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  1. BigNorm

    Another "Show us your pedal board" thread

    That's all I need....if you wonder why the boss super over drive is black instead of yellow, it's an anniversary edition .
  2. BigNorm

    Who else is a fan of the legendary MXR Phase 90?

    It's one of the 5 pedals on my pedal board...and love it...
  3. BigNorm

    Your favorite singer/ voice?

    John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrison Gino Vanelli And many more....
  4. BigNorm

    Which FSR Ultra do you like better?

    Texas tea all the way !
  5. BigNorm

    Your favorite guitarists?

    Tommy Emmanuel ! Period !
  6. BigNorm

    How do *you* make a new Stratocaster *your own*

    +1...Same for me, and I play it a lot...
  7. BigNorm

    Pick one

    Went with Gibson....but for me, there is nothing else than Fender... Gibson was the only valuable choice in the list for me, and it would be a 335.
  8. BigNorm


    Paul & Ringo Still does'nt means nothing about guitars....but I love The Beatles....
  9. BigNorm

    Best (Favorite) Color Ever?

    Fiesta red is my favorite colour, but I can love any kind of red. My Strat is actually candy cola and I love it.
  10. BigNorm

    Does paint color affect your play?

    Same for me... I had a very good strat in shoreline gold but could'nt stand the i was'nt play it much. I love a lot of colours but Red is my favorite. I have a candy cola now and can't be more happy.
  11. BigNorm

    Your Rock Star Name.

    Naked toast ! ( i wear no underwear under my dressing gown..) 🤭🤪
  12. BigNorm

    New Territory for Me…Gretsch NGD

    Very nice. HNGD !
  13. BigNorm

    Where do you stick it????

    3...the guitar came like this and it's perfect for me...
  14. BigNorm

    Post a current picture with one of your guitars !

    You were at that gig The M resto bar...
  15. BigNorm

    Would you rather have a vintage Strat or a Ferrari?

    no needs for both... I'm happy with my 2012 american standard strat and my 2012 chevy Equinox...
  16. BigNorm

    Preferred Tuning?

    Same for me...even my acoustic is also in Eb.
  17. BigNorm

    If your Stratocaster.

    Probably a G&L...
  18. BigNorm

    Going bald in your 20s

    I'm 69 and have all my dad is 93 and have all his hairs...I would like to lose 50 pounds instead...
  19. BigNorm

    How thick is your...Pick?

    This ! since a long time...
  20. BigNorm

    NGD - Finally, I'm legit ! of my favorite color...enjoy !
  21. BigNorm

    If you have more than one amp...why?

    I have 2 because you always need a spare for gigging.... Both are now Tonemaster...a twin and a deluxe reverb..light and easy to carry.
  22. BigNorm

    Which guitar would you take on stage tonight?

    my number 1 Strat...
  23. BigNorm

    Mexican Standard or Player?

    spaghetti logo on the headstock also make the difference easy to recognize...