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  1. pblanton

    Converting a 2 Prong Power Cord to a 3 Prong Cord

    With old two-prong plugs it didn't matter. Really old houses have two prong receptacles that aren't "polarized", meaning that one of the prongs is not wider than the other. On a polarized two prong outlet (and even modern three prong outlets) the skinnier prong is "hot" and the wider prong is...
  2. pblanton

    Converting a 2 Prong Power Cord to a 3 Prong Cord

    You can get rubber grommets or "strain relief" which are better, at Amazon. Just go there and search for "strain relief". They even have replacements for the hard plastic one like you have. This is what you have and they are about $6 for ten of them... I've never had any luck reusing them.
  3. pblanton

    Anyone use plastic neck plate gaskets?

    Tone's not as fragile as many people think it is, but I'm not a tone cork-sniffer. Most of my tone comes from my amps, and I'm not a good enough player to blame anything else but myself for the rest of it. I find that the best tone comes from getting all the notes right. :confused: Update: Wow...
  4. pblanton

    Small defects on brand new Strato Pro II

    Yeah. I have lots of cheap guitars and a few expensive (to me at least) ones; and I don't see that issue on any of them. To be fair most of my Fenders are maple fretboards. Correction. I just went and looked closely at mine, and I do have one with rosewood and it does have a blemished area...
  5. pblanton

    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    I've had my eyes peeled for a good deal on a Tokai strat for a long time. Those look *****in.
  6. pblanton

    Home players - how many do you have?

    Eight in my office with me everyday. Seven six-strings and one bass. They are... 3 Gibson Les Pauls 1 MIM Fender Strat 2 MIM Fender Telecasters 1 Gretsch Electromatic 1 Fender Jazz Bass In a spare bedroom I have another eight. Various electrics and three acoustics which brings us to a total...
  7. pblanton

    NGD 1964 Stratocaster

    Wow. That'd be a birth-year guitar for me. I've always wanted a '64 Strat birth-year guitar, but I don't think I could part with that kind of cash for a guitar. Congratulations though, that's the nicest one I've seen.
  8. pblanton

    Ever pick up one of your guitars and wonder why you don't play it more; And have no answer ??

    For the "stinky case", It's probably the glue that they use to hold the lining inside the case. For that issue, I use this (This is NOT an affiliate link so I make nothing if you buy it)... https :// www . amazon . com / gp / product / B0725FNB9D remove the spaces. Or search Amazon for...
  9. pblanton

    Drummers! Cymbals! Ouch!

    I ****ing hate cymbals. hate hate hate them. I'm sure they have their place, but in my opinion, it's in the trash.
  10. pblanton

    Would you rather have a vintage Strat or a Ferrari?

    I'll take a 1964 (My birth year) Strat. A Ferrari would be heavier than a vintage Gibson. Can you imagine standing onstage all night with a Ferrari strapped to your torso? Give me that '64 strat any day!
  11. pblanton

    A Stratocaster is better than a Les Paul because?

    Get a Get least one of each and stop tryna start a religious argument on the web??
  12. pblanton

    I didn't need another strat, but...

    Squier makes cheap guitars, and they make really good, low-cost guitars. The Classic Vibes are really good - at least every one I've seen - and deserve a place in everyone's collection. Congratulations.
  13. pblanton

    Removing the back plate

    ^^ This ^^
  14. pblanton

    Removing the back plate

    There are better ways to dampen the spring vibration if you want to. One good way is to insert medium density foam (that black stuff you see in equipment cases with custom holes cut for specific items) strips into the springs. Cut them into french-fry sized strips and slip them inside the...
  15. pblanton

    Removing the back plate

    That's true, but stop calling me "surely". That joke doesn't work as well in text. :(
  16. pblanton

    Removing the back plate

    I like the plates that are mounted in a recessed fashion so that the back of the guitar is smooth. If the guitar has a smooth back then I'll leave it on, unless it gets in the way of string changes. If the plate is mounted on top of the back so that it sticks out and makes a lump on the back...
  17. pblanton

    Tube vs. Transistor

    To be fair... like transistors, tubes don't need to be replaced until they die either.
  18. pblanton

    Having a great Strat, yet still looking at other Strats.

    It's called GAS and it looks like you may have it. The test is this question... How many guitars is enough? If you answered, "Well really, just one more." then you have GAS. If you find yourself moving to the next phase, which is "I never sell guitars. I only buy them." then you have Acute...
  19. pblanton

    Question. How would one go about "coil-tapping" a single-coil strat?

    Here is what the seller replied, "The volume and one tone pot is push-pull. They are combining one pup with another, and all pups have tone control." So it is as I suspected. He liked the cool term, "coil-tapped" so he used it to describe an otherwise un-coil-tappy wiring job.
  20. pblanton

    Question. How would one go about "coil-tapping" a single-coil strat?

    HHHDKWIOTWSF = Ha ha, he didn't know what IOTW stood for. I hate acronyms. Just type it out like a human, silly millennials. WTF?
  21. pblanton

    Question. How would one go about "coil-tapping" a single-coil strat?

    To quote Johnny Carson... I did not know that. But, do you suspect this is the case with a $50 Squier Affinity?
  22. pblanton

    Question. How would one go about "coil-tapping" a single-coil strat?

    I sent the following message to the seller ... "Coil Tapping is a term used to describe being able to access only one of the coils (or disabling one of the coils) in a humbucker pickup in order to give it the single-coil sound. Regarding this specific guitar which is outfitted with three...
  23. pblanton

    Question. How would one go about "coil-tapping" a single-coil strat?

    I saw this on Ebay and was wondering, what exactly would one do in order to coil-tap a guitar that has single-coil pickups? The ad doesn't specify exactly what that means... I'm speculating that the seller may have done some mods to enable more blends than...