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  1. ZZDoc

    2006 Pewter Eric Clapton Signature Strat?

    It is said that the Clapton neck carve was base upon the neck of a favorite Martin acoustic of his. Calling attention to the two guitars I've posted above. The neck on the red guitar, built in the Custom Shop, has slightly less taper than the pewter which was factory built. I also owned a '93...
  2. ZZDoc

    2006 Pewter Eric Clapton Signature Strat?

    Interesting your comment on the Torino red. The prototype 'test bed' guitars Clapton toured with in '86 were two. One red, the other pewter. It had a 21 fret neck which was upped to 22 when the guitar went into production. This is my '87 Generation 1 Clapton built in the nascent Custom Shop...
  3. ZZDoc

    What makes a good Sunburst?

    Sunbursts are like women. It's what turns one on, and Fender's had many different interpretations across the decades.[See link] For me its pretty much the guitar Red Bread or Handsome McClane posted a photo of. A dark SB3 with a very subtle watercolor bleed of red into the yellow...
  4. ZZDoc

    Does changing my 5 way switch to a 3 way affect tone? I have even considered taking out the middle pickup!

    Interesting how, in the late '50's, we used to 'diddle' with that switch to get that in-between tone.....and now...?
  5. ZZDoc

    Home players - how many do you have?

    6 Strats; Bass VI; Les Paul; and 2 acoustic-electrics.
  6. ZZDoc

    New Aztec Gold Day!!

    Lovely. Enjoy. However, what piques my curiosity is why when Fender markets an 'Original 50's' Strat it sports a body with Corona contours, not Fullerton contours. See: on the 'Bob Body'. Hit the 'Strat 'Plus' button and scroll down to find his discussion of same.
  7. ZZDoc

    Eras of American Standard Strat

    The 'vintage' tone of my generation is a '58 Strat and 'Buddy Holly and the Crickets'. All else is evo evolution.
  8. ZZDoc

    Vintage Strat size vs New Strat size?

    Go to and find is piece on the ‘Bob’ body. Fullerton vs Corona contours.
  9. ZZDoc

    Anyone Use The Fender Mod Shop To Build A Strat?

    Respect the man who has more than one guitar because he likely has good reason to.
  10. ZZDoc

    Anyone Use The Fender Mod Shop To Build A Strat?

    When they offer a Clapton neck option, I might consider it.
  11. ZZDoc

    is my guitar a CS?

    That's a broad 'technically'. The expectation is that at least the components which are, in part, hand crafted and finished on the production line, are completed by one builder or a select group, in the Custom Shop. That would be the body including selecting the raw stock and cutting, finish...
  12. ZZDoc

    is my guitar a CS?

    What no one has told you as yet is that FMIC Custom Shop guitars, Team Built or Master Built have serial numbers on the neck plate and are issued with certificates of authenticity aka ''CA". You should be provided with same by the seller.
  13. ZZDoc

    What does a Strat sound like?

    One hasn't heard guitars being auditioned 'clean' in music stores on Headbanger Weekends' for decades. However, Buddy Holly's 'Peggy Sue', 'That'll Be the Day'; Richie Valen's, 'La Bamba', Robin Luke's ''Suzie Darl'in', '50's vintage Strat tones.
  14. ZZDoc

    Removing the back plate

    ....and if it has active electronics and you stow the battery in the trem route.
  15. ZZDoc

    Tube Shortages...

    This is what you get when US manufacturers decide that the juice is not worth the squeeze. When US salaries are such that the cost of the final product exceeds the ability of the guy who helped make it to afford to buy it. Think the shoe industry.
  16. ZZDoc

    NGD Sienna Sunburst Am Std

    The FSR VG edition of same.
  17. ZZDoc

    Throw back pictures. Lets see yours!

    Washington Square Park, 2:00 a.m., August 1964...Just finished another weekend, of what would turn out to be 70, at NYC's legendary 'Cafe WHA??"
  18. ZZDoc

    you dont have to like it

    "There are some things that some people feel they must be able to do, and are frustrated by their inability to d so." "In response to that I say, 'We need to talk'!"
  19. ZZDoc

    Everyone must post in this thread ...

    "You can keep your hat on!!"
  20. ZZDoc

    What is your favourite body colour with a rosewood fretboard?

    ''Holy 'Xhefriguitars', Batman!!"