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  1. little_wing142

    NAD - Champion 600

    I had one for a couple of years stock. It sounded like a cardboard box. Good luck with the mods
  2. little_wing142

    For Sale SOLD

    What was the scale length of the guitar?
  3. little_wing142

    40th Anniversary Stratocaster Pickups?

    My American standard 94 is a special guitar. The pickups are super articulate and chimey. The neck is the perfect C shape and the radius honestly feels like more of a 12 than a 9.5
  4. little_wing142

    For Sale Guitar Mill Neck and SuperVee BladeRunner for sale

    hi, what is the string spacing for the bridge? Thanks!
  5. little_wing142

    What Blues Needs…

    I think you all are missing the point, respectfully. The blues doesn’t need a new SRV. The blues needs good SONGS. Like him or not SRV had quality songs, executed in an effective, virtuostic way. Look at the modern crop of popular blues artists. Name one song. Bonamassa is great, songs are...
  6. little_wing142

    Should I return this EVH Wolfgang?

    Thank you I will try this. I just got it so definitely I have 45 days
  7. little_wing142

    Should I return this EVH Wolfgang?

    Hello, there are actually 2 screws that go from the nut and are bolted and countersunk on the back of the neck. It seems pretty solid in there. I'm not sure if it can move or be repositioned.
  8. little_wing142

    Should I return this EVH Wolfgang?

    The bass side of the nut has a gap compared to the treble side
  9. little_wing142

    Should I return this EVH Wolfgang?

    Plays very well actually. No intonation issues I can find
  10. little_wing142

    Should I return this EVH Wolfgang?

    Hi , I just bought this brand new at GC and it looks like the nut is wonky. Can this be an easy fix or should I just return it? In the pic there is a gap on the bass side of the nut.
  11. little_wing142

    Squier Standard body?

    You can actually see where they plugged the holes for the trap tuners . Likely aftermarket bridge installed
  12. little_wing142

    Wanted Fender Strat C/U shaped relic neck

    I have a fender American original 60s Strat neck with jumbo frets, 2019 with rosewood board. It has natural wear on it. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
  13. little_wing142

    Anybody have the iSet Dumbler pedal?

    I have probably the same pedal but packaged as the Mooer Rumble Drive. It’s ok.
  14. little_wing142

    Darrell addresses these scammers.

    I’m not a fan of 60 cycle him. There was a video where he was unboxing a bunch of pedals and basically threw the empty box at the camera (viewer) after every one. It’s complete disregard for his audience. Here’s a tip, don’t throw your garbage at your viewers.
  15. little_wing142

    For Sale Free pedals. Just pay shipping to CONUS. - GONE

    that’s great! I would like to claim the boss tuner and jet driver please!
  16. little_wing142

    My 62 Strat build…let the fun begin

    21 frets, heel truss rod adjust, and make sure the dot markers are placed on the side between the rosewood and maple of the neck. You need to retain the look of a vintage neck
  17. little_wing142

    Ordered a Custom 68 Vibro Champ

    I just played one. Input 1 is glorious. Input 2 is average
  18. little_wing142

    Return of Jimmi Hendrix?

    I am a Hendrix snob. That was good.
  19. little_wing142

    American Original keeps going out of tune

    I’d lower all the pickups, might be magnetic pull.
  20. little_wing142


    That’s the model they don’t want to touch for some reason.
  21. little_wing142

    For the right price?

    I kind of want to fix this thing. I would fill the top trem cavity and match the amber stain . I'd also remove the nut and rebuild the shelf to accept a regular strat nut. Let me know if you get a good deal. Maybe you can be the middle man!
  22. little_wing142

    Gun Metal Grey strat body

    Yes that’s more like it! Did you find that the neck pocket was too shallow?