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  1. crashbelt

    Why are refrets coming up so much these days?

    I bought this case queen maple cap 67 at the start of the year. Despite negligible fret wear, its in for a refret with 6105 wire because i couldnt stand the tiny low original frets. These things are for playing😊
  2. crashbelt

    One word song title transference

    Different Light Steve Winwood
  3. crashbelt

    NGD ‘56 Strat and a Poll

    Sunburst lightly aged refin...........
  4. crashbelt

    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    To revert to the OPs question, your no.1 Strat can only be a Fender (including Squiers of course) Anything else can only be defined as a Strat copy however good it is. My 65 74 and 97s are all Strats - I don't own copies.
  5. crashbelt

    Abundance of riches, or option nightmare: the 3 Strat dilemma

    If the 56 "plays and sounds killer" and to me looks killer too, I'd be holding on to it. Wish I had a 50s MN Strat. I'm happy to do a straight swap for my 65 though;)
  6. crashbelt

    NGD 1964 Stratocaster

    My March 65 CAR has a white case which I used to think was probably not original. But I suspect it is as it was bought in the US by a touring UK musician and is in similarly excellent condition to the guitar.
  7. crashbelt

    NGD 1964 Stratocaster

    Here's the checking on my CAR early 65 (March neck). Similarly very lightly played condition to your beautiful LPB 64. Great period for Strats.
  8. crashbelt

    NGD 1964 Stratocaster

    I'd love to more pics of the checking. My early 65 CAR looks similar - it has quite a thick skin finish, as I've seen on some LPBs, which seems to be prone to longitudinal checking.
  9. crashbelt

    1964 Olympic White

    Stunning guitar!!!
  10. crashbelt

    Whether to re-finish a ‘62 that has been stripped already

    We all have our preferences. I just can't stand stripped finishes - that was never on Leo's list of options. Definitely get as close as possible to a quality refin of the original colour with light ageing to make it sit right with the rest of the parts. I had that done to my 62 Strat years ago...
  11. crashbelt

    Would you rather have a vintage Strat or a Ferrari?

    Vintage Strat all day long. Cars are boring.
  12. crashbelt

    Strange sunburst 1960

    Jeez JBs new guitar lives up to its Dirty Burst nickname:oops:. I've had good buying/selling dealings with ATB but this isn't the first questionable Strat to pass through their hands.
  13. crashbelt

    Show off your hardtails!

    My 1974 blonde over lightweight ash. Great guitar.
  14. crashbelt

    Strange sunburst 1960

    It's listed now as sold so let's look forward to a NGD post soon
  15. crashbelt

    What is the best wood for Stratocaster guitars?

    Balsa wood is best to avoid aching shoulders:whistling:
  16. crashbelt

    Hi from Surrey, England

    Welcome another Brit!
  17. crashbelt

    Would you pay 120K for this Strat?

    They should give it to me as a freebie as its my birth year Strat.
  18. crashbelt

    What kind of Gibson guitar can this be?

    If its a real vintage guitar, the features indicate Gibson ES335 TDC mid 1960 to mid 1962. But can't tell if it's authentic and not a reissue from limited pics.
  19. crashbelt

    ebay sniping... can we talk about this?

    I always use Justsnipe - free for up to 5 bids a week. Saves pushing the price up early or forgetting the end time. I lost an amazing deal years ago missing the end time in the middle of the night UK time by sleeping through an alarm I'd set! Don't ever buy guitars on eBay though!!
  20. crashbelt

    Dog Lovers

    Poppy is the smaller one.
  21. crashbelt

    Do you still use "Man" in sentences?

    Guilty as charged although I reserve Bro for my long suffering wife.
  22. crashbelt

    How many guitars do you have?

    27 21 vintage Gibsons/Fenders and 6 others - life can be tough:whistling:
  23. crashbelt

    62 sonic/daphne blue stratocaster

    Nice to see a positive follow up to the 2019 thread and pleased you saved it from leaving the family. The value will have appreciated nicely in the last 3 years too, although I'm sure that's not the main consideration.