use paper towel...
  8. Siameser

    Anyone use a blender pot?

    I had a blender in my parts caster. It was useful, and it makes sense to be able to combine the bridge and neck pickups, but that combination is the least useful of all the pickup selections. On a Telecaster, the bridge and neck combined is one of three great positions (probably my favorite...
  9. Siameser

    Adjustments to amp + strat + pedals for a Santana "tone".

    I'd start with EQ. My Boss GE-7 eq is pretty much always on, as I like to fatten up my Strat for things like Allman Brothers and Santana. I take off a little high end with the top two sliders, punch up the bottom with the lower two sliders, leave the mid range alone, and bump up the boost...
  10. Siameser

    This should put "what affects tone" to rest

    Have to hand it to him for putting in a good effort. With regard to the "air guitar". Actually, every guitar is an air guitar. The string are suspended between two points and are in the air. The bench he attached the bridge to became the body of the guitar while the tuner end had what...
  11. Siameser

    King Tone Switch (SRV / Classic)

    Gonna pass. Watched the videos, and my mind was open, but I didn't really see anything of value. What can it be other than an EQ circuit? Is there anything there I can't get out of an EQ pedal? Or that an EQ pedal can't do better? I use a Boss GE7 pretty much all the time. EQ and BOOST...
  12. Siameser

    Need Advice

    Get an American Pro II, and don't mess it with. Instead of a Humbuckers, make sure you have a good boost on your pedalboard, and a good overdrive. If you can't rock with that....
  13. Siameser

    Looking for a strat with these specs

    Have to you gonna add a fret?
  14. Siameser

    Winner for versatility:

    The Strat is it. I just got an SG to be my #2, but no way can it cover the territory a Strat can.
  15. Siameser

    Back in the fold.....

    Go Swart! Swart Mod 84 here.
  16. Siameser

    Need to improve Maple fretboard

    "Spit or pee"? You gotta be kidding. Spit doesn't work, and if it's pee, it has to be from a post pubescent virgin, so good luck with that. I always wipe my strings off with mineral oil. Which is what lemon oil is...mineral oil with lemon fragrance. Yeah. I use the corner of a piece of...
  17. Siameser

    Maple or Rosewood neck for Miami Blue?

    I got an American Pro II sunburst a few months ago. Went with maple, just because maple is so "Fendery". Pretty much could have just flipped a coin, though. No wrong answer.
  18. Siameser

    What is your LEAST favorite strat color ?

    Another vote for Antigua. Wasn't it bad enough that kitchen appliances from that era were painted that way, they had to do it to guitars too? Ugh. If relic was a color, that would be my choice. But it's not. But if it was...
  19. Siameser

    Looks like Fender raised prices again.

    Why get mad at Fender? Better to be mad about inflation and who or what caused it. Your dollars are worth less than they used to be. Just to illustrate...put your guitar on Reverb at a price higher than any comparable guitar. It won't sell. That's because the seller doesn't ultimately...
  20. Siameser

    Even I don't believe half the crap I say.

    Even I don't believe half the crap I say.
  21. Siameser

    Time to start today's Strat project

    I definitely like the white pickguard better than the mother-of-toilet-seat that was on there. Bummer that the 4th position isn't working right. I don't mind doing a job, but I HATE having to do it over.
  22. Siameser

    Kudos to Sweetwater (wrong tremolo arm)...

    You couldn't just get used to it? :)
  23. Siameser

    Input on this AmPro2

    They're great guitars, so why not buy it? I love mine, in burst. I was split between the burst and Miami blue. Hope you enjoy it.