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  1. afireinside

    What makes a good Sunburst?

    3tsb 2012 Standard and 2tsb AVRI Partscaster
  2. afireinside

    Squier Pro Tone Stratocaster

    Ive had 3 Pro tones. They are nice. But id only pay maybe $400 for them. Stock pups are pretty shrill and necks are quite thin. But now my x2 SQ MIJ basses and my SQ Stratocaster now they are worth the money!
  3. afireinside

    NPD - Klein Epic 65’s

    I have a set of older 61s marked 2010. Dident like them in 2 fenders, blamed the pickups at first but slapped it in a basswood 2003 tribute legacy and they rule. Super nice vintage tone
  4. afireinside

    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    G&L. Teles are ASATs
  5. afireinside

    Which AO/AVRI strats have big necks?

    My AO 60s has a chunker of a neck
  6. afireinside

    Stratocaster Robert Cray anyone?

    I bought a fairly rare 2007 Violet cray over a year ago was a case queen, so much so the neck had never been adjusted. So the bad is you cannot tighten it enough to go fully strait or into back bow. If you loosen it i can get huge foward bow. But it is super stable never shifts winter to...
  7. afireinside

    G&L Fullerton Stratocaster (Vintage Content)

    Clear orange! Been wanting this color forever!
  8. afireinside

    G&L Fullerton Stratocaster (Vintage Content)

    Another arrives tomorrow lol. And yes prices have made a scary jump....
  9. afireinside

    G&L Fullerton Stratocaster (Vintage Content)

    I love G&L cheap on the used market. Much better builds then the F. The 3tsb and Purple are both 1994s
  10. afireinside

    NGD: 2008 American Standard Strat

    Nice then only 2 i have that light are x2 1994 G&L legacys
  11. afireinside

    The $800 Partscaster Challenge

    Search GCs used. Grab a G&L USA legacy or even a Fender Highway one. They pop up around $650 from time to time. Heck ive grabbed 5 or 6 just this summer. Just grabbed a ASAT TELE for $630 yesterday
  12. afireinside

    Have you ever weighed a strat?

    Always. I try and keep guitars under 8lb and basses/Les Pauls under 9. 2 g&l legacys i have are 7.2lbs. And a SB2 Bass is 8lbs all sound great Only one I dident care about was my recently bought 2010 Gibson LP Traditional Pro w/ repaired headstock i paid $700 for. 9.5 lbs
  13. afireinside

    Best value in an sss Strat?

    All these USA G&Ls were well under 1k. The purple 1994 was $450! Upper left graphite new 2019 $950. 2021 Sonic blue used $900. Burst Asat $950. Bottom left 1997 legacy special $725. 2017 Standard legacy green $875. Purple 1994 legacy $450. Red burst s500 $650. Comanche tribute...
  14. afireinside

    Made in Mexico fret edges

    That is one thing ive noticed about MIM bad fret ends. I have a old beat squier CE with a wonderfuly chunky neck with beautiful frets/ends. But the few mim standards have been bad. My player jazzmaster was terrible but was worth the $35 to have my tech do his killer end fileing
  15. afireinside

    Do any of you prefer the look/feel of a Pau Ferro Fingerboard over a Rosewood Fingerboard?

    The only PF have kept is a 2018 classic player 60s stratocaster because it just sounds like magic. Best strat ive heard by far. Ugly FB...... im a dark RW guy I also have 2 carribean rosewood G&Ls. 1 Feels killer, ugly as sin/orange! 1 looks like dark RW.
  16. afireinside

    Sonic Blue vs Daphne Blue

    My faded sonic fender CP60s 2021 G&L Sonic USA legacy
  17. afireinside

    Blizzard Pearl bites the dust!!

    Your thinking about paying $2000 for a 2006 MIM standard strat. Horrible price. $500-to 600 tops. Ive bought 3 USA G&L legacys for around $700 shipped or less lately. $450 was the cheapest for a 1994! Mint
  18. afireinside

    G & L Tribute Legacy I just bought help

    Good score. Yes it has USA g&l pickups!
  19. afireinside

    Big Apple Overpriced?

    Man wished i grabbed the mint one for $100 last summer! I see them pop up af GC used for $700 here and their
  20. afireinside

    2 similar strats. Different voices

    The LE It is a roasted maple deep c. But the few ive played arent that much bigger then the normal USA Cs maybe a tiny bit more shoulder. My favorite neck is my AO 60s chunky C that is a nice fat neck! The CP60s is closer but not as fat/shouldery
  21. afireinside

    2 similar strats. Different voices

    Interesting the CP neck is a bit chunkier and the USA a bit smaller. Dident think the roasted vs normal would make a difference, or if anything the roasted would be livelier. I love this mint tinged faded sonic blue with mint guard! Now i want to swap necks!
  22. afireinside

    2 similar strats. Different voices

    Here are the 2 guitar iin question I found a 2018 Classic Player 60s strat used with the CS69 Pickups, alder body, maple neck, PF fretboard, 2pt trem new Daddario 10s and setup by me. Best sounding strat ive ever heard, just super beautiful chimey, open and responsive to touch unreal. But the...
  23. afireinside

    NGD: Robert Cray Strat

    Nice i have a older one in Violet love the chunker neck!
  24. afireinside

    Removing Treble Bleed

    Any luck on this? I have a 2020 professional USA strat that sounds dark and woofy. Messed with heights and nada. I have a MIM CP60swith the same CS69 pickups but 50s wireing, that one is alive not as powerful but chimey clear and wonderful.