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  1. stormin1155

    My First Guitar Build - A 3D Printed Strat

    That's really a spectacular looking strat! Wow! But can you tell me what * 3D printed under string fret file proved to give awesome results. ...means?
  2. stormin1155

    Poll: Led Zeppelin vs. Rush?

    A couple days ago I watched a Youtube where a professional classically trained female musician listened to and critiqued LZ's Kashmir (live version). It was a treat to watch... here was a 30-something professional woman who was listening to LZ for the very first time, and she was giggling, all...
  3. stormin1155

    Something I've learned about tinnitus

    A single frequency? I can identify at least six, and sometimes more, sounds going on with mine. They're not simple frequencies... some are buzzing, some sound like crickets, some like a chorus of tree frogs.
  4. stormin1155

    What is your favorite bench test amp?

    My bench amp stays on all day long, and sometimes I forget to turn it off at night. I use it for electric, bass, and acoustic. So it needs to be built like a tank and pretty neutral. An old '80s Peavey Studio Pro 40 fits the bill perfectly.
  5. stormin1155

    Pickguard relic techniques

    Thanks for the post. Looks good!
  6. stormin1155

    NGD 1964 Stratocaster

    Wow! A Father's Day to remember!
  7. stormin1155

    Sticker fretboard inlays when refinishing a neck?

    I have stickers on a couple of guitars and like the look. I wouldn't put finish over the top of them though in case you want to remove them. I doubt that finishing over the top will make them look any more like "real" inlays.
  8. stormin1155

    Fret Level Question - Low #1

    Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly, but if your first fret is low it WILL cause problems. I would replace the first fret. Now if you're talking about your 21st fret being a bit low, I wouldn't worry about that.
  9. stormin1155

    fretboard thickness

    Three mm is pretty thin but should still be enough to get the fret slot deep enough for the tangs, which are usually less than 2mm. You might have to cut the slots deeper. I would be more concerned with how the neck feels. Does it feel too thin?
  10. stormin1155

    Truss rod myths

    I've had weird things like that happen too. My guess is that it was responding to changes in the environment (temperature/humidity) rather than "catching up" with the truss rod adjustment.
  11. stormin1155

    Truss rod myths

    Yeah, this whole 1/8-turn-leave-it-set-over-night-yaddayadda is one of the internet truss rod myths. The neck does 95% of its movement while you're turning the wrench. No need to wait between turns.
  12. stormin1155

    Your Opinions On Strat Middle Pickups

    I have found that strats look weird without a middle pickup.
  13. stormin1155

    Random daily observations

    You said observations.... That was only one.
  14. stormin1155

    If you have more than one amp...why?

    Cuz I wanted more than one amp. That's why.
  15. stormin1155

    How Many Instruments Do You Own?

    Most of my instruments are guitars. I have about 50 of them. About half/half acoustic/electric. I have a couple of basses, a mandolin, a uke, a piano, a trombone, and several harmonicas.
  16. stormin1155

    Rift/Quarter sawn neck on MIM strat?

    You look at the end grain to determine the grain orientation.
  17. stormin1155

    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    I bought a harmonica. I consider it guitar related because I'm not a harmonica player. I only play harmonica to accompany my guitar playing. Songs like Heart of Gold and some Dylan songs.
  18. stormin1155

    When your kid starts sounding like a grown up.

    Yeah, one of life's greatest joys was witnessing my boys transitioning from bewildered youth to solid adults. They are both much smarter than I am, and in many ways even wiser. My oldest turned 41 recently, which makes me feel pretty old, but I couldn't be prouder of both of them.
  19. stormin1155

    How well do you know the people on the site?

    Don't know anybody on this forum. Have met a couple of guys from other forums. I'm Norm. Live in Des Moines, Iowa. Hey White Dog! Shout-out to another Iowan!
  20. stormin1155


    You can't move the saddle back any further because the little spring is compressed as much as it can? Take the little spring out completely. The only reason it's there is to hold the saddle in place when the strings are off. Once string tension is on they are not needed.
  21. stormin1155

    Old Road Worns... are they worth their current price?

    I don't own a RW, but I've had a few come through my shop, and every one I've played has been great. I'm not such a fan of the relic thing, but they play and sound so good. If I had the chance to pick one up for a decent price I'd jump on it, but you don't see the original ones for sale very...
  22. stormin1155

    Problem with skunk stripe

    Is your truss rod working properly? Can you feel movement at the crack when you turn the truss rod? I'd have a tech look at it. If you do attempt to seep super glue into the crack, take all tension off the truss rod first.
  23. stormin1155


    The sweat/oils from your skin have actually soaked into the finish. It can't be wiped off. You can remove it with buffing and/or a polishing compound (automotive cleaning/polishing compounds and products like Straddled suggested work ok), but bear in mind that many/most of these products...