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  1. bsman

    Gotta love the mini amps

    I love this sort of thing. I have the following (in order of acquisition): Smokey amp (in cigarette pack) Danelectro Honeytone e-studio Blackstar Fly (with extension speaker) Blackstar ID:Core Beam Blackstar Super Fly (with extension speaker - also has xlr input for mic) Vox MV50 AC Supro...
  2. bsman

    Are you still with the mother/father of your first child?

    Well, I was fooling around when my wife got pregnant with our kids, so I’m not 100% sure they’re hers… :thumbd::whistling::D
  3. bsman

    I'm jealous

    Just curious (not trying to be provocative), because a lot of friends I have on the spectrum have tactile issues that prevent them from wearing bling of any kind.
  4. bsman

    I'm jealous

    On the spectrum?
  5. bsman

    I'm jealous

    I got my ear pierced back in ‘76 or ‘77. Used to wear a crescent moon. Stopped wearing it when I started to see mundane businessmen with them.
  6. bsman

    I have never knowingly owned an acoustic guitar.

    I can’t play either well, but own many of each!
  7. bsman

    NGD Godin 5th ave

    Looks good. I've thought about getting one of the kingpin II versions, but currently I have two 2-P90 guitars, and that's really one more than I need... Did someone take a bite out of the binding on the lower bout?
  8. bsman

    Radio's dead

    Radio was killed by the same thing that's killing innovation in all marketplaces - uncontrolled market concentration and monopolies. Currently, six corporations control 90% of the print and broadcast media in the US (which includes radio). Nobody should be surprised that choice and variety are...
  9. bsman

    Gimme Shelter

    I love that song, but rarely play it since it's the only one I play in open E!!! I need some others in that key to justify leaving a guitar in that tuning (I always have a tele tuned to open G...)
  10. bsman

    Which Strat do you prefer?

    I rarely even attach the male appendage to my strats so it really doesn't make a lot of difference to me, but it is sometimes fun when palm-muting to work the bridge up and down on a floater... I've got lots of guitars with fixed bridges, but only an S-type with a tremelo bridge. And - I've...
  11. bsman

    What Strat are you a sucker for?

    I’m a sucker for natural finishes - particularly darker woods - on strats. My latest example is this Kirn:
  12. bsman

    Who use’s a Keurig ?

    If you're not motivated enough to grow, harvest, roast, and grind your coffee, and brew pour-through using a platinum filter cone you don't deserve coffee! :whistling:
  13. bsman

    "Schmick is a world leading brand and built to last!"

    I love to play my Schmick whilst sipping a Schlitz.
  14. bsman

    Buying Online wtf?

    On a related note: the next road worn I see that doesn't have an amazing neck will be the first. I've fondled quite a few MIM road worn P-bass and tele necks and every single one has felt like - everything just fits like it's made for my hand.
  15. bsman

    I didn't expect this... [chinese pickups ]

    Some people have excructiatingly discerning ears, and perhaps they can nail the difference between an expensive pickup and cheap pickup quickly in a blind test. I am not so blessed/cursed. To me, it seems that $$ and "tone" are often poorly correlated. I have had Duncan Designed sets I...
  16. bsman

    Buying Online wtf?

    OP needs to let us know if (s)he has contacted MF about the order. Unless and until that happens, we're all just baying at the moon...
  17. bsman

    Does playing a copy "relic" guitar make it lose its value?

    All guitars have a set number of songs they can play before they're exhausted and need to have their mojo refreshed at the factory. Every note you play reduces the time left until it will no longer make any noise...
  18. bsman

    The Stones keep rolling !

    That generation isn't aging gracefully, is it...
  19. bsman

    RIP @heltershelton

    Sorry to hear that. I don't know if I ever interacted personally with him, but he had like a bazillion posts, so he was pretty much ubiquitous on S-T threads and his presence will be missed.
  20. bsman

    Tech21 Trademark 60 Combo Amp ? Opinions

    I had both the Trademark 10 and Trademark 60. Of the two, I found the 10 to be more versatile - iI could get great Fender cleans as well as any degree of gain I needed in three different voices. I agree with @archetype wrt the the second channel on the 60, but the first channel was glorious...
  21. bsman

    What does a strat smell like?

    Like teen spirit. Duh!
  22. bsman

    Loot out Hawaii Here We Come

    Don't loot Hawaii - it really annoys the Hawaiians...
  23. bsman

    Your weird claim to fame.

    ...and survived! I've worked for/with the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team since the 90s (and worked most of the international matches in NorCal) and have met pretty much every famous footballer, coach and CONCACAF FIFA referee from then until now. Messi, Keane, Beckham, Cuauhtémoc Blanco...