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  1. TN703800

    Oh no, not ANOTHER Tremolo Cover question! :)

    Off. They look like a boarded up storefront for Gingers House of Wigs when they're on.
  2. TN703800

    That morning you wake up and something is missing?

    I've found waking up to discover "something" that's still there is even more traumatic than something missing.
  3. TN703800

    Remembering Rory Gallagher

    Same here. Saw him open for Rush and hadn't even heard of him up to that point. A pleasant surprise indeed.
  4. TN703800

    Rosewood Oil?

    Guitar players love to make mountains out of any and all molehills we can find. Guitar player DNA. And when we can't find one, we'll create a new molehill to begin the mountainizing process on.
  5. TN703800

    Unsure on the finish on my Dark Night AmPro2 Strat

    Looks great in the standing pic. A little washed out laying down. That particular room lighting probably isn't doing it any favors. Keeper.
  6. TN703800

    Who is your all time fav strat player

    Jimi. Then the recent discovery of Roy Buchanan. For me, he's the only other guitar player that got close to duplicating the feeling I had hearing Hendrix for the 1st time. Instantaneous.
  7. TN703800

    Rosewood Oil?

    I've never "oiled" a rosewood board in 30+ years of predominantly playing RW. No problems at all using a quick FastFret wipedown. Has always worked fine for me. Looks good, plays good. That being said, if I were to start oiling, my first move would be trying whatever it is ElectGumbo does to...
  8. TN703800

    Could the Fender Custom Shop build The Edge Signature Stratocaster for me?

    "Wet" meaning actually hand-signed, not a sticker.
  9. TN703800

    Is one's guitar collection truly complete without

    ...often seem to find those real good friends.
  10. TN703800

    Eric Johnson signature Stratocaster. What are your thoughts on it?

    All the more reason to take a serious look at the EJ, imo.
  11. TN703800

    When do you become a "cork sniffer"?

    When you can afford wine that has a cork instead of twist off.
  12. TN703800

    I am confused about custom shop strats

    "Sir, the defenders of all thing Fender have spoken. Their voices heard throughout the land!" Vengeance is mine," said Leonadis. "Bring the OP to me!!" he thundered.
  13. TN703800

    Help identifying a Strat with a Custom Shop sticker

    Heres hoping karma throat punches the sorry SOB that sold it to you.
  14. TN703800

    Vintage Strat size vs New Strat size?

    I think a black guitar, as in JM above and Hendrix at Monterey, probably can sell a bit of a size illusion sometimes. Like the slimming effect in black clothing. Hendrix seems to dwarf that black/RW strat at Monterey compared to later on when he was playing maple.
  15. TN703800

    RIP Ronnie Hawkins

    Never heard of him 'til only a month ago through a Roy Buchanan doc. RIP Ronnie🙏
  16. TN703800

    Which Colour do I go with? - About to pull the trigger!

    Burst. Best wishes, Parksie.
  17. TN703800

    Variations on a theme...

    Good job. Enjoyed listening to those.
  18. TN703800


    Tall narrow or vintage frets seems like the most immediate "fix"if the having room problem is the primary objective. If it were me, and taking into consideration you're moving away from metal tones, I'd bite the bullet and get the best guitar I could afford, that has the room I was looking...
  19. TN703800

    Chasing perfect

    🙋‍♂️ Flying squirrels are superior to squirrels that travel by foot, i.e. "A flawed squirrel."
  20. TN703800

    "Tone is in the hands" - silliest buzzword of the decade?

    Which word is the "buzzword" being debated?
  21. TN703800

    Fender American Performer fake?

    That slopped COA would concern me. That mess can't be the original from Fender. Where's EGumbo? He did a replacement COA through Fender, I believe. Did Fender fill out the replacement in crayons like this one?
  22. TN703800

    Fake? Is this Hendrix strat real? Help!

    Not even close to being real.
  23. TN703800

    Please reply to this thread before you read the title.

    I was black out drunk at the timeframe being questioned.
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    Why not Just why not

    I think I'm having an epiphany of some kind. This is brilliant.