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  1. Stu78

    Randy Bachman Reunited With His Stolen Guitar

    Another lost guitar that came back. 🙂
  2. Stu78

    Thinking I am having a mid life crisis

    Good thing you don't own an BOSS HM2 then! You have already spontaniously combusted! 💥🤣
  3. Stu78

    Thinking I am having a mid life crisis

    LMAO 🤣
  4. Stu78

    NGD: 70´s Vintera

    Again I pretty much agree with your saying @SpeedKing about how big the OP feels the difference is between the MIM v's MIJ. My partcaster has a Mexican classic series neck although I drilled for 4 bolt rather than 3. Apart from the fret ends needing a little work there's not much in it between...
  5. Stu78

    NGD: 70´s Vintera

    Pretty much agree with this. 🙂☝️
  6. Stu78

    Could use some input!

    I'd go for a mashup with this! 🙂
  7. Stu78

    Show us your Basses

    Good stuff, everyone needs a bass! 🙂
  8. Stu78

    Show us your Basses

    Vintera Mustang with La bella flats 🙂.
  9. Stu78

    New Project

    Nice, CBS or non CBS headstock? 🙂
  10. Stu78

    Metallic overtone on open B String, why?

    This ☝.
  11. Stu78

    Hi from green and pleasant Lincolnshire.

    Welcome. 🙂👍
  12. Stu78

    At risk of sounding like a noob…

    Whatever you do don't tighten the grub screw with the arm in! You will **** it up and strip the tread. Trust me don't do it! I've been there.......twice! 😱
  13. Stu78

    For Sale 2019 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V

    I owned an Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Goldtop a few years back, damn fine guitar. Nowhere near the Gibson but as close as you'd get to it with an Epi. Wish I'd kept it along with my 56 Goldtop P90 Epi. Hope you find that Goldtop of your dragon dreams. Sounds like a Zappa lyric!🤣
  14. Stu78

    NGD: 1980 Tokai Flamingo Orange :)

    Lovely guitar and I agree with @felis much prefer the rosewood over maple in that colour. 🙂
  15. Stu78

    Should I name the Bunnyman Floyd?

    The bunny suits fantastic That is really what I think Oh by the way, which one's pink? 🤣
  16. Stu78


    Nice. 🙂👍
  17. Stu78

    Show us what you're playin' today

    That is one good looking Stat! 🙂
  18. Stu78

    Need a hack

    I'd just take them back to the store, probably easier. You destroy those jeans trying to get that off. 🙂
  19. Stu78

    MIJ 1986 Strat question: metal part on back of headstock?

    The original 8 hole has been mashed up, wrong screws/extra holes. Plus the intonation screws missing, might mean the treads are stripped. I'd duck this myself unless the price is basement end.
  20. Stu78

    Where is your number 1 right now?

    Can't beat a good chilli with garlic bread rice and a good dollop of soured cream. Had some myself earlier. 🙂👍
  21. Stu78

    MIJ 1986 Strat question: metal part on back of headstock?

    Beat me the punch so too speak. Thought it must be something like that. 🙂👍